Facebook Marketing Gets A Blow With Increase In Rejected Ads

This Could Be Why Facebook Is Rejecting Your Ads

Facebook marketing is now used by a majority of businesses in the United States. However, Facebook’s new ad guidelines have instituted several limits on ad content. If your ads are getting rejected by Facebook, you might unwittingly be in violation of these guidelines, particularly the “20% rule”.

Text to Image Ratio

The 20% rules states that an image in an ad must have no more than 20% of its area covered with text. This goes for every image in any ad. It applies not only to Facebook ads but also to Sponsored Stories as well.

This means that if you want to use Facebook marketing to promote an event or product, you will need to convey your message mostly through imagery, relying on text to get across only the most important details. Failure to follow this rule might get your ad rejected.

facebook marketing
An example of Facebook’s new rules for text-to-image ratios in ads.

The Reason for the Change

Many companies are using News Feed ads as an increasing focus in their Facebook marketing. This allows their content to appear on many different people’s timeline and allows for easier sharing among friends. Images are more difficult to monitor for content than text and as such, Facebook is cracking down on the percentage of an image that can be used as text as a way of preventing companies from using images as a text replacement.

Overall, the aim of this policy is to improve user experience. However, several businesses have experienced problems with the 20% rule and your reason for rejection might not be purely based on content.

Erroneous Rejections

One issue that those using Facebook marketing are coming across is the fact that Facebook sometimes uses ad thumbnails to determine compliance. If your image is within the ad guidelines but still gets rejected, you should check your thumbnail. If your thumbnail has a high percentage of text, your ad may be rejected on this basis.

Such a case is an erroneous rejection and contacting Facebook’s help team should get your ad reinstated. To stay on the safe side, though, you should double-check your thumbnails at the time of ad generation.

How Far the Rules Extend

Facebook’s new ad guidelines extend not only to traditional ads but also to sponsored stories, cover images, profile pictures and promoted pages posts. Standard comments are not blocked from using high amounts of text, although using such images might affect your placement within a user’s “Top Stories” feed.

If your business logo contains a large percentage of text, you might want to change your photo to show a t-shirt or sign with the logo on it, increasing the amount of image space and avoiding any potential rejection.

Facebook marketing requires a bit more thought nowadays due to the 20% rule. However, if you make sure to check your thumbnails and other promoted content before posting them, you should be able to avoid any major troubles with placing an ad, allowing you to continue to use Facebook as a marketing tool for your business.


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