How to Increase Your LinkedIn Profile Views

How to Increase Your LinkedIn Profile Views

Does the number of views your LinkedIn profile gets lead to more business?

Absolutely it can!

Some may think the number of people viewing your LinkedIn profile is a vanity metric, and that’s partially true. If you are just looking for views and not to convert those viewers into conversations and clients, it is indeed a vanity metric.

There is even software that will view people’s profiles on your behalf, which often triggers them to view your profile in return.

LinkedIn profile views might not be the most important metric you track on LinkedIn as part of your lead generation efforts. But they can be a powerful indicator of (1) how easily people find you on LinkedIn and (2) how inclined they are to click on your profile to learn more about you.

These two factors are vital to your lead generation efforts. If prospects can’t find you, you don’t even have a chance to convert them into clients. If prospects don’t feel inspired or curious to click on your profile and learn more about you, it not only doesn’t help you but can also harm you: especially if your personal brand is less than impressive.

Where to find your LinkedIn profile views

You can track the number of profile views you have received in the last 90 days by visiting the Who’s viewed your profile section of LinkedIn.

If you have a free account, LinkedIn will tell you how many people have viewed your profile over the last three months and show you the profile boxes of the last five people who viewed it.

If you have a paid LinkedIn account, such as LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator, you can see your progress over the last 90 days displayed in a graph form.

Check out your Who viewed my profile graph on LinkedIn.

You will also be able to access the profile boxes of everyone who viewed your profile during that period (with Premium or Sales Navigator).

Just above the profile boxes, LinkedIn provides you with several unique filters, based on the commonalities of the people viewing your profile at the time. You can use the filters to narrow down the viewers. This is especially handy if you are getting thousands of profile views in a 90-day period.

See who has viewed your profile on LinkedIn

7 Ways to Get More LinkedIn Profile Views

1. Ensure your LinkedIn profile stands out from the crowd

If you want to increase the number of LinkedIn profile views you are getting, you must have a professional, complete and client-centric LinkedIn profile.

There are two critical reasons for this.

The first and most important reason is your LinkedIn profile is the most essential part of your professional and personal brand. Having a great one is a MUST if you plan to do any form of LinkedIn marketing or lead generation. Just having a LinkedIn profile is no longer enough. If your profile does a poor job of representing you, what you do, and the ways you help your ideal clients, you might as well not have one.

The second reason is your profile photo and headline are often the first thing people see – whether it’s in the search results, in your status updates or through comments you leave on others’ posts.

Your image and headline must generate enough interest for them to click to view your whole profile.

Learn more about creating an attention-grabbing LinkedIn headline here.

To get the greatest benefit from this tip, your LinkedIn profile needs to speak directly to your ideal clients. Your profile needs to resonate with them and inspire them to act. It’s not just about profile views – it’s about converting those views into leads and then clients.

2. View the profiles of your prospects on LinkedIn

Just as you check your Who’s viewed my profile page, so do many other LinkedIn users. If they see someone with an interesting headline and professional profile image, they will often click through to that profile.

If you have updated your LinkedIn profile as I suggested in the previous tip, it could be your profile they will be checking out.

This tip alone can significantly increase your LinkedIn profile views.

You can use LinkedIn’s advanced search to find your ideal clients, then go through the results and visit the profiles of those who interest you.

3. Post daily status updates to increase your visibility

An easy way to increase your LinkedIn profile views is to post daily status updates.

It is important to post regularly. Your ideal clients may have hundreds or thousands of connections. It can be hard to get in front of them in the newsfeed if you are posting status updates only once a week or less often.

But remember this: Quality over Quantity.

The content you share must be engaging and valuable to your readers. Otherwise, people will ignore it – and you!

When people find your post interesting, inspiring, educational or engaging, they like it and comment on it. Your post then becomes visible in the newsfeeds of their connections, opening you up to an audience beyond your network.

When your 2nd– or 3rd-degree connections (who may be your ideal clients) see your content, they may be inclined to read and engage with it. It happens because of the social proof of the value of your content, provided by the person who shared your content.

When a person outside your network engages with your content, use that as an opportunity to connect with that person, inviting them to become your 1st-degree connection.

Learn how to write LinkedIn posts that increase your authority and inspire engagement here.

4. Publish content on LinkedIn’s Publisher platform

Using the LinkedIn Publishing platform is another effective way to get quality profile views. It allows you to easily attract the right audience with the content you create.

You will see the best results from posting Publisher articles on a consistent basis, whether it is once a week or once a month.

When you share quality content your ideal clients find valuable, many will engage with and/or share it, giving you an opportunity to expand your network, just as they do when they engage with your status updates.

5. Use #hashtags on LinkedIn

Increase the visibility of both your Publisher articles and status updates by including hashtags when you share them. Using hashtags increases the number of LinkedIn profile views you get.

Just before you publish an article on LinkedIn publisher, LinkedIn gives you an option to share it via a status update.

You can include several hashtags to accompany your article (I recommend adding two or three) in this status update. The hashtags will help people understand what they will find in the content as well as make it easier to find your content when they search for that hashtag.

Avoid creating long or complicated hashtags that describe the content. You will have much better results if you choose hashtags that:

  • are more general and popular (have more followers)
  • are relevant to your content
  • your ideal clients might use to look for content on that topic.

To find existing hashtags, add the pound symbol (#) followed by a general term related to your content in LinkedIn’s advanced search.

For example, if my content was related to LinkedIn marketing, I might start my hashtag search with #LinkedIn. As you type in the term, LinkedIn will provide you with a number of related matches.

Find popular hashtags to use on LinkedIn.

Choose the hashtag best matching your content.

Note: once your article is published, you cannot edit or remove the hashtags you included, nor can you add more.

Chose the hashtag to add to your post or update to increase your LinkedIn profile views.

You can also add hashtags to your status updates. The hashtags will help people interested in the topic, including your 2nd– and 3rd-degree connections, find your status updates more often. To make this easier, LinkedIn will suggest possible hashtags you may want to add.

Trending Topics on LinkedIn

When one of your status update gets great engagement, LinkedIn may classify it as a trending post with a relevant hashtag. For example, LinkedIn has one of my posts currently trending with the #sales hashtag.

You hashtag and post can trend, increasing your LinkedIn profile views.

The benefit of such a classification is you as well as members of your network likely to be interested in that post will all receive a notification about the trending status update.

Basically, LinkedIn will recommend your status update (post) to your relevant connections in their notifications sections. This provides valuable third-party credibility and can significantly increase your LinkedIn profile views.

A trending topic on LinkedIn.
A trending topic on LinkedIn.

6. Engage with the posts of your network and prospects

You can increase your LinkedIn profile views by engaging with your connections and ideal clients.

Once a day, go through your newsfeed looking for relevant and appropriate content to engage with. This can mean reacting or commenting on posts and/or sharing other people’s posts or articles.

It’s also a great idea to comment on your prospects’ and clients’ posts to keep yourself on their radars.

7. Share your LinkedIn profile link on other channels

It is valuable to share the link to your LinkedIn profile on your other social platforms and your website.  

For example, you could share your newly published LinkedIn Publisher article on each of your social channels. Or you could include the link to your profile within a blog post on your website.

When sharing your profile link, ensure it is both useful and appropriate.

Don’t forget to include a link to your profile in your email signature.

Add a link to your LinkedIn profile in your email signature.

Look for other places where you can share your LinkedIn profile link, such as business cards, marketing materials, etc.

LinkedIn profiles views aren’t everything

Remember not to get too hung up on your profile views as what really matters is whether or not you are achieving the goals you set for the platform.

That being said, if LinkedIn is a key part of your lead generation or digital strategy, driving up profile views is a performance indicator worth tracking.

If you’re like most people, you have struggled with number one point in this article: how to write a compelling and client-centric LinkedIn profile. I’ve created a brand-new online training designed to ensure you are impressing the people landing on your profile. This training even comes with The Ultimate Fill-In-the-Blanks LinkedIn Profile Builder so you can get it done easily and effectively. Learn more here.


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