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LinkedIn Lead Generation: Turn LinkedIn into Your Top Client Generator

LinkedIn Domination is a done-for-you lead generation and sales outreach strategy that shows you how to find, communicate and book calls with your ideal clients every single week.

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A custom solution for B2B business owners, entrepreneurs and professional service providers...

At last! A tailor-made system for lead generation on LinkedIn that grows your personal brand and delivers a strong flow of high-quality clients, month after month!

There has never been a better time to grow your business through LinkedIn than RIGHT NOW! And the LinkedIn Domination system and done-for-you services will take you from OVERLOOKED to FULLY BOOKED!

Our Clients Earned Millions Using LinkedIn - You Can Too

If you want to eliminate the guesswork and uncertainty from lead generation and replace it with a tailor-made LinkedIn strategy that effortlessly attracts and converts more of your ideal clients, while giving you more time to spend doing what you love in your business, this is the most important message you’ll read all year!

Here’s why...

To build a successful business, you need three things firing on all cylinders:

That’s an awful lot for any one person to strategize, execute and measure while still delivering results for the clients already on their books.

In fact, it’s likely costing you hundreds of hours per year.

And how do you KNOW that all your efforts are producing maximum ROI on your time and increasing your bottom line?

This is the eternal struggle faced by many small-to-medium B2B business owners and professional service providers...

They simply don’t have the time to work effectively ON their businesses as well as IN their businesses, and they lack the tools and systems to know if they’re doing it right.

After all, you didn’t go into your chosen field so that you could spend your days hunting for clients.

Nor did you expect to be caught up in the feast-or-famine cycle of having too much work one month and barely any the next.

If you’re a professional who’s weighed down by lead generation and the constant hunt for clients when all you want to do is concentrate on doing work you love for high-quality clients who will gladly pay you what you’re worth...

You’re not alone.

Most Lead Generation Strategies Are Ineffective

I work with thousands of business owners, professional service providers, marketers and salespeople. The most common problem I see is they keep using a failed strategy over and over again.

When they first come to me looking for a lead generation solution, I ask them to show me their current lead gen strategies.

These are the typical scenarios I see:

Sound familiar?

If so, you don’t have an effective, profitable, repeatable system.

LinkedIn Marketing and Lead Generation

You have a collection of random activities that demand hundreds of hours of your time away from your business each year, thousands and thousands of dollars, and an enormous slice of luck to see new clients or a consistent ROI from it.

The irony is that you’re actually on the right track.

Building relationships on LinkedIn and creating content to build your authority and generate leads DOES work... You just need to know how to do it the RIGHT way!

Maybe you’re just starting out and have very few (or zero) clients, and the words “lead generation” are a mystery to you.

But what you do have is ambition, an expert skill set, and an amazing product or service. All you need to be a success is clients, and you want them FAST!

Or perhaps you have an established business that, through no fault of your own, is facing some headwinds...

Your normally successful lead generation activities – live events, trade shows, networking events and speaking opportunities, to name a few – are not an option right now.

We can all agree that businesses, new or established, live and die on the health of their lead generation.

If the tap is turned off, you need to find a way to get it flowing again as soon as possible.

Because you don’t have months, not to mention years, to waste figuring this out yourself.

By then, it could be too late...

What you need is a system that eliminates the learning curve and gets you where you want to be in a matter of months, not years.

It’s certainly possible.

LinkedIn Selling Made Simple

What if I told you there was a proven LinkedIn selling system that allowed you to...

No guessing games or wasted effort on your part.

Just a completely done-for-you, step-by-step LinkedIn lead generation system that shows you which levers to pull in your business, and when, so you effortlessly attract and convert clients every month...

Would your business benefit from that?

If your answer is yes, then my LinkedIn Domination service might be the solution you are looking for. I invite you to apply for LinkedIn Domination today, and together we’ll determine if it’s the right answer to your lead generation problem.

LinkedIn Domination is not training.

You won’t be spending endless hours learning.

This is a turn-key personal branding and lead generation solution.

It’s a foolproof system, custom-made for your business, that will generate a recurring stream of sales-qualified leads and new customers for you month after month after month.

All you have to do is follow the process we lay out for you.

It’s that simple.

Lori Carr
Customer Experience Consultant
West Palm Beach, Florida

Case Study:

How Lori Carr Went from Zero to $1.45m in Just 7 Months Using LinkedIn


When Lori Carr quit her safe, well-paid job in corporate America for a life as a freelance consultant, her friends called her crazy.

And who could blame them?

All she had was the last of her savings, a website with no traffic, the bare bones of a LinkedIn profile and ZERO clients.

It didn’t look like the beginning of an empire...

But it quickly became one.

We created a custom-made LinkedIn Domination system for Lori’s consultancy practice. Within seven months of implementing it, Lori saw her sales pipeline blow up from $0 to $1.45 million.

Lori knew the key to success was nurturing relationships with the influential decision-makers at her target companies.

She just needed to learn how to connect with them.

The answer was LinkedIn.

LinkedIn provides you with un-gated access to the top decision-makers of companies of all sizes.

We also know that almost every person manages their own LinkedIn account, including influencers and decision-makers — which means you have direct access to key players, access you can’t get anywhere else.


Before she committed to LinkedIn Domination, Lori considered herself an effective LinkedIn user. What she was about to learn, however, would open her eyes to LinkedIn’s true potential as the enormously profitable engine for her lead generation.

Most people who come to me think they are savvy LinkedIn users, but I can tell you hardly any of them fit that description because they are missing many components.

As a company, we specialize in leveraging LinkedIn for B2B clients because it is, hands down, the number one tool B2B professionals can use for lead generation. If you use it correctly, you don’t have to worry about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or podcasting. LinkedIn can position you as a credible authority. 


In the end, Lori credited the highly structured, recipe-like approach of our LinkedIn Domination strategy for her enormous success. Lori was targeting large companies with long sales cycles for big deals, yet in just seven months she said this:

“I have $1.45 million in my sales pipeline, closed several lucrative 6-figure deals, and I have four more pending deals that will close shortly.”

“In my world, that’s really good stuff in terms of lead generation, and I attribute it directly to the consulting I received from Melonie.”

“It’s absolutely vital that you keep your pipeline filled, and that’s why lead generation strategies like this are so important.”

Lori said LinkedIn Domination was the ideal solution for B2B service providers who aren’t natural networkers.

“I’m excellent at customer experience strategy and maximizing that for company growth,” Lori said.

“But when it comes to reaching out to people I don’t know and then making a sale – that just wasn’t my key area of expertise. Melonie helped me to find those people and become an expert on LinkedIn, and so I could nurture relationships with it.”

Lori Carr, Customer Experience Consultant
West Palm Beach, Florida

Watch this video to see how you can go from LinkedIn stagnation to LinkedIn Domination – in just a few weeks!

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Here's a little more about me and why I am confident I can help you…

My name is Melonie Dodaro, and I’m an expert in helping B2B business owners, entrepreneurs, professional service providers and marketers generate more leads and make more sales – all through LinkedIn.

I’m a globally-renowned entrepreneur, marketer, business leader, in-demand keynote speaker, best-selling author and expert authority on all things LinkedIn. My specialty is in leveraging LinkedIn to attract high-quality clients on-demand and create messages that open doors to opportunities.

Embraced by Fortune 500 as well as small progressive businesses and professionals, my methods deliver consistently successful results to my clients. Today, my approach is considered the clearest, simplest, fastest and most ethical way to build profitable relationships and grow sales through LinkedIn.

Over the last decade, I have taught these methods to almost 30,000 individuals, companies and government agencies to help them achieve their goals.

Today, there is a lot of hype around outsourcing your lead generation to third-party companies or paying for automation software.

They may not be expensive, but they cost you in wasted time, money and poor ROI.

On top of that, you are risking destroying your reputation and having your LinkedIn account shut down, stopping your lead generation in its tracks.

Why? Because when people receive a templated, impersonal message, they can tell it’s bogus and they’re being sold to.

They know that message is not for them. That it’s been spat out by a bot or cut-and-pasted by an anonymous person in an outsourced team in a third-world country.

By hiring those people, you waste your money, burn your reputation and stall your business.

Why do those tactics fail? Because business is about relationships.

Technology doesn’t replace relationships or grow a reputation – but it can allow you to do both faster.

If you make people, relationships and your reputation your priorities, you’ll attract high-quality leads for years to come.

You have to build the foundation first; otherwise, your business will crumble.

Enter LinkedIn Domination

This customized system will give you everything you need to shine like a rockstar on LinkedIn. It’ll put your lead generation efforts almost on auto-pilot, requiring a time investment of only 15-30 minutes a day.

You’ll increase your authority and credibility, build trust faster, get more of your connection requests accepted, and effortlessly attract, engage, and convert more of your ideal clients every single month.

In fact, once you’re up and running, people will be reaching out to YOU!

One of the biggest challenges facing B2B businesses is consistently finding high-quality leads – leads who not only need and want your services but can afford them too – and converting a high percentage of them into clients.

This is where LinkedIn can be a gamechanger for your business.

Its pool of high-quality clients runs deep.

Did you know?

The average LinkedIn member has an income of

$ 0

more than double that of a
Facebook or Twitter member.

Successfully connecting with your leads, however, is a challenge.

80% of B2B leads generated from social media come from LinkedIn.

All others

It’s time you got your share!

LinkedIn Domination solves this relationship-building challenge with a proven, simple, authentic and repeatable process you can execute with a small but consistent time investment. Unlike the LinkedIn lead generation services out there, I will not lie to you, telling you this can be fully automated. It can’t. And if it could, everyone would already be rich!

Why Is LinkedIn Domination So Effective for B2B Lead Generation?

LinkedIn Domination is all but guaranteed to accelerate your lead generation efforts. That’s because it arms you with three key elements of lead generation success:

But there’s a hidden reason this process is so effective and profitable for my clients.
It’s the foundation on which LinkedIn Domination is built.

It’s called the four pillars of social selling, and it’s about doing things the right way.

That means...

Having the RIGHT profile...

Targeting the RIGHT people...

With the RIGHT message...

And the RIGHT content at the RIGHT time.

Once you master all four pillars, you will find your business in a position of strength with a wealth of opportunities.

The Right Profile

Do you know what’s even more powerful than your website?

It’s your LinkedIn profile – the shop window into your talents and services. It’s vital yours makes you shine like a rockstar because online you have only three seconds to make a good first impression.

If you don’t grab your ideal prospects’ attention in three seconds – if you aren’t able to create the know, like and trust factor – they will never buy from you.

But when our expert writing team crafts your LinkedIn profile for you, and tells your brand story in a way that speaks to your prospects’ hopes, fears, and problems, you are guaranteed to get it right the first time.

Once you go live with your expertly-written profile, connecting and building relationships with your ideal clients becomes effortless and consistent.

The Right People

Who are your ideal prospects? If you say “everyone,” you’re appealing to no one, and your lead generation stops.

Inside LinkedIn Domination, we have a proven, methodical process for identifying your target market. Then we take a deep dive into their psychology to find out what makes them tick so that when you send a connection request, it makes sense for them to accept it. By then, they will want to hear more from you.

No more wasted time and energy, chasing people who aren’t interested or can’t afford your services.

From here on in, you’re speaking only to the right people who need your expertise!

The Right Messaging

Do prospects ignore your messages? It’s highly likely some of your prospects were in need of your services but your message didn’t resonate with them. Messaging is all about relevance, psychology, timing and delivery.

It’s a fine line to tread, but with LinkedIn Domination, you’ll never have to worry about missteps or mistakes again (some could do real damage to your reputation and credibility).

Instead, you’ll know exactly what to say, how to say it, when to say it and to whom.

My team will construct lead generation message scripts that speak to your ideal clients’ biggest problems, greatest fears and their desired results. When you speak to people on this deep, personalized level, your messages will get a response because you’re now seen as the trusted guide and solution to their problems.

And because your messages are being sent at the right time, you’ll see many more people responding and ultimately booking calls with you.

The Right Content

Creating and sharing high-quality, targeted, relevant content supercharges the effectiveness of your LinkedIn lead generation efforts. It is the ultimate way to increase your trustworthiness and authority in the eyes of your ideal prospects.

Plus, it’s incredibly cost-effective and easier and faster than you think.

LinkedIn Domination includes an invaluable bonus: the Authority Builder course. It will show you how to position yourself as an authority and use content to strengthen your reputation and nurture the prospects who haven’t said yes yet.

When you know how to do this the right way, you will have a content strategy that:

  • resonates with your ideal clients
  • solves their problems
  • keeps you top of mind throughout their buyer’s journey
  • positions you as an expert in your niche.

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.

Now is the time for you to grow your reputation.

LinkedIn Social Selling Mastering the Four Pillars

When you know how to leverage these four social selling pillars competently and confidently, you:

Large companies pay me upwards of $30,000 for a comprehensive social selling and lead generation training, and they’re happy to do it because their ROI is enormous.

But in my heart, I’ll always be a small business owner and entrepreneur.

I have much respect and admiration for people who are brave enough to work for themselves, putting their reputations on the line and skills to the test.

I know generating leads and increasing revenue is hard and the lack of leads and money is stressful.

I’ve been there; I’ve fought those battles, and I’ve won…

This is why I now offer my LinkedIn Domination service to you at a fraction of the cost of what large corporations pay me!

Our 3-Step LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy

Here’s the process I’ll take you through if you apply and are accepted...


Attention-Grabbing, Credibility Boosting Personal Brand

Your LinkedIn profile is the foundation from which all your successful lead generation flows.

Impress people with your profile. Tell your ideal prospects your brand story in a compelling way that speaks to their problems and desires. And notice a surge in people wanting to speak with you.

But no one can find you unless you shine a big, bright spotlight on your services and talents and get optimized for SEO and LinkedIn search.

That’s where our team comes in.

On our initial discovery call, we’ll nail down your brand positioning, define your expertise, highlight your biggest wins, and map out your ideal clients’ biggest problems and the ways you solve them.

Then, we’ll craft a compelling client-focused rockstar profile for you to approve (or make changes as required) before uploading it to LinkedIn for you.


Custom LinkedIn Lead Generation Messaging

Imagine being in control of every online interaction you have, where every message – every sentence – is strategically geared towards the ultimate outcome: booking conversations with prospects who want and can afford what you offer.

This is what LinkedIn Domination delivers through its tailored messaging strategy.

We’ll book a second discovery call with you and build a forensic profile of your ideal clients, including their needs and goals. This information will dictate how we will craft your messages to them.

Then we’ll create a hyper-personalized, permission-based lead gen messaging sequence that effortlessly speaks to the individual needs of your prospects, nurtures relationships, builds a groundswell of trust, and positions you as an expert authority.

From now on, “Yes!” is the answer you will hear most when you suggest moving the conversation with a prospect offline.


LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy, Playbook and Implementation Training

The beauty of LinkedIn Domination is you’ll never have to wonder what you should do next.

I’m not about to give you all these highly-effective, profit-driven tools and not show you how to use them to get results as quickly as possible.

On the contrary, in Step 3, we create a tailor-made, step-by-step LinkedIn Playbook so you can execute your LinkedIn lead generation strategy with ease. It is a lead generation action plan with concrete items to implement to ensure your ongoing growth and success.

You’ll know exactly what you need to do, when to do it and how to do it. This system will keep producing new leads for you like a non-stop conveyor belt, month after month.

But this isn’t a set of arbitrary rules – the system works with you, and our custom approach means it will integrate seamlessly into your business.

To create a custom plan for you, we’ll consult with you to determine the following:

  1. the amount of time you can commit to lead generation each week
  2. the number of new clients you want each month
  3. which subscription is right for you: LinkedIn (free), LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator.

Based on these parameters, we custom-build a LinkedIn implementation plan and provide you with one-on-one training via a webinar, showing you how to put the plan into action, step by step.

And if you don’t have the time to implement this plan yourself, you’ll have a recording of the training so someone else can watch it and implement it. You can outsource all or part of your lead generation strategy to a member of your team or a virtual assistant, knowing it will be done perfectly.

All anyone will have to do is follow the steps in the training and use the messages and the action plan developed just for you, and the leads will come.


RESULT: Get leads, book calls and close deals.

BONUS: The Authority Builder [Content Marketing Course]
FREE to All LinkedIn Domination Clients!

In the B2B world, establishing trust and authority is critical to successfully generating leads and making sales.

The people and businesses with the strongest reputations and credibility scoop up the best clients and the majority of the work.

But it can take years to reach that level.

Until now...

The Authority Builder course is the detailed step-by-step process you need to build your authority, credibility and trustworthiness in a matter of months – with the right content strategy that keeps you top of mind with the right people.


Build Trust

It doesn’t have to take years to build credibility and trust. My specialized Authority Builder course moves the needle so that building an expert reputation becomes a matter of months, not years. 


Nurture Leads 

Harnessing the power of high-quality content, you’ll learn how to grow and cultivate your reputation so that your target market and peers perceive you as a trusted, sought-after, highly-skilled expert. The result? More eyeballs on your profile and content and a greater number of people seeking you out for your services.


Unlimited Access

You have 12 months of unlimited access to the Authority Builder course – a FREE bonus for all LinkedIn Domination clients. Once you understand how to create and share your own content for maximum impact, you’ll see your reputation and bottom line grow!

The Authority Builder online course is sold for $500 separately, but for a limited time, it is a free bonus for all LinkedIn Domination action-takers.

“The LinkedIn Domination system Melonie created for me allowed me to fill my pipeline from zero to $1.45 million in only seven months. I did everything she outlined. The system works!”
Customer Experience Consultant, Florida
“In the first two weeks, I connected with 50 influencers through LinkedIn messages and had taken 12 of those connections offline to a phone call. I would never have been able to do this if it weren’t for Melonie’s expertise in growing and nurturing your network without ever coming across as spammy.”
Sales Professional, Australia
“Within two days of working Melonie’s strategy, I was able to connect with people on LinkedIn and generate sales.”
Business Coach, San Diego, California

The LinkedIn Domination standard package will give you everything you need to make a massive impact on LinkedIn, but if building thought leadership is a priority for you and you want to move fast, consider the Gold and Platinum packages that offer even more.



GOLD & PLATINUM Professional and Optimized Company Page on LinkedIn (Done-for-You)

Your ideal prospects will be so impressed with your personal profile that many will want to know more about you, navigating to your LinkedIn company page. Sadly, many people neglect to create a company page. Instead, their profiles display a gray box, signaling they may not have a serious business.

My team can create your company page for you from scratch or give your existing company page a professional makeover. Your company page will speak to your ideal clients and their problems and will be optimized for SEO and LinkedIn search.

The company page is the final piece of your LinkedIn profile you need to complete. It’ll ensure the first impression your prospects get of you is that of a respected, trusted and experienced professional.

Roadmap to Revenue: Strategy Session (One-to-One 60-minute Call with Melonie – to Be Used Within 90 days)

Having helped almost 30,000 individuals and companies with their growth strategies and lead generation action plans, I possess an expert eye on what a business needs to move forward quickly.

We’ll discuss where you are, where you want to be and the steps you need to take to bridge that gap without wasting any time on any activities that don’t increase your bottom line.

This is a golden opportunity to spend an hour with me (normally priced at $2500) and get my laser-focused attention on your business and the full benefit of my years of experience growing businesses across multiple platforms and industries.

Three Months of Expert LinkedIn Content Mentorship (Monthly Video Feedback on Your LinkedIn Posts)

You know the saying “if a tree falls in the woods, does anyone hear it?”

It’s the same with content. You can produce the best content in the world, but if no one sees it, it might as well not exist.

Content is king, but engagement is queen, and this is your chance to have myself or a content marketing expert from my team provide video commentary on your LinkedIn posts once a month for three months.

As you act on the advice provided, you’ll see your engagement boom. Your reputation as an expert will grow with it, making lead generation even easier than before.

But if you’re really serious about developing your thought leadership and quickly building your authority and credibility, my top-tier Platinum package may be the best fit for you, which will put you ahead of your competitors. Here is what you get in this special package:

Signature Content Planning Session (1:1 with a Content Marketing Strategist)

The power of signature content can’t be overstated. This isn’t any kind of content. This is a signature piece that showcases your expertise.

It’s how you connect with your ideal clients on their level, speaking to their problems and positioning you as the solution.

And it’s how you build trust – one of the most important factors in the purchasing decision-making process.

In this planning session, you’ll get on a call with myself or one of my expert content marketing strategists so we can get the information we need to write for you a signature piece of content you can use in all your lead generation efforts.

One Premier Authority Building and SEO Optimized Signature Article (Done-for-You)

Sometimes one signature article is all it takes to establish yourself as an authority in your field.

After interviewing you and reviewing your business and expertise, then assessing your ideal clients and their goals, fears, and problems, our team will construct a signature article for you that will command the attention of the people you want to do business with.

Moreover, your signature article will be fully-optimized for SEO to drive web traffic so that as many people as possible read it and learn about your services. Many of my articles drive thousands of new leads to my website every single month.

Signature Article Designed as an Attractive PDF for LinkedIn Outreach and Email List Building (Done-for-You)

This is your secret weapon in making the most helpful, relevant, expert introduction to your ideal prospects when conducting lead generation outreach.

By offering your signature article as an attractive, well-designed, easy-to-consume, hyper-relevant PDF to your leads, you deliver immense value to them, which makes them want to hear more from you.

Think of this as the ultimate ice-breaker, which also increases the amount of trust and confidence your prospects have in you while establishing you as an authority in your ideal clients’ eyes.

As an added bonus, you can use this PDF as a highly-valuable lead magnet on your own website to build your email list, tapping into a whole new pool of potential clients for your business.

One proven LinkedIn sales outreach system. A lifetime of leads and clients.

Your LinkedIn Domination system is the culmination of all my experience, insights, business and marketing acumen – all put to use to grow YOUR BUSINESS as quickly as possible.

When you put your custom-made lead generation system into action, your business will grow faster than you think.

In fact, if you implement the steps exactly as I laid them out, you’ll start seeing an enormous ROI on your investment in as little as a few weeks. That is why I’m so confident that once you take action and apply for LinkedIn Domination, you’ll never look back…

LinkedIn Domination is the result of thousands of hours of testing and refinement of my system with all my students and clients over the last decade.

It is worth tens of thousands of dollars because it’s packed with insights and actionable steps that are sure to give you an incredible ROI – if you implement exactly what I tell you.

This done-for-you strategy and system will allow you to turn LinkedIn into a lead generation engine so you can effortlessly attract, engage and convert more of your ideal clients and take your business to the next level.

LinkedIn Domination will set you up for success, ensuring you have a personal brand you can be proud of and messages that convert connections into clients. And it will pay for itself many, many times over.

In fact, it will pay for itself (and then some) as soon as you sign your first one or two clients!

Are You Ready for a LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy That Works?

LinkedIn Domination is for that special breed of coach, consultant, or professional service provider who delivers a great service, making a difference in their clients’ lives, and is ready to take their business to the next level.

Are you ready to implement a sure-fire, game-changing method for attracting clients and end the feast-or-famine swings plaguing your business?

If you are hungry for...

...then LinkedIn Domination may be for you.

But it’s not for everyone. Before I commit myself 100% to working with you in LinkedIn Domination, I need to know you are as committed as I am.


This Will Work If You...

Sound like you?

Then I invite you to apply to our LinkedIn Domination service and work with me and my team at Top Dog Social Media. See how building and implementing the right LinkedIn selling system can change your life and permanently end the cycle of feast-or-famine in your business.

The Simplest, Fastest, Smartest Path to B2B Lead Generation

From your profile to your messaging, right down to planning your B2B lead generation strategy, LinkedIn Domination is an entirely done-for-you service.

It’s the highest touch service I offer that gets the most intensive expert input from me and my team, netting the biggest results and ROI for you.

And what all that means is...

You can’t possibly get this wrong!

If you take everything we create for you and put it into action EXACTLY as we show you, you WILL get a consistent flow of high-quality leads from LinkedIn.

You could figure it all out yourself, but it could take months, likely years, of trial and error.

All the while you’d be missing out on opportunities and revenue and potentially damaging your reputation and brand by making all the wrong moves on LinkedIn.

It just isn’t worth the risk.

How much time are you willing to lose going it alone with unproven and incomplete tactics and strategies?

The monetary, time and opportunity cost you pay for figuring things out on your own is enormous when compared to the cost of handing it over to my team who have successfully done this for thousands of professionals like yourself.

In fact, if you are like our other clients, this service will pay for itself in the first month.

Now consider you could be signing up 2, 3, 4, or even more high-paying, high-quality clients every month, and the ROI is obvious.

Imagine how much time you can save and how many more clients you can generate when you know exactly what to do, say and write in every step of the LinkedIn lead generation process?

On all fronts, LinkedIn Domination pays for itself over and over and over again.

If you’re ready for a consistent flow of high-quality leads, better clients and more revenue, please click the button below, and fill out an application to speak with my team.

One Very Important — and Very Personal — Final Note

This is the highest touch service I offer — the only one that provides direct access to me. As you can imagine, placements are limited.

Because I need to be 100% confident that I can help you, I have established an application process to help me identify the most suitable candidates.

Should all the available placements be taken before I review your application, you will be invited to join a waiting list.

To make sure you don’t miss this limited opportunity, click the “Apply Now” button, and fill out the brief application to speak with my team. The sooner you get started, the sooner we can help you ramp up your LinkedIn lead generation and client acquisition system.


Here are the answers to the questions we are most frequently asked.

As the old saying goes… if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

There are a lot of LinkedIn lead generation “experts” out there making huge promises, but I urge you to question their experience, reputation and methods. Do they stand up to scrutiny?

There’s a very high chance that the so-called “expert” you’re talking to hasn’t been doing this very long and lacks the experience and skills to deliver on their promises. In fact, they may have just put up a listing on Upwork or a similar site, claiming to be an expert (trust me, I know because they come to me for help).

This is an industry filled with new faces (often failed salespeople themselves), trying to reinvent themselves by jumping on the social media/lead gen bandwagon.

I actually get inundated with messages like this on Twitter and LinkedIn from “lead generation specialists”:

“I’m a lead generation specialist, can you help me get clients?”

WHOA! I thought you just said you were a lead generation specialist. And I wish I could say this was a rare occurrence, but I get these EVERY SINGLE WEEK!

Frankly, it’s unethical for people to claim to be lead generation specialists when they know nothing about it and then turn to me – an expert in the field – to do it for them.

Of course, I always turn these people away.

Most of them have sprung up overnight and promise the world.

They make it all sound so simple.

But where are their results?

Lead generation isn’t as simple as flicking a switch.

Those who do it right have invested time and money in the right strategies and systems to build profitable business relationships. And that is exactly what I can build for you.

Over the last decade, I have successfully taught nearly 30,000 individuals and organizations to grow their businesses quickly using LinkedIn. My clients include Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, such as the US Securities and Exchange Commission, and people just like you. Before that, I launched, managed and grew multiple million-dollar brick-and-mortar businesses.

I’m confident that my longevity, track record, reputation for delivering a strong ROI, and positive testimonials stack up against any other person or business offering LinkedIn or lead generation services.

No – I don’t offer an outsourced LinkedIn lead generation service for two reasons:

  1. Businesses are about relationships, and that means you should be at the wheel of your lead generation activities, personally invested in your business relationships to get the best results.
  2. The beauty of LinkedIn Domination’s lead generation action plan is it can be done in as little as 15- 30 minutes a day. This tiny investment of your time will result in thousands of dollars in new revenue every month.

Having said that, because LinkedIn Domination is such a clear process, you can easily outsource your lead generation to someone in your team.

At the end of LinkedIn Domination, you will have a custom-built implementation plan, which I will deliver to you via one-on-one training. During this training, I will show you, step by step, what you need to do to start attracting a consistent and predictable stream of high-quality leads every month.

You’ll also receive a recording of this training so that when you get too busy, you can outsource all or part of your LinkedIn lead generation strategy to someone else on your team, knowing it will be done perfectly.

That’s the incredible thing that sets LinkedIn Domination apart from any other product on the market. The heavy lifting, planning, writing and strategy is done for you. All you, or someone in your team, need to do is follow the steps and watch your business grow.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Pareto’s Principle that states that 80% of your results are dictated by 20% of your actions.

That’s the foundation on which I build your LinkedIn Domination lead generation system. I want you to take action only on the strategies and activities that get results. No more wasted time on activities that don’t work.

If lead generation is currently a priority for your business, you should be prepared to invest 30 minutes a day – at the most – managing relationships with your prospects and connecting with new ones.

The ROI on half an hour a day will quickly turn into new clients and thousands of dollars every month – if you follow your custom-made blueprint to the letter.

LinkedIn Domination is an investment in your business that delivers a custom-made, proven, repeatable, profitable process that will never stop making money for you.

It’s so effective that the majority of my clients see results in a matter of weeks. Depending on the price of your service and which LinkedIn Domination package you select (Standard, Gold or Platinum), you can see a full ROI after acquiring just one or two clients.

As a business owner myself, I have always been motivated by results, ROI, and the bottom line – whether it’s mine or yours. I don’t offer any service or commit to working with any client unless I’m certain I can deliver a strong ROI. Period! That’s why there is an application process to ensure you are the right fit for this service.

After all, it’s my reputation on the line when you work with me, which means I am 100% invested in your success.

Outsourcing lead generation has been a nightmare for EVERY SINGLE person I have spoken with. After all, if it had worked, you wouldn’t be here on this page right now.

So many of these LinkedIn lead generation companies promise personalization when, in reality, it’s automation. Automation, to be frank, will kill your lead generation hopes before you even start.

Successful lead generation will always be about relationships – investing time and personal attention into making genuine connections with your prospects.

Don’t get me wrong, some automation tools have their place, but they don’t build business relationships.

People do, and that means you have to:

  • do personalized, one-on-one outreach
  • interact with and have conversations with people
  • create value for your prospects.

This can be done in a strategic, efficient, targetted, ROI-driven way – and in just 15-30 minutes a day.

But it can’t be done by automation.

What I offer is a different, consistently profitable path. Yes, it takes a little more time, but that is exactly why it works.

Using the strategies in your custom-made system, you’ll have the power to position yourself perfectly, message with precision and deliver the right content to the right people, establishing yourself as a credible, respected brand.

I’ll set you up for enormous success by making you look like a rockstar, creating messages that build rapport and transition to offline conversations and teaching you exactly what you need to do, step by step… All you need to do is put that into action.

I’m confident that if we work together and you follow my process to the letter, you will see a strong return on your investment.

Why am I so confident? Because over the last decade, I have taught nearly 30,000 individuals and companies how to successfully use LinkedIn as the most effective B2B lead generation strategy to grow their businesses and fast-track their careers.

LinkedIn Domination can help anyone offering a B2B product or service. I’ve produced results across a range of industries and worked with professionals including:

  • coaches and consultants
  • speakers and authors
  • accountants and bookkeeping professionals
  • lawyers
  • marketers
  • financial advisors
  • salespeople
  • and B2B professional service providers of all kinds!

In short, I have a track record of delivering for my clients that stands up to scrutiny.

On the surface, these lead generation services look like an attractive option to save time and money. But what’s the real cost of paying for something that cannot possibly deliver the right results for you? How do I know that’ll be the case?

First, your prospects are smart, and they know when they’re not speaking to you or someone else from your company. This kills trust – one of the biggest factors in buying decisions.

Second, personalization is one of the pillars of lead generation because it builds stronger relationships, which lead to more client conversions.

How can you take a personal approach to your lead generation if you outsource it? The answer is, YOU CAN’T! And your prospects will know it, trashing your credibility and wasting your money.

With LinkedIn Domination, however, you’ll have your own proven, profitable and predictable lead generation process.

When you work with me, I’ll show you how to connect with more of your ideal prospects on a deeper level. As you build your relationships, following my lead generation process, you’ll see how simple it is to move prospects offline for a “warm” phone conversation because by then, doing business with you will simply make sense to them.

Not only does my process get you more clients, but it strengthens, grows and enhances your network while delivering an enormous ROI.

The risk to your reputation and the poor ROI means your lead generation is the one thing you CANNOT afford to outsource.

Not if you want to have results and keep your reputation intact. Every day, people are wasting money on lead generation automation tools and services. If they worked, I can assure you everyone would be using them, at which point they would stop working for everyone.

You may get lucky and land one or two clients after you have completely destroyed your reputation with thousands. If automation is your thing, you are not suited for this service. LinkedIn Domination is for people who value their reputation and want to build a business that produces a great living for years to come.

The strategy we create for you will be unique for your business, target market and revenue goals. After assessing these, if it’s right for you, we will suggest upgrading your LinkedIn subscription to hit your goals.

Turn LinkedIn into a Lead Generation and Revenue Driving Engine!

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