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LinkedIn Marketing for Government
and Public Sector

Deliver your message to the right people, in the right way,
with maximum impact

Whether they operate at a local, state or national level, government agencies the world over are adopting more data-driven solutions. They increasingly use social media platforms and digital marketing strategies to connect, inform and strengthen their relationships with their constituents and stakeholders.

Why? Because online is where they can connect with the majority of their audience in the shortest amount of time, at the lowest cost, with the most impact and beneficial outcomes for their communities.

It’s vital for government agencies to not only adapt to the rapidly changing online world and the 24/7 news cycle but to stay on top of those changes. Learning these new skills will allow them to reap the benefits of the digital revolution.

Digital marketing can provide endless benefits for government agencies, including:

That’s why Top Dog Social Media now offers workshops, training and consulting services to government agencies. The training reveals the amplifying power of LinkedIn and ways to make it the low-cost, high-impact cornerstone of their communications strategies.

We are the only company providing the highest
level of training on LinkedIn marketing to
governments around the globe.

And we are very good at it!

When the public sector saw our enormous success in the private sector, leading nearly 30,000 individuals and businesses through their digital transformations and showing them how to leverage LinkedIn for growth, it came calling.

Government agencies have engaged us largely based on referrals, and we tailor our workshops, training and consulting to each organization’s particular needs.

We have provided LinkedIn marketing, training and consulting services to government agencies across the globe and have had the pleasure of working with these forward-thinking organizations:

Here's a little more about me and why I am confident I can help you…

My name is Melonie Dodaro, and I help government organizations tap into the power of LinkedIn to connect more effectively with their audiences and constituents and deliver their messages with greater control and impact.

I'm a globally-renowned entrepreneur, marketer, business leader,
in-demand keynote speaker, best-selling author and expert authority on all things LinkedIn.

Over the last decade, I’ve taught more than 30,000 individuals and
organizations how to attract, engage and convert more clients through LinkedIn. My success in the private sector attracted the interest of forward-thinking governments and economic development agencies across North America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe and New Zealand.

These agencies understood the enormous benefits of LinkedIn and wanted to take advantage of them as fast as possible. They enlisted my expert help to guide their teams through their digital transformations. Specifically, I showed them how they could leverage LinkedIn to enhance their communications.

Today, my approach to using LinkedIn for government agencies is
considered the clearest, simplest, fastest and most ethical. It’ll allow you to build deep relationships with your audiences and stakeholders, run highly-impactful messaging campaigns, and showcase your agency’s good work and its high-quality brand.

Increased by 700%

“In working with Melonie Dodaro, she guided our agency to share our story in a more
meaningful way. Through her training and consulting:

I would definitely recommend that other organizations and government agencies seeking
to improve content marketing and their LinkedIn to connect with Melonie and Top Dog
Social Media.”

Temeka Thompson

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission,
Washington DC

LinkedIn offers intelligent solutions to common government agency problems

In our conversations with government agencies, we’ve learned they face the following common issues:

After working with multiple agencies at all levels of government, we’re confident we can not only solve these problems but
also provide you with a blueprint that will modernize your LinkedIn marketing and digital strategy, propelling your agency
or department forward.

Our most popular services include:

What Clients Says...

“I hired Melonie to teach students at UBC Okanagan LinkedIn basics to help get them started with creating their professional profile. I find LinkedIn a hard sell for students because they are not focused on looking for a job yet.

When Melonie spoke, she was compelling, engaging, clear in her instruction and also provided the right amount of information and, especially encouragement, to the students. 

Students walked away that evening inspired and motivated.

Because Melonie was so amazing, I hired her again to share her LinkedIn tips and tricks with staff who work directly with students. 

The insights we learned were definitely not something we could’ve found just by watching YouTube. 

I’m so thankful for Melonie. Her knowledge on LinkedIn, her passion and commitment to providing excellent service truly shines.”

Richelle Matas

Alumni Engagement Officer, The University of British Columbia

“I recently participated in two of Melonie’s LinkedIn sessions at a social media workshop for investment promotion professionals in the Caribbean.

I came away feeling more excited about LinkedIn and I’ve been transforming my profile based on her recommendations.

What we learned is going to help take our lead generation tactics to a higher level.”

Shurla Henry-Gibson

Investment Promotion Specialist, InvesTT Trinidad and Tobago

LinkedIn is the most relevant platform for
government agencies to incorporate into their
communications strategies

In the era of the relentless news cycle plagued by misinformation, anyone looking to connect to their audience in an
authentic way must demonstrate three critical attributes: transparency, trust and clear communication. Government
agencies are no exception.

Government agencies with a strong LinkedIn marketing strategy are better able to:

Consider what LinkedIn is best used for compared to other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and

While those are seen as the “fun” platforms, and LinkedIn perhaps has a reputation as “boring” or “stuffy,” LinkedIn
is also the platform people go to when they want verified information from a credible source. No other source should be
more reliable than your government agency when it comes to the relevant to your agency’s issues.

LinkedIn is serious business – whether in the private or public sector – and it’s where your target audience will go for
information on the things that really matter.

This is why LinkedIn represents such an enormous opportunity for your agency.

Having a strong presence on LinkedIn builds trust with your audience and creates transparency. This is crucial for
government agencies, usually considered faceless in citizens’ minds.

Many people forget that actual people make up a government agency. That’s why using social media and sharing content
provides an opportunity to showcase government employees, their expertise and the meaningful work they do.

You can use social media to increase trust and transparency and engage your audience in a genuine way.

Has your government agency given LinkedIn
marketing the attention it deserves?

Before you pour precious public resources, time, money and effort into another expensive campaign on a social media
platform that doesn’t align with your agency’s core goals, consider what LinkedIn can do for you.

LinkedIn is the only platform that allows you to find and research your ideal audience and prospects in fine detail so you
can connect with them with ease.

And you can utilize content on LinkedIn in a variety of ways to:

If you’re looking to sharpen and expand your digital communication strategy in pursuit of your agency’s strategic goals
and discover how LinkedIn can improve your agency’s impact, effectiveness and reputation, we invite you to book a call
with us to discuss how we can help.

Let Top Dog Social Media help your government agency improve your communications strategy with effective LinkedIn marketing!

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