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FDI LinkedIn Training for Economic
Development: FDI Attraction Strategy

Tap into the Power of LinkedIn to Attract Foreign Direct
Investment to Your Region

With our cutting-edge LinkedIn strategy, you will find, connect and build relationships with key
decision-makers who have the power to invest and create employment and business opportunities
in your region.

A relationship-building solution for government agencies and their representatives who want to move their departments and regions forward...

Attract Foreign Direct Investment by Building
Connections with Global Investors by
Leveraging LinkedIn

Does it frustrate you that you spend time and money trying to attract foreign direct investment with no result while other agencies seem to get all the FDI they want?

You will leave your frustrations behind for good once you discover how easy it is to:

The global FDI market is worth over a trillion dollars per year! Learn the skills and tools that will secure your slice!

If you: 

...this message will be a game changer for you.

Here’s why...

In a global market, the competition to secure foreign direct investment is fierce.

Every year, Economic Development and Investment Promotion agencies commit millions of dollars and thousands of hours of human resources to entice companies to invest in their communities.

It’s a race to attract the best and brightest organizations, with the flow-on economic and social impacts strengthening local economies, industries and societies.

Now, a number of critical moving parts go into making any one region attractive for foreign direct investment, such as:

But as a government agency or a representative, such as an Economic Development Officer, before you can discuss these issues, you need to get in the room - be that physically or virtually - with the right people.

If you can’t even get your foot in the door to have conversations about FDI, your offer won’t matter because your voice will never be heard.

Building Ties with Key Decision-Makers and
Influential Organizations Is Easier than You Think

Strong relationships are at the heart of any solid, profitable, mutually-beneficial business deal - be that in the private or public sector.

It doesn’t matter how big or influential an organization may be.

At the end of the day, business is about people and relationships.

People will always choose to do business with those they know, like and trust and whose priorities and values align with their own.

The problem is communications and business have been disrupted by technology and algorithms.

Doing it old school – writing two letters, making four phone calls and arranging three meetings to secure a deal – is no longer an option.

In fact, you may find that despite the time and effort your organization has invested in these traditional methods, your
attempts at connecting with decision-makers went unnoticed.

This could be because there are too many gatekeepers between you and the person you need to talk to.

Or their attention has migrated elsewhere - online.

Indeed, you may feel it’s become harder than ever before to break through, but in truth, it has never been easier to
connect, converse and do business with the right prospects and decision-makers.

You just need to know where they are and how to speak to them in their language through their preferred medium.

And that means you need to know how to do two things:

Once you achieve that, you’ll be able to show them why your region and working with you and your
agency is the right fit for them.

Enter LinkedIn for Foreign
Direct Investment Outreach

LinkedIn is home to key decision-makers across the globe.

For millions of people all over the world, LinkedIn is the doorway to:

Not only is LinkedIn responsible for 80% of all B2B business deals done through social media, but it is also being used as the main lead generation platform by thousands of successful individuals, organizations and government agencies around the world.

I know because I personally trained them on how to leverage LinkedIn for business and foreign direct investment growth.

Professionals the world over rely on LinkedIn for networking with peers, industry news, expert advice, education, introductions and more.

Did you know 4 out of 5 people on LinkedIn
“drive business decisions”?

Not only that, but LinkedIn is the ONLY social media platform that offers you ungated access to the key decision-makers you need to build relationships with to attract high-level investment.

If you’ve ever tried to connect with people you don’t know over Facebook or Twitter and got nowhere, it’s because your messages got blocked by social media managers. Normally, to get to decision-makers, you have to get through layers of bureaucracy.

But not on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn removes all the barriers between you and the people you need to connect with.

And now, let me ask you:

As an economic development/investment promotion professional, would you like to know how to use this enormous resource to find foreign direct investment prospects?

Introducing a proven, step-by-step program that leverages LinkedIn to attract investment to your

Introducing a proven, step-by-step program that
leverages LinkedIn to attract investment to your

Everything you do on LinkedIn can be strategically geared towards connecting you with the right people and organizations that have the power to invest.

Every post/like/comment/share...

The content you create...

The people you follow...

The connections you make...

The conversations you have...

On LinkedIn, high-level and influential connections are sparked by algorithms matching content and searches,
conversations and connections.

Right now, you have the ability to work smarter, not harder, and let the social network do the leg work for you.

But you need the right strategy to make this happen.

And that’s where we can help you.

The LinkedIn FDI Method (LFDI™) Revealed

Allow me to walk you through my powerful proprietary LFDI Method™ for economic development.

It’s a practical and powerful six-step process that will help you attract more foreign direct investment using LinkedIn. ​

Here’s how it works...


Find Leads

On LinkedIn, you can find almost anyone you wish thanks to its powerful Advanced Search feature available to all membership levels, including a free subscription.

LinkedIn Advanced Search filters allow you to easily find and connect with decision-makers worldwide.

If you upgrade to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you unlock even more possibilities, thanks to a stronger, more detailed and robust set of search filters.


Connect: Send a personalized connection request to targeted leads

On LinkedIn, first impressions are everything.

When you find a prospect you wish to connect with, make sure you impress them by sending a personalized connection request.

Today, the prevailing – and false – belief is that templated messages are better because they save time. And that may be the case, but a generic message doesn’t connect with your prospect, make them feel important, demonstrate you are invested in learning about them and their company or compel them to respond.

If you want your connection request to result in more investment in your region, first it has to get accepted by the person you are trying to connect with. And to achieve that, you must craft a message that makes that person feel important.


Educate & Nurture: Engage in conversations and stay top of mind

You’ve succeeded in convincing your prospect to accept your connection request.

At this stage, many investment-seekers go off the rails by rushing straight to the investment pitch… DO NOT DO THIS!

Before any talk of doing business occurs, you need to nurture the relationship.

Apart from a short, friendly follow-up message thanking your new connection for accepting your connection request, you now need to play the long game. And that involves doing a little research.

Tune in to what’s relevant to your prospect, and look for opportunities to demonstrate your knowledge and offer help. One way to find reasons to engage with your prospects is to check the notifications icon on LinkedIn, alerting you to your prospects’ activities.


Communicate Directly: Build relationships through private LinkedIn messages

This is one of the most important processes we teach government organizations looking to use LinkedIn as part of their FDI attraction strategy.

It’s here where you capitalize on the momentum and build relationships with potential

But remember that relevance and timing are everything.

Get it wrong, and you will be ignored, losing the investment opportunity.

Get it right, and you will build an enormously powerful, profitable long-term relationship.

It is important to get to know the person you’re communicating with and provide value by
offering useful content to them. That’s content that both helps your prospect and offers useful insight while demonstrating your expertise and showing off your region’s credentials.

The content of your communications will depend on your prospect’s industry. But never send them anything that could be perceived as a sales pitch.


Convert Opportunities: Book a phone call

Each step in the LFDI process builds on the one before, strengthening your relationships with your prospects as you go.

If you follow this process to the letter – establishing trust, building rapport and providing value as you go – you’ll find your connections incredibly interested in having a first-step telephone conversation with you.

This is where your relationships will transform into something more meaningful.

It’s offline that you truly get to know your prospects, understand their challenges and have the opportunity to bring up your region and the FDI opportunities and benefits available to them.


Land Investors: Offline process via a series of conversations

Steps 1 through 5 involve a new way to move you to your end goal. And that goal is to have a series of conversations that will ultimately attract foreign direct investment to your region.

By the time you get to Step 6 – managing things entirely offline as your conversations move to partnerships and investment opportunities – you’ll find your LinkedIn strategy has helped you build a rock-solid foundation of trust, expertise and genuine rapport between you and your prospects....

...so much so that doing business with you will simply make sense to them.

Let us show you how to implement the LFDI Method and
attract more foreign direct investment!

Take our lead gen to a higher level

“I recently participated in two of Melonie's LinkedIn sessions at a social media workshop
for investment promotion professionals in the Caribbean.

I came away feeling more excited about LinkedIn and I've been transforming my profile
based on her recommendations. What we learned is going to help take our lead generation
tactics to a higher level.”

Shurla Henry-Gibson

Investment Promotion Specialist,
InvesTT Trinidad and Tobago

Engaging, interesting and enabled quick learning

“I recently participated in two of Melonie's LinkedIn sessions at a social media workshop
for investment promotion professionals in the Caribbean.

I came away feeling more excited about LinkedIn and I've been transforming my profile
based on her recommendations. What we learned is going to help take our lead generation
tactics to a higher level.”

Joseph Kurian

Province of Ontario, Economic
Development/ Innovation, Toronto, Ontario

The Profile of an Economic Development
Professional That Opens Doors and Makes
the Best First Impression

The LinkedIn profile of your representatives is often the first meaningful point of contact and insight your prospects will have with you and your region.

It’s critical to your FDI attraction strategy that those who contact decision-makers on your behalf have LinkedIn profiles that stand up to scrutiny. These profiles also need to tell the story of your region.

Expertly-crafted profiles of your representatives will provide a strong foundation for all your FDI outreach on LinkedIn and put you ahead of competing regions.

To look attractive to your potential investors, the profiles must:

In our FDI LinkedIn training (LFDI Method™), we’ll show your team how to craft a strong and compelling LinkedIn profile that ensures:

A fully-optimized and compelling LinkedIn profile puts you in a position of
authority with potential investors and does a lot of heavy lifting for you in the
background 24/7!

Here's a little more about me and why I am confident I can help you…

My name is Melonie Dodaro, and I help economic development organizations and investment promotion agencies to leverage LinkedIn to attract and land more foreign direct investment to their regions.

I'm a globally-renowned entrepreneur, marketer, business leader, in-demand keynote speaker, best-selling author and expert authority on all things LinkedIn. My specialty is in leveraging LinkedIn to attract high-quality clients on-demand and create messages that open doors to opportunities.

Over the last decade, I have taught almost 30,000 individuals, companies and government agencies to generate more leads, make more sales and attract greater investment – all through LinkedIn.

Although I started out helping the private sector, I was soon receiving calls from governments and economic development agencies across the globe to help them with their LinkedIn strategies. I’ve worked with government agencies across North America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe and New Zealand.

I quickly discovered there was a great need for an effective FDI LinkedIn strategy. As a result, I’ve developed unique LinkedIn and social selling training, specifically designed for those who seek to attract foreign direct investment.

I teach my proprietary methods through in-depth training and workshops based on the unique needs of each agency I work with.

Today, my approach is considered the clearest, simplest, fastest and most ethical way to build profitable relationships with influential decision-makers and seal deals that matter through LinkedIn.

As an Economic Development or Investment
Promotion Agency, are you ready to accelerate your FDI attraction strategy by leveraging the power of LinkedIn?

Our custom FDI LinkedIn training and consulting – delivered in person or virtually – will equip your staff to leverage the power of LinkedIn and gain ungated access to the world's decision-makers who have the power to invest.

Before we work together, we’ll hold a planning session with your team to design the program that meets your specific needs.

Your FDI attraction blueprint is delivered inside a practical framework that can be applied immediately so you can start attracting investors and getting a return on your investment from the get-go.

This comprehensive training will ensure the execution and implementation of our proven framework. Each member of your team will receive a handbook and other detailed and highly valuable resources to aid their learning, measure the results, and ensure the strategy is being adhered to.

What would it mean for your region if it became
a beacon for Foreign Direct Investment?

When your region becomes a partner of choice in the foreign direct investment arena, the positive economic impact is immense.

The local economy is galvanized. As the investment bears fruit, infrastructure improves, more workers are hired and their wages get funneled back into the local community.

Educational opportunities arise so that people can upskill. With better skills, wages rise. Greater productivity levels are achieved.

The company benefits, as do the individuals it employs, and that flows through to the community and local economy.

And that’s just scratching the surface.

But with enormous opportunity comes tough competition.

Regions all over the world are vying for the same opportunities your agency is. Many of your competitors have already been trained to use LinkedIn to build relationships and attract more investment.

But it’s not too late! We will work together to ensure you have all the tools and strategies you need to put your
organization and region on the map!

As a result of our training, you will:

What Clients Says...

“Melonie gave me a great insight into the value of LinkedIn when I participated in a
workshop on social media for Caribbean investment promotion agencies.

Thanks to Melonie, I am equipped with all the necessary tools to transform my LinkedIn profile so that I can attract the right clients.

Melonie, thanks for giving me a new appreciation about the usefulness of LinkedIn.”

Kathy-Ann Donawa

Senior Marketing Officer, InvesTT Trinidad and Tobago

“The workshop you provided for attracting FDI using LinkedIn was very valuable and insightful. I’m going to start using the method you provided, thank you for a great training.”

Slavisa Milanovic

Foreign Direct Investment Manager, Austria

“Melonie gave a fascinating and insightful overview of LinkedIn at a recent FDI course.

I thought I knew how to use LinkedIn until Melonie opened my eyes to its powerful capability. I would strongly recommend her as an expert.”

Terry Ferguson

FDI Specialist, Scottish Development International

“In working with Melonie Dodaro, she guided our agency to share our story in a more meaningful way. Through her training and consulting: 

— Our organic impressions on posts have increased by 700%

— Gained 275 more followers in the first two weeks

— Improved our social profiles so followers know exactly what they’re receiving to mirror our branding and marketing initiatives 

— Helped us with a communication strategy and more effective content curation 

I would definitely recommend that other organizations and government agencies seeking to improve content marketing and their LinkedIn & Twitter platforms, connect with Melonie and Top Dog Social Media.”

Temeka Thompson

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Washington DC

“If you want to learn how to leverage LinkedIn, Melonie Dodaro provides a refreshing and informative day session chocked full of useful tips. 

She makes the conversation engaging and provides useful and practical advice.

Those of us in attendance are already putting our new knowledge to work!”

Jessica Cooper

NFIB, Washington DC

“My firm recently hired Melonie to run a Masterclass on LinkedIn for a training seminar we were running. She did an outstanding job. 

Melonie was able to balance her presentation for the novices in our audience, without making it too basic for the more experienced LinkedIn users – she made the content relevant and relatable for everyone.

Melonie was so fantastic, we are engaging her again for another training.”

Shirar O’Connor-Mugler

FDI Foreign Direct Investment Specialist

You will see the results almost immediately!

If you are a forward-thinking economic development or investment promotion agency and you want your organization to
succeed at connecting with decision-makers to attract foreign direct investment using LinkedIn, this training is for you!

You can try to figure this out by yourself, but chances are you’ll waste a lot of time.

And let’s be honest… time is more valuable than money.

We can help you create a shortcut to landing more foreign investors with our cutting-edge FDI LinkedIn training.

Let us help turn your economic development
team into FDI attraction strategists using LinkedIn!

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