Facebook Etiquette: 19 Rules For Businesses Using Facebook

19 Facebook Etiquette Rules For Business

Are you using Facebook for business?

Operating as a business on Facebook can be frustrating and confusing, especially for entrepreneurs that have been around since the days when push marketing was the way anybody sold anything. The truth is, Facebook etiquette can be a very touchy and temperamental affair when you’re a business and money is on the line.

We had so much positive feedback from our previous articles on Twitter and LinkedIn etiquette that it was obviously time to do one focusing on Facebook etiquette.

19 Rules For Proper Facebook Etiquette

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  1. Don’t post on other people’s Facebook business pages telling them to go like your fan page. Tweet This Tip!
  2. When it comes to business, stay away from politics and religion. Tweet This Tip!
  3. Maintain a higher standard for quality content than other networks and what you would consider spam. Tweet This Tip!
  4. Never promote yourself during a nation’s reaction to tragedy and cancel any scheduled posts out of respect. Tweet This Tip!
  5. Don’t copy other people’s status updates verbatim. Tweet This Tip!
  6. Don’t post multiple posts in a short time frame, space them out with a few hours apart. Tweet This Tip!
  7. Don’t let your Twitter account post to Facebook but the other way around is okay if you only post a couple of times a day. Tweet This Tip!
  8. Target your posts using Interest Lists on your personal profile and target the targeting relevant audiences with your posts. Tweet This Tip!
  9. Complaining never looks classy. Tweet This Tip!
  10. Do not blatantly promote yourself on other pages’ posts or blogs using the Facebook comment system. Tweet This Tip!
  11. Avoid sending mass messages (it generates a notification for every recipient when any one of them replies). Tweet This Tip!
  12. Have a picture and a cover photo if for no other reason than to avoid looking like a spam account. Tweet This Tip!
  13. Connect with any new Facebook friends by reaching out with a message to open up a dialogue. Tweet This Tip!
  14. If you want to share somebody’s post without clicking the share button, make sure you at least tag their page in your post referencing them. Tweet This Tip!

A few more Facebook etiquette tips from the experts…

15. Tell Them How Long To Expect A Reply

Ekaterina Walter

“If you are a business, visibly provide information on your Facebook page that mentions the expected time within which people should expect a reply…and stick to it. This way you set the right expectation and won’t upset anyone if your time frame isn’t what others expected to begin with, but will also build trust and credibility by addressing posts in a timely manner.

Setting up expectations upfront with any social communities will prevent a lot of unnecessary thrash around your brand image.”

~Ekaterina Walter, CMO of BRANDERATI, Author of “Think Like Zuck” 

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16. Consider The Context of Your Message In The News Feed Environment

Melonie Dodaro

“Remember that you are showing up in between family photos, post from friends and other things that are really important to your audience. If your message doesn’t resonate with them and who they are as a person, you’ll be blocked before you have another chance to peddle your products and services.

You’ll gain far more in the long run by developing a reputation for providing value and quality.“

~Melonie Dodaro, Founder of Top Dog Social Media

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Mari Smith

17. Be Respectful On Other Business Pages

“When on other business pages, it’s okay to respond to questions if you have the answer. But, do NOT pitch your own offers as a solution.”

~Mari Smith, Author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day

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18. Use Humor To Diffuse Negativity

Emeric Ernoult

“If a customer is being unfair in comments or in a wall post, use humor. It always works. I’ve had users complain about our price being too expensive and I proposed to give them the product for free for life if they could find another product cheaper than ours and with the same features. They gave me a smiley face in response. Some of them even became customers!”

~Emeric Ernoult, Founder & CEO of Agora Pulse

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19. Follow The 80/20 Rule

Jeff Bullas

“On the social web it’s now about educating, informing and entertaining first and selling second.

This means that you need to engage with your audience before selling anything. The rules on this are shades of grey rather than black and white. One rule of thumb is 80% of your updates should be about engagement and the other 20% are posts that are selling.”

~Jeff Bullas, Author of Blogging The Smart Way

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What Is Good Facebook Etiquette To You?

Perception is a funny thing. We all have our own expectations when we first start using a social network and the use for Facebook for business and personal is very different. When it comes to business, it’s not fun to make mistakes in a domain where so many customers are watching you.

Leave a comment below and let us know some examples of good and bad Facebook etiquette you are aware of. We know there are probably a few missing so let’s discuss them in the comments section below.


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