3 Reasons Why Your LinkedIn Profile Needs To Be Updated

3 Reasons Why Your LinkedIn Profile Needs To Be Updated Now!

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LinkedIn Training Workshop in Kelowna, BCAre you using LinkedIn to grow your business? Or have you been thinking of using it but haven’t got around to it yet? LinkedIn is essential for all B2B businesses but can also be very effective for B2C businesses.

Currently 97% of the people using LinkedIn are using it wrong…the other 3% are getting amazing results and are increasing their visibility, credibility and growing their business faster than they ever could before.

Why You Need a Great LinkedIn Profile Right Now

1. Your Prospects Are Already Looking Up Your Name. LinkedIn is one of the top ranked sites in Google so when your clients Google you (and they will), one of the VERY first things that comes up, is your LinkedIn profile. This one point alone essentially makes your LinkedIn profile more important than your website.

2. Your Profile Needs SEO Just Like Your Website. Your profile needs to be optimized for the keywords you want to be found for. When someone searches on LinkedIn for what you do or offer, you can’t afford to have your competitors come up first! LinkedIn is extremely powerful for B2B but can also be very effective for B2C with the right strategy.

3. Time Is Running Out. LinkedIn is quickly becoming a new standard in the professional world and you are already missing out on opportunities by not having a really great presence. Don’t put barriers between you and hot, interested leads. Have a strong, professional and optimized presence.

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3 Steps to Having a Great LinkedIn Profile

Step 1: Right Keywords! Optimize your profile with the right keywords so you rank at the top of the search results when someone is searching for what you offer.

Step 2: Great Content! Write the content within your profile so that it speaks directly to your ideal client, engages them and helps them understand exactly how you can help them.

Step 3: Stand Out! There are some applications you can add such as importing your blog or a video into your profile to increase your credibility and stand out.

Don’t miss out on what the #1 business social network has to offer.

To ensure that you get the most out of your LinkedIn profile and take actionable steps to complete it properly, I have a special LinkedIn training webinar that you can attend to learn more.

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  • Hey Melonie, wow! This article is certainly packed with one of the best tips on LinkedIn. I’ve already experienced that simply adding the right keywords to my LinkedIn header already improved my visibility significantly. I was only wondering, where is your LinkedIn share button? 🙂

    • That’s a great question Juan!!! For some reason it is gone, I wonder if the plugin replaced LinkedIn with Pinterest. I will have to investigate! I obviously need to change the social sharing plugin to accommodate more options, do you have a favorite?

  • Melonie – Great information! My new business is website based and we are building our TLC5 app now. I have not really started my marketing campaign because the website was not ready but now it is. My background is in health & fitness — most recently a health club promotions company sponsored by fortune 500 companies looking to sample their consumer packaged goods to fitness minded people. I sold that business in 2006 and am now launching this new business. My intension with the new company is to reach out to health clubs, corporations and benefit providers who want to give their people on-line life coaching as an added benefit. As our membership grows (which is less than 200 today) I see sponsors for the site. I have hired a social media company and have gotten little results (they focus on facebook). I’m not a technical person and have limited resources until the membership takes off. Your event in BC sounds awesome and very FAR and expensive to travel from Florida for one day. Do you have another suggestion for me?

    • Hi Barbie, I definitely have a suggestion for you: don’t rely on Facebook, it should NEVER be your sole focus of your marketing efforts. Email me at [email protected] and I will give you some more suggestions!

  • This has been something I have suspected ever since I first joined LinkedIn last year. When I browsed around several profiles, I didn’t get the feeling that most of them were written or presented well. I too am guilty of this because I’ve had a profile for 2 years now and still have not completed it the way I want. And I don’t think I know how to fully use it either. I need help.

  • I set up an account on LinkedIn a couple of years back and I haven’t returned since. I guess I am one of the many persons who have not been using it properly and taking advantage of the benefits of this social media tool. I do want to reignite my excitement about LinkedIn. I suppose I need to take watch this video a couple of times to brush up on the fundamentals of this powerful tool.

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