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A title is the most important part of an article or blog post when promoting it online because it’s the first thing that anyone see’s. When writing your LinkedIn profile, your LinkedIn headline is arguably the most important part as it’s the first thing that anyone will see. Your headline will determine whether they will take the time to click on your profile to learn more.

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1. Does Your LinkedIn Headline Standout In Search?

You’ve only got 120 characters for your LinkedIn profile headline and you should use every single one of them to leave an impression in the search results. When prospects are scrolling through the search results, will you stand out as one of the best LinkedIn profiles?

Here are a few tips to make your LinkedIn profile headline standout more:

  • Can your ideal prospect quickly identify that you offer what they’re looking for?
  • Try to find your LinkedIn profile through search using your chosen keywords and see how it looks compared to your competition
  • Track how many views your profile has had in the last few days/weeks, tweak your LinkedIn headline and watch for any change in the number of profile views

2. Does Your LinkedIn Headline Include Keywords You Want To Be Found For?

There really isn’t much sense in creating a LinkedIn profile that will impress your prospects if it doesn’t get found in the search results. One of the most significant factors that will get you showing up on the first page of the search results is your LinkedIn headline.

Now when I say search results, I mean LinkedIn’s built-in search function meant for finding people or groups on the network, not Google. It’s your job to tell LinkedIn that you are a relevant result for keywords related to your profession or industry by strategically placing them in your profile and headline.

3. Include An Attention Grabbing Statement

If you really want people to check out your profile then you need to include a powerful attention-grabbing statement in your LinkedIn headline. You don’t have the ability to use bold, italics or colorful fonts so the only thing that can make your LinkedIn headline pop is your words.

Some great examples of LinkedIn headlines:

“After creating a 7-figure coaching business I now train coaches to attract clients & experience exponential growth.”

“The Media Calls Me Canada’s #1 LinkedIn Expert”

“Personally generated over 3 million in client revenue helping clients reach their marketing goals in the past 18 months.”

Here are a few tips to ensure your LinkedIn headline is getting attention:

  • What are some of the most measurable accomplishments you’ve achieved for your clients in the past 12-18 months? Highlight them in your LinkedIn headline!
  • Does your headline highlight your credibility? Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself in the same manner a respected publication would. (Eg. Michael Jordan, Time Magazine’s Man of the Year)

4. Make Use of Your 120 Character Limit

You only have 120 characters to fill in your LinkedIn headline so it is important to try and use every last one of them. On my profile, I have an attention grabbing statement along with relevant keywords that I want to be found for; LinkedIn expert, Keynote speaker, Social Media Speaker.linkedin headline

The Best LinkedIn Profiles Speak Directly To Your Ideal Clients

The golden rule in creating a successful LinkedIn headline or profile is to always aim to speak directly to your ideal clients. Whether it’s your summary, headline or otherwise, you should always hit the points that highlight benefits for the people you want to serve.

Everyone is in a rush and they just want to find that right person to help provide the solution they’re looking for. The better you can get at explaining that, the more potential clients will be drawn to your profile and encouraged to take ACTION by reaching out to you.

Do you have a great LinkedIn profile headline? Share it in the comments below if you dare. We will provide three lucky people who share in the comments a complimentary critique of your LinkedIn headline.


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