How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog With Pinterest

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog With Pinterest

This hot new social network is creating a lot of buzz in the social media world right now because of how simple and effective it is to drive traffic to your blog with Pinterest. It’s producing massive amounts of referral traffic for blogs, websites and even YouTube videos!

If you haven’t managed to get an invite for Pinterest yet, you can do any one of these three things to get one:

  1. Request one directly from Pinterest
  2. Make a post on Facebook or Twitter saying “Hey, can anyone send me an invite for Pinterest?”
  3. Leave a comment on this blog and either a faithful reader or myself will be happy to help you out!

I’ve really been enjoying my time on Pinterest and decided to make a quick video showing how to add a picture to Pinterest that will generate traffic to your blog. In under three minutes, this video will explain how you can optimize your photos and pins to begin to drive traffic to your blog with Pinterest.

If you don’t have time to watch this short video, just keep this in mind. To start to drive traffic to your blog with Pinterest, you need to remember to keyword load the description of your picture and do not forget the URL you are trying to drive traffic to! It sounds incredibly simple because…well, it is!
As long as your description has the right keywords and your photo is attractive and eye catching, you’ve put your best foot forward to drive traffic to your blog with Pinterest!

What do you like most about Pinterest and how do you see it working for your marketing strategy? Leave a message in the comments below!



  • What I definitely love about Pinterest is that it provides a visual feast to my targetted audience and allows me to tickle their fancy by showing pics and giving them captions that will bring them directly to my blogsite. Aside from that, Pinterest allows me to share my other interests, which can pave the way for more talking points to start a conversation and connect with others.

  • I’ve been using Pinterest as personal content curator but realized how effective it is to gain new connections! Recently I just started a Pinterest board for my blog too, really looking forward to improve it and see what else I can do with it. Making sure all pins have accurate descriptions is definitely a must-do. Thanks for the heads up!

  • I’ve been living on pinterest for the last few days. I’d love an invite if somebody could hook me up. I have great photos that I would like share with the pinterest world.

  • Thank you for this straightforward description of the process. I have had trouble, however, getting a follow-up to opening the Pinterest account after I started the invite process? I would appreciate anyone’s insight about solutions to problems opening a Pinterest account.

    • @Pat & Chris: I’ve sent you both an invite to the email you put in with your comments. Looking forward to seeing your pins! 🙂

  • Great video Melonie. I’m definitely sharing this with a couple clients who have been asking about this to be sure they have all the steps down correctly. I should have done this myself, if I’d had thought about it before. thanks

  • Hi Melonie
    I’m a new reader, and subscriber to your email newsletter, and social networks. I’m new to Pinterest, so thanks for these great tips.

  • Commenting doesn’t seem to be as common on Pinterest so far. The more common action is repinning or a like. Try making engagement easier with YES/NO type questions or questions that require one word answers. Another effective technique for getting more comments is giving people an opportunity to offer and show their expertise or promote themselves in some way.

  • @Jonathon: Sent you an invite to Pinterest, Jonathon! 🙂

  • Thank you for the video, I tried it immediately. I had just posted on Twitter so I put the shortened URL from my post (to my blog) in the Pinterest window instead of the full URL and was immediately blocked as a spammer.

    Apparently Pinterest does not allow shortened URLs and I had to file a request to be unblocked. It took a few agonizing days! Gotta love those learning experiences.

    Hope this helps someone else from suffering Pinterest withdrawal pains.

    • @J’Anne: Thank you for letting us know! I have not experienced that myself but that’s very helpful info. 🙂

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