LinkedIn Statistics: How Many People Use LinkedIn? [Infographic]

How Many People Use LinkedIn? [INFOGRAPHIC]

linkedin statistics 2013

Have you ever wondered how many people actually use LinkedIn?

Do you have a professional presence on LinkedIn but wonder if it’s a site worthy of spending your time on?

These latest LinkedIn statistics are going to surprise you. Many people previously thought of LinkedIn simply as a resume site, that perception has definitely shifted.

Today it is a premier business site with people from all industries and countries flocking to set up profiles and use it as an effective business-building tool.

If you take the time to look through each country’s amount of LinkedIn users and compare it to their entire population, you’ll be amazed to see how it has taken the world by storm.

I always get excited when somebody puts out new LinkedIn statistics as it continues to solidify its position as the essential social network for business people on a truly global scale. Take a look at the infographic below and look beneath it for some ready-to-tweet stats you can easily share!

LinkedIn Statistics 2013: The Momentum Continues

linkedin statistics 2013

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LinkedIn Stats – Ready For Your Twitter Feed!

Top 10 Countries With Most People On LinkedIn [November 2013]

  1. USA – 84,851,462
  2. India – 20,959,886
  3. Brazil – 14,623,515
  4. UK – 12,772,853
  5. Canada – 8,095,417
  6. France – 6,103,611
  7. Italy – 5,651,460
  8. Spain – 5,076,834
  9. Mexico – 4,895,155
  10. Australia – 4,688,775

The US LinkedIn population is greater than the rest of the Top 10 LinkedIn countries COMBINED (minus Australia) and 3,769 times bigger than the least popular country (Montenegro).

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 Approximately half of LinkedIn is made up of users from USA, India & Brazil

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Percentage of Citizens Using LinkedIn By Country

  1. USA – 27% (Tweet this stat!)
  2. Canada – 23% (Tweet this stat!)
  3. Australia – 21% (Tweet this stat!)
  4. UK – 20% (Tweet this stat!)
  5. Spain – 11% (Tweet this stat!)
  6. France – 9% (Tweet this stat!)
  7. Italy – 9% (Tweet this stat!)
  8. Brazil – 7% (Tweet this stat!)
  9. Mexico – 4% (Tweet this stat!)
  10. India – 2% (Tweet this stat!)

 Nearly 1 in 3 citizens of Iceland have a LinkedIn profile!

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 The population of US LinkedIn users is equal the amount of Americans that:

The US LinkedIn population is equivalent to:

Which LinkedIn Statistic Surprises You?

Which of the LinkedIn stats mentioned shock you the most? Let’s discuss it in the comments section below.


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