Facebook Graph Search: Can It Make You Money? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Can Facebook Graph Search Make You Money? [INFOGRAPHIC]

With Facebook Graph Search starting to roll out to profiles worldwide, it won’t be long until businesses will start to ponder how to monetize it. Like most new developments, the opportunity is usually glaring right at us until some ‘innovator’ comes along and shows us all how it’s done.

Advantage Capital Funds just released an excellent infographic to help illustrate the functional value of Facebook Graph Search and it’s impact on businesses both large and small. Those who read our first article on Facebook’s new enhanced search platform already know that the potential for local businesses is enormous…but exactly how big are we talking?

Facebook Graph Search: The Back Story

Any marketer that has ever explored advanced search options on virtually any other social network can admit that Facebook search has always left more to be desired. Surely there must be a better way to make use of this Fort Knox-sized data goldmine than the disgraceful excuse that was Facebook’s old search system.

Enter Facebook Graph Search.

Finally you can find out how many of your female friends between the age of 24-37 in the UK like the Young & The Restless on Facebook! Despite the sarcasm, it’s actually pretty freakin’ awesome. If you want a little more background on Facebook Graph Search, watch the brief slideshow below.


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