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We Develop Rockstar LinkedIn Profiles for Busy Professionals Like You

Every day potential clients are looking at your LinkedIn profile…

Would they choose you?

Almost every business professional in the world is on LinkedIn, including an almost limitless pool of your ideal clients.

And with 80% of B2B leads generated on social media coming from LinkedIn, it is hands-down the social media platform for anyone who wants to grow their business.

But first impressions online are critical – just as in the real world.

Make the right one, and you potentially create not only a business deal but a profitable, long-term relationship.

Make the wrong one, and you will keep losing opportunity after opportunity.

Your business won’t grow, while in many cases your competitors’ will.

According to a LinkedIn study, nearly 80% of professionals find it difficult to overcome a bad first impression.

So, if your LinkedIn profile doesn’t:

...then you’re leaving serious money on the table. Your LinkedIn profile is one of the most powerful marketing weapons you have at your disposal. There is NOTHING else that can so effectively put the spotlight on your talents, achievements and ability to solve your ideal clients’ problems as your LinkedIn profile can. But having all that marketing firepower is worthless if you don’t speak the language of your ideal clients.

Ask yourself:

Most people don’t have to think hard to answer these questions, because the answer in each case is a resounding no or not enough!

But it’s my job to make it a big YES! with my LinkedIn Profile Development service.

Larry Watson, CPA, Houston, Texas

“I hired Melonie to write a LinkedIn profile for me, as I have a hard time writing about myself. My profile turned out so much better than I could have ever imagined, or certainly accomplished on my own.

“What she came up with was awesome. There’s no question, I made the right decision in hiring her.

“The value I received was far greater than the investment in this service. I highly recommend her LinkedIn profile development service for anyone wanting to have an exceptional LinkedIn presence.”

How Many Times Have You Made This Statement?
“I’m not good at writing about myself.”

Most people say that, and they are usually correct. It’s difficult to write about yourself – even if you’re a good writer.

You don’t want to sound as if you’re bragging, but you don’t want to minimize your accomplishments either.

Which is why most LinkedIn profiles are bad at generating business.

They’re either too bland or too self-aggrandizing. If your profile is like either of those, it will not convince your ideal clients you’re a trusted authority in your field and the perfect solution to their problem.

And that’s a shame – and a waste – because a strong LinkedIn profile attracts the exact prospects you need to reach most.

What a Fully-Optimized, Expertly-Crafted, Rockstar LinkedIn Profile Will Do for You

With a strong LinkedIn profile, you’ll find that:

All you need is a rockstar profile doing all the work in the background for you 24/7!

We Develop Rockstar LinkedIn Profiles for Busy Professionals Like You

Developing rockstar profiles on LinkedIn is one of our most sought-after services at Top Dog Social Media because we do it better than anyone else. Period!

Can’t write about yourself? No problem – we do it for you.

More precisely, we write about how you help your clients succeed and the value you bring to every relationship.

We write in a way that differentiates you from other LinkedIn members offering similar products and services.

The result is always a profile that makes you the #1 choice in the minds of your ideal clients. No longer will you fear losing your share of the market to your competitors.

Suddenly, you are seen, you stand out, and you are regarded as an authority and an expert, attracting the attention of your ideal prospects on LinkedIn.

We Understand What People Want to Know

Do you know why traditional resume-based LinkedIn profiles don’t work? Because they are written about YOU. And no one wants to read about you ... you ... you. Your prospects don’t care about you.

They want to know: 

That’s why we develop client-centric profiles that assure your ideal clients you are the perfect solution to their problems.

Yes, It Really Works

“Melonie is simply awesome! She was able to pull information out of me and use that information to create the single best LinkedIn profile I have ever seen. I am certain with the way that she has created my LinkedIn profile that I will get an immediate increase of new clients.”


Micha Dearen, Action Executive Search, Houston, Texas, Recruiter

We Craft Strong and Unique Personal Brands

Effective branding focuses on four things:

That’s true for you as an individual and as a business. 

And that’s why we take the time to research you, your ideal clients and your competitors before we write your profile.

Just Like This

“We hired Melonie to assist with producing top executive LinkedIn profiles for our leadership team and for promotion.

“We were thrilled with the results – she was wonderful to work with, delivered ahead of schedule and we love the results. We give her our highest recommendation.”


Adam Jones-Kelley, President, Conway, Atlanta, Georgia

The Power of Storytelling

One key factor in why your new LinkedIn profile will open doors for you and help grow your business is the expert storytelling our team weaves into it.

How does storytelling work on LinkedIn, you ask?

Storytelling works on LinkedIn the same way it works everywhere because a story is proven to connect with people on a deeper emotional level.

The biggest brands in the world owe their success to expert storytelling.

It stands to reason then that your business will shine brighter when we use storytelling to create a powerful connection with your ideal clients.

A well-told brand story makes you memorable, remarkable and trustworthy in the eyes of your target market.

Your client-centric profile will tell your brand story with emotion, simplicity and clarity. It will communicate to your prospects in such a way that they will feel their biggest desires, needs and fears – and your solution – leap off the screen.

With a profile that speaks to your ideal clients, you will:

With a well-crafted brand story, you will stand out, increase your credibility, emotionally connect with your ideal clients and build trust quickly.

And you will stop losing potential clients not impressed by your LinkedIn profile.

Whom We Help and Why

You shouldn’t be embarrassed by your LinkedIn profile.

You deserve a LinkedIn profile and personal brand you can be proud of, one that gets you noticed and generates compliments, connections, leads and clients.

Take a look at how we have transformed LinkedIn profiles from blah to attention-grabbing client magnets!

The Single Best Investment in Your Business (or Career) You Can Make

While we offer a number of LinkedIn-related services at Top Dog Social Media, the one element that ties them all together is the development of a powerful and compelling personal profile.


Because it’s your profile that usually marks the first interaction with your business. It is the brand of YOU!

It is the digital shop window that tells people why they should work with you.

That means you need to come across as a compelling, trustworthy, client-centric expert the second your ideal clients lay their eyes on you.

Everything we do begins with a magnetic profile that people actually want and take the time to read.

From your headline to your About and Experience sections, every component of your profile is vital in making you stand out from your competitors.

Once you build a strong client-centric profile reflecting your brand, you will:

This is the fastest, simplest way you can make the strongest first impression in the three seconds people give your profile before deciding whether or not to move on. When you work with us, you don’t just get a profile...

You build a bulletproof personal brand that commands respect and instantly establishes credibility while effortlessly attracting more of your ideal clients!

Are you ready to be a rockstar on LinkedIn?

Here’s What Happens After You Register for Our LinkedIn Profile Development Service

Profile Discovery Call

This is where we go deep into the business and brand of YOU! Either myself or one of my expert writers will jump on a call with you and interview you to get all the information and personal insights we need to write your rockstar profile.

During this session, we’ll figure out your perfect brand positioning, define your expertise, highlight your biggest wins, and map out your ideal clients’ biggest problems and ways you solve them.

Writing Your Rockstar Profile

Now that we’ve taken a deep dive into the psychology of your target market and discovered what makes them tick, we will then sharpen our pencils and start the writing process, crafting a profile that speaks directly to your ideal clients’ hopes, desires, fears and problems.

We will:

  • Create a headline that commands attention and makes your ideal clients “click” when you appear in their search results
  • Design the perfect cover photo that conveys the right message about your brand and business (after all, a picture tells a thousand words)
  • Construct a compelling client-centric About section that builds authority and credibility while telling your brand story and positioning you as the ideal solution to your prospects’ problems.
  • Complete your Experience section so it shines a light on your biggest wins, demonstrates the ways you help your ideal clients and cements your expertise.

By showcasing yourself in this way, you will connect with your prospects on a deeper level, increasing their interest in working with you.

Your Rockstar Profile Draft

For many, this is the most exciting part of the process (apart from attracting more clients, of course): reading the first draft of your expertly-written, client-centric profile.

My team and I have written thousands of profiles. Most of the time, our clients are so happy with our work they ask us to just upload them to LinkedIn.

Having said that, this is your profile, your story, and your business, so if there is anything that requires changing, anything you’re uncomfortable with or want to add, you absolutely can.

We offer unlimited edits until you are 100% happy with your new profile.

Going Live With Your Rockstar Personal Brand

After you sign off on your new client-centric profile, and we’ve fully optimized it for SEO and LinkedIn search, it’s time to go live.

We can either upload your new profile for you or hand you the document to upload yourself. It’s entirely up to you – whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Once your new profile goes live, your reputation will start growing as you effortlessly build authority, trust and credibility with your target market.

You’ll appear in more searches, make more connections, and have more profitable business conversations because your profile will now be making the ultimate first impression, showcasing you as the perfect solution to your prospects’ problems.

Your Roadmap to a Rockstar LinkedIn Profile

This is what being a LinkedIn rockstar is all about!

For an investment of only $1500 USD, you will improve the trajectory of your business (or career) and personal brand in a matter of weeks.

Not only will you cover the cost of your investment after you sign just one or two new clients, but your compelling, client-centric, credibility-building LinkedIn profile will continue to attract new clients for years to come.

And once your new LinkedIn profile is set up, it never switches off, meaning you ATTRACT CLIENTS IN YOUR SLEEP!

The ROI on our LinkedIn Profile Development service is almost endless! The value of having a personal brand you can be proud of is priceless.

Moreover, many of our clients take what we have written for their LinkedIn profile and utilize parts or all of it across all social platforms, their websites and other marketing channels.

If you know your reputation could be stronger, your client list longer, and your business more profitable...

...but you just don’t know how to find the right words to lift you above the sea of faces on LinkedIn and shine like the expert you truly are, we should definitely talk.

Are you ready to put the power of LinkedIn to work for you?

Attract New Clients

“Starting a new business after being employed for 35 years was new to me. I had no idea how to market myself to my ideal client – dentists. I turned to Melonie for help.

She wrote for me a professional LinkedIn profile that spoke to my target market and more importantly, she created a strategic plan on how to attract new clients using LinkedIn.

I wouldn’t have known how to do this on my own, Melonie’s expertise was invaluable to me.”
Annette Bjornstad-Woods
Bookkeeper, Jacksonville, Florida

Stand Out from the Crowd

“As experienced in social media as I am, I loathed the idea of self-promoting myself without expert perspective from an outside point of view.

Obviously, anything I wrote would be maybe too biased. So, I hired Melonie from Top Dog Social Media to help put together an excellent LinkedIn profile that really stands out.”
Omar Todd
Social Media Consultant, Melbourne, Australia

You Might Be Wondering...

Only an experienced professional writer can tell your story in a way that would compel your ideal clients to know, like, trust and want to do business with you. But not all writers know how to effectively write a LinkedIn profile.

Our team of highly-skilled, experienced writers have written thousands of profiles and know exactly how to position you so that you not only speak to your ideal clients’ needs, fears, goals and dreams but also appear as their ideal solution and a trusted authority.

When your profile presents you as an expert, it makes connecting with your ideal clients and influential decision-makers a breeze because they actually want to hear more from you. This is the digital foot in the door your business has always needed.

Ninety-nine percent of Linked users write their own profiles. The other 1% don’t – and that’s a big reason why it’s the top 1% of people who consistently seal large deals on the platform.

Your profile can unlock these types of opportunities for you.

You are absolutely right, you can! You can hire a cheap freelancer to write your profile for you. In fact, many of my clients previously went this route, and yet eventually they came to me.

LinkedIn is a business platform with sophisticated markets, which means it requires a certain style of writing that only a few can do successfully.

This is very much a “you get what you pay for” situation. Most freelance writers are very inexperienced in the B2B world and the specific nuances of LinkedIn profile writing. If they are offering their services cheap, they certainly don’t have a thriving business themselves. So how can they help you attract more clients?

Our team doesn’t just write your profile. We work with you to bring out your brand story and high-level insights only you would know. Then we package that into a profile and a story of you that connects with your target market on an emotional level and establishes you as a credible, trustworthy authority.

My advice for you would be to never hire someone who hasn’t achieved what you want to achieve and doesn’t have the level of personal brand you strive for!

When you have a compelling, client-centric profile up and running – and appearing in LinkedIn search results – you are literally advertising your expertise 24/7/365.

Some of my clients started attracting leads within days of their new profile going live.

It’s absolutely possible that this could be your experience too!

This service is priced to ensure B2B professionals and business owners make their money back after getting just one or two new clients.

But the beauty of having a professionally-crafted LinkedIn profile is that once you have it up and running, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the number of new clients you can attract with your authority-building brand image.

And just imagine the number of clients you won’t miss out on anymore because you now have a profile that attracts business instead of repelling it!

Are you ready to put the power of LinkedIn to work for you?

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