Everything You Need To Know About LinkedIn Marketing

Everything You Need To Know About LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

Are you ready to start taking advantage of the increased leads LinkedIn marketing is generating for other B2B companies and professionals?

LinkedIn is a powerful lead generation tool but only if used correctly. The trouble is that most people aren’t using it correctly or may only be doing certain things correctly while dropping the ball in other important areas.

Below you’ll find 21 of the best LinkedIn marketing resources that address the site’s main features, the most common questions from business owners, best practices and my favorite tips and tricks.

This is definitely a page you’ll want to bookmark since each heading below addresses a key component of LinkedIn marketing along with a link to the best resource I have to get you more educated on that topic.

Laying The Foundation For Your Success On LinkedIn

1. Have a Professional & Optimized LinkedIn Profile

It’s crucial that you don’t start reaching out to potential prospects until your profile is complete and ready to make a great first impression.

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2. Get Found On Page One Of LinkedIn Search

The next step after your profile is complete is to ensure you’re showing up on page one of LinkedIn search for the keywords you want to be found for. If you’re not being found there, that means a competitor is.

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3. Create The Perfect Headline For Your Profile

So what happens when a potential prospect finds you on the first page of LinkedIn search? They are unlikely to click on your profile to learn more if your headline doesn’t grab their attention– make sure it captivates and is click-worthy!

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4. LinkedIn Features You Should Know About

LinkedIn has a few key features that will keep you organized and effective during your social selling campaign including follow up reminders, profile tagging, the powerful LinkedIn Contacts page and more.

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Social Selling & Engaging Leads & Prospects On LinkedIn

5. The LinkedIn Social Selling Funnel

Are you wondering how LinkedIn connections can actually turn into clients? Understanding how the LinkedIn social selling funnel works is critical to driving consistent results and getting from A to B in your lead generation campaign.

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6. Connecting With Your Target Audience

Still confused about where the leads actually come from on LinkedIn? Increasing the number of connections is good, but you need to learn how to expand your network in a way that ultimately meets your business goals.

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7. How To Get More Prospects To View Your LinkedIn Profile

You’ve spent all that time creating a great LinkedIn profile, now it’s time to make sure the right people are seeing it as often as possible.

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Publishing Content On LinkedIn

8. Using The LinkedIn Publishing Platform

You might be wondering why anyone would bother posting articles directly on LinkedIn when we already have blogs to do that for us. If you’re doing it right, the benefits of using the LinkedIn Publishing platform can be enormous.

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9. How To Dominate LinkedIn Publishing

The top 3,000 LinkedIn Publisher articles were analyzed to find out the most consistent factors that contribute to success. The results are now a critical guideline to anyone that publishes content on LinkedIn.

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Using LinkedIn Groups For Success

10. Finding Targeted Prospects Through LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are a goldmine for engaging with targeted prospects outside of your immediate network. The question is where do you find the best groups for your target market?

Recommended Reading: How To Find LinkedIn Groups With Targeted Prospects

11. Building Credibility & Thought Leadership In LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are the perfect forum for establishing thought leadership and credibility within a targeted group outside your network. Reaching “Top Contributor” status will give you the most exposure out of all group members and is an essential metric to follow.

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12. Building Your Own LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn groups are great but they’re even better when you’re in control of one that attracts your ideal prospects. You’ll have your own lead generation magnet once you understand how to build a successful LinkedIn group.

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Advertising On LinkedIn

13. Using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

Although expensive, LinkedIn Sponsored Updates are a powerful advertising tool that can put you directly in front of high value prospects. Want to promote your product, services or event so only Fortune 500 executives see it? No problem.

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LinkedIn Marketing Tips, Tricks & Best Practices

14. Advanced LinkedIn Tips You Didn’t Know About

I recently compiled the best collection of advanced LinkedIn tips that includes a special backdoor trick for adding new connections, how to send free InMails, plus many more. The first two tips cannot be missed!

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15. How Twitter Can Help Your LinkedIn Strategy

Are you ever frustrated by your inability to connect with key prospects outside of your LinkedIn network? If you know how to use the right tools, you can connect with people that would otherwise be unreachable on LinkedIn by using Twitter.

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16. The Essential Rules of LinkedIn Etiquette

LinkedIn is not like Facebook or Twitter and should be treated accordingly. Spare yourself an awkward interaction with a potential prospect and get educated on the rules of LinkedIn etiquette.

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17. LinkedIn Mistakes That Make You Look Bad

Could you be making some mistakes on LinkedIn? It is important that you follow the unspoken and spoken rules of LinkedIn etiquette or you will be at risk for embarrassing yourself in front of potential prospects.

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Frequently Asked LinkedIn Questions

18. Should You Upgrade To LinkedIn Premium?

Will your LinkedIn marketing campaign benefit from a premium account? This is one of the most commonly asked questions I get, but there is not correct answer for everybody.

Check out the recommended reading to see if one of LinkedIn Premium’s 8 best features seem like they’ll enhance your efforts. If not, you’ll likely be okay with a free account.

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19. Which Is Better: LinkedIn Company Pages or Personal Profiles?

Both company pages and LinkedIn personal profiles have their purpose but there are many good reasons why I say personal profiles are better. That said, there is one very key feature of LinkedIn that cannot be accessed unless using a company page.

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20. I Only Have 15 Minutes, What Should I Do?

While each person may spend a different amount of time using LinkedIn depending upon their goals, being consistent is important. Even if you only have as little as 15 minutes a day to spend on your LinkedIn marketing strategy, you can still get results if you spend that time on their right activities. If that’s the case, you’ll appreciate my approach to LinkedIn when I’m short on time.

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21. Which Is Better: LinkedIn Endorsements or Recommendations?

Endorsements and recommendations don’t carry the same amount of weight to them, but which one is better? (Hint: It’s not endorsements.)

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LinkedIn Marketing: What Did We Miss?

Did you find this helpful? If you can think of someone who can benefit from the content above please go ahead and share this with them. It took me years to gather the knowledge and create this content, and now it’s all here in one place so you can benefit from it too.

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