How Lynette Young Got A Six Figure Sponsorship For Podcasting

How Lynette Young Got A Six Figure Sponsorship For Podcasting

One of the things that attracted me to interviewing Lynette Young (Women of Google+) was the fact that she was one of the first podcasters to receive a six-figure sponsorship and she managed to accomplish that in her first year of podcasting.

This won’t help quell the phenomenon of millions of hopeful bloggers and podcasters looking to strike gold with their content on autopilot but the truth is, Lynette Young wasn’t just in the right place at the right time.

“Part of the shows that I did back in the day were designed and targeted in a specific manner that I would be appealable to a sponsor. And as any great things happen, they actually stumbled across me by accident because they were looking for someone that was producing audio content that hits a largely female demographic and that happened to be who I was talking to.

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I actually got sponsorship deals because of my sponsor’s agency at the time was looking out of the box for things that they could expose their clients to and they were always very forward thinking. They had found me and we worked out a deal because I had a business strategy behind my content creation, something that many content producers lack.”

Lynette YoungThe most important thing that Lynette mentioned when discussing how she got her first big sponsorship deal jumped out at me immediately…she had the business savvy that so many content producers lack. The reverse is also a massive problem online: people with great business skills and poor content. The bottom line is that if you are great at anything then you have something to write about. Young’s focus on quality content is the main reason she continues to gain over 100,000 followers a month on Google+ even though there are still many people who have never heard of her. Now THAT is impressive!

Lynette Young’s Top Tips For Podcasting

1. Audio quality must be good (A little research will go a long way)

2. Focus on creating quality content

3. Be passionate about your topic

4. Listen to your listeners and take feedback to heart

5. Know your business and understand your target demographic

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  • Hi. I happen to be one of those people who have never heard of Lynette Young. Yes, I can Google her, but wouldn’t it have been better if you had included maybe two sentences about the podcast and why someone would want to subscribe to it, and maybe provided a link to it?

    • Hi Cate, we have a feature article with the full podcast interview of Lynette coming out soon, and will link to it from this article also. Because is going to be featured in a magazine we had to hold off publishing it here on our blog. Watch for that end of next week!

  • Thanks Melonie for the mention! Just to give Cate some information, the podcast I started with was from 2004 and isn’t online any longer. Since starting with audio podcasting in 2004, I’ve gone on to include video as well. A Google search does turn up a lot of info on me, hopefully all good! Thanks everyone!

    • Hey Lynette, this was just a mini article of you that didn’t really fit with our Feature Google+ article of you that’s finally coming out later this week! I’ll send you the link once it’s up. It will include podcast and all!

  • Hmmm, Sure glad I happened by you. Cool story~But the interest is in you Melonie (Top Dog). I am building a business and could sure use some help. I will tune in.


    • Sounds great Dawn. I post new content several times a week!

  • Melonie, I’ve read a lot of your blog post and you do a lot of amazing interviews of interesting people. Thanks.

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