LinkedIn Marketing in 15 Minutes a Day [CHECKLIST]

LinkedIn Marketing in 15 Minutes a Day [CHECKLIST]

LinkedIn Marketing in 15 Minutes a Day [CHECKLIST]

Whether you have a large network on LinkedIn, or you are a novice, you likely don’t have a lot of time to invest in LinkedIn marketing.

While LinkedIn is the #1 social network for B2B businesses and networking, and can be highly effective for lead generation, there will be times when you simply don’t have the time, energy or need to actively be using LinkedIn.

Should this be the case, you don’t want to go dark and disappear.

You never know when or why you might need to reach out to your professional network.

Thankfully, you can quickly and easily maintain a healthy presence and retain and even build relationships on the platform with these handy tips for LinkedIn marketing in 15 minutes a day.

15 Minutes a Day LinkedIn Marketing Checklist

So, if you only have 15 minutes or less a day, what exactly should you be focused on?

LinkedIn Marketing in 15 Minutes a Day [CHECKLIST]

1. Accept Connection Requests and Send a Welcome Message

One of the first tasks that you should take care of each day when you pop on LinkedIn, is to review and accept (if appropriate) any new connection requests.

If someone has taken the time to reach out and connect with you, it is worth the time and effort to check them out and see if they would be a good addition to your LinkedIn network, especially if they have taken the time to write a personalized connection request.

Here is step-by-step breakdown of how to review, accept and reply to new connection requests (See Tip 1).

It only takes a couple minutes to quickly review the profiles of those sending you a connection request, but I would definitely advise you do this. This will help you to avoid connecting with fake LinkedIn accounts or less high-quality contacts.  Even with a very large network, this shouldn’t take a large amount of time, if you are doing this daily.

After you have accepted a connection request, take another minute or two and thank the person for connecting with you, comment on something in their profile or that they have posted.

Be sure to take the time to personalize the message you send and ensure that it is relevant to the receiver or you will waste your time by turning people off with canned/ impersonalized messages.

2. Reply to Messages

The next key task to include in LinkedIn marketing is to review and reply to any new messages you have received. If you are doing this daily, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes at most.

It is through these conversations that you will build relationships and get to know your network.

Be interested. Ask questions. Add value.

A word of caution, while LinkedIn’s message area resembles other instant messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger rather than email, it would be a mistake to treat it the same way. Ensure your response is professional and well-written, remember it is a business network.

3. Post a Status Update

Stay top of mind with your network and build your authority on your topic, by taking a minute or two every day to post a status update.

Unlike Facebook or the other social platforms, ensure you are sharing valuable content that’s of specific interest and value to your network. Keep in mind that what you consider high-value and what they believe is high-value may be different.

High-value content that inspires engagement should be:

  • High-quality
  • Educational
  • Solutions based
  • Timely and relevant
  • Non-promotional
  • Engaging and/or entertaining

There’s no better or faster way to build your authority than through creating and sharing high-value content.

The types of content you post could include how-to’s, thoughts, insights, stories, tips, etc.

If you have your own blog, post a LinkedIn update sharing your blog post to get more viewers to your content.

You can also share interesting content from others. Curating and sharing content from others is beneficial to you because:

  • Sharing information that is of interest or helpful to your network on related topics that you are not an authority allows you to stay top of mind and it builds trust.
  • When you add your perspective, you create more opportunities for discussion and engagement with your network.
  • Sharing quality content is often to spark to begin to build relationships with both the people whose content you are sharing and your network.
  • It is more efficient and can save you time.

As you can’t always be on LinkedIn, there are also tools available, so you don’t have to be.

You can pre-schedule status updates once a week to decrease the amount of daily time you need to be on LinkedIn. Some social media management tools you may want to look at for scheduling posts include:

4. Respond to Engagement

It is essential that you take a couple of minutes each day to respond to any engagement that your LinkedIn status updates or comments have gotten from your network.

Engagement is an essential part of the networking and relationship building process. When one of your connections takes the time to read and engage with your content or status update, it is crucial that you respond to acknowledge them.

Start by reviewing your LinkedIn notifications. This will show you all the people who have engaged with your content, have followed you, have liked your updates, or have taken any other action that involves you on LinkedIn. You can then look for an opportunity to connect with them, reply to their comments, or begin a private conversation with them when it makes sense.

You can also go to your LinkedIn Activity page. Here you can see who has interacted with your status updates and LinkedIn Publisher posts, and reply to them as appropriate.

LinkedIn Marketing in 15 Minutes a Day [CHECKLIST]

Expand Your LinkedIn Network

If someone who you are not already connected with should happen to positively comment or share your status update or content, this is a great time to reach out and send a connection request.

Send them a connection request and mention the content they engaged with and let them know you are grateful for their engagement.

5. Engage with Others Content

Networking on LinkedIn, or anywhere for that matter, is not a one-way conversation or effort. It is important that you dedicated a few minutes each day to engage with the content or status updates of your connections.

This can be as easy as quickly scrolling through your newsfeed each day and finding a few posts that you can like, comment on or share.

If there is a particular connection you wish to build a relationship with, check out their activity page to find their recent status updates, and Publisher posts, where you can see their content and engage with them.

This is a great way to help you get to know your connection and what is important to them, as well as providing a natural way for you to engage and interact with them.

LinkedIn Marketing in 15 Minutes a Day Made Easy

It is important to build and maintain a healthy LinkedIn network in this extremely social day and age. But this doesn’t have to be a difficult or time-consuming task.

Using this simple LinkedIn networking checklist, where you can easily accomplish your LinkedIn marketing in 15 minutes a day and network like a pro.

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