Instagram Alternatives: 5 Options For The Concerned & Disgruntled

5 Instagram Alternatives If You’re Worried About Your Photos

The latest storm around the terms of service changes has prompted many users to seek out Instagram alternatives due to the prospect of having their precious moments sold without their approval. Gasp!

I personally found the debate revealed how many people have never actually read a term of service agreement before agreeing to it. If they did, they would have quickly realized that every website online that offers a free service comes with a few small catches – mostly involving the ability to use your uploaded content (royalty and license free) in any way they choose.

Why anyone thought this change was a grave injustice to amateur meal photographers everywhere is beyond me, but here are the top 5 Instagram alternatives that take pictures just fine.


Not only is it available for both Android and iOS, it has all those fancy retro filter effects you love to put on your feet and your smiley face bacon and eggs in the morning. Before it was declared one of the Instagram alternatives it was actually named “App of the Year” in 2010 by Apple. Not too shabby. Price: $1.99

Hipstamatic User Interface Demo from Hipstamatic on Vimeo.



When Snapseed came on to the scene many touted it as an “Instagram killer”. The interface is really comfortable to use and has great effects. Hipsters may rejoice knowing that “grunge” and “vintage” settings are both present and fully equipped with the ability to direct post to Facebook or Twitter. Your friends didn’t think they would get away that easy, did they?

The biggest downside to this Instagram alternative is the price, only when considering the relative costs of similar apps. If you don’t want to sell your precious photos to the man, I suggest you cough up the cash! Price: $4.99

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The image stabilization feature in this app really helps it stand out. If you’ve ever had to take multiple pictures with your iPhone just to get one clear shot, you will appreciate this app. This is another Instagram alternative that really makes you wonder why anyone would care about the recent fall out. Price: $0.99


Adobe Photoshop Express

Yes, you read that right. You’ve been using Instagram when you could have been using the app based off the masterpiece that remains THE bar in graphic design since the dawn of the digital age. The best part? It’s FREE.



For those of you who embrace the social aspect of Instagram, this app is for you. If you’ve ever tried to get the pictures other people take at events, you know how tough that can be. Flock aims to connect you, your family and friends and the pictures you take together in an easier way.

It might not have all those fancy photo filters that complete the center of your photographic genius but it is free so I guess that’s a decent compromise.

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No matter which Instagram alternative you choose, please do us all a favor and stop complaining about your privacy when using free apps and services. These companies are providing an absolutely free service and scoffing at them for trying to monetize it over 12 photo filters is ludicrous. End of rant.

What do you think about these Instagram alternatives? What do you think of the whole terms of service fiasco? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • Thanks for the great list of alternatives Melonie. I don’t use Instagram, but I do think it’s sneaky to CHANGE your TOS to start selling people’s photos. I guess it’d be different if that’s what you signed up for, but I’m thinking they intended to put this change through without anyone noticing it. I have no problem with free services trying to monetize, it’s a must to provide a quality service. It just seems like they went about it in the wrong way. Last I heard they were nixing the idea of selling people’s photos ~ I’m assuming that ended all the controversy? (After many people deleted their accounts!)

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