9 Ways To Use LinkedIn Tags To Generate More Business

9 Ways To Use LinkedIn Tags To Generate More Business

LinkedIn Tags

Are you incorporating a LinkedIn lead generation strategy in your sales process?

If you aren’t already making use of LinkedIn tags, you’re missing out on a tool that can greatly improve your efficiency and give more of a systematic process to your LinkedIn sales cycle.

In my experience, using LinkedIn tags has become a critical part of my lead generation and sales strategy for myself and all of my B2B clients.

What Are LinkedIn Tags?

LinkedIn tags are a helpful way to categorize your contacts, accessed by the “Relationship” tab on anyone’s profile. LinkedIn starts you off with a few generic options (group members, friends, colleagues, etc.) but the real magic happens when you start creating your own custom tags.


Why Use LinkedIn Tags?

There are a few good reasons to use LinkedIn tags for your lead generation strategy and we will discuss several options below. First, let’s cover some of the greatest benefits you stand to gain by using tags more often.

  1. Filter and organize your connections on LinkedIn with ease
  2. Make it easier for you to distinguish different segments of your connections based on information that is not in their profile

You have a maximum of 200 tag categories.

PRO TIP: When going through your contacts it’s easy to see which of them are 1st degree connections and which ones you have not yet connected with. To determine this look at the color of the little Inbox on the right side of each contact. If the box is blue, you are a first-degree connection. If the box is grey, you are not directly connected.


Use the little “In” box as a reference to easily distinguish between first-level connections and people you aren’t connected to.

9 Different Ways To Use LinkedIn Tags

1. Location Based

Tagging based on location is especially important for locally based businesses that exclusively service clientele in one area but can also be useful when targeting multiple areas as well.

Whether you focus locally, nationally or internationally, it can be handy to divide prospects into tagged lists by location using tags.

2. Clients

The client list is one of your most prized possessions as a business owner because it’s your list of buyers. You should keep track of your clients with tags on LinkedIn, even more so if you have a long list of clients.

3. Prospects

Make a tag for your hottest prospects that you want to reach out to with helpful content on a regular basis. If you sell to multiple industries or job titles, organize potential prospects by their specific industry or job title.

This will be very helpful when you want to send high-value content to multiple people at once. Remember to always fiercely scrutinize any messages you send in bulk to ensure they deliver optimal value or it will be perceived as spam.

4. Influencers In Your Industry

Create a handy list of industry influencers for quick reference by using LinkedIn tags.

5. Media Contacts

If you’re doing any PR for yourself or clients, it’s not a bad idea to keep relevant media contacts tagged. Many are not averse to receiving initial pitches via social media before moving to email or phone conversations.

7. Strategic Partners

Tag any of your strategic partners so that you have a simple and organized way to filter through them in your LinkedIn Contacts area.

8. Event Tags

Many of the tags listed focus on long-term criteria but LinkedIn tags can also be very handy for short-term criteria such as events by tagging:

  • Event planners within the area of an event
  • Potential promotional partners in a specific location
  • Key contacts of potential sponsors for events

9. Integrate LinkedIn Tags Into Your Sales Process

One of the best ways to integrate LinkedIn tags into your sales process is by using them to identify where they are at in the sales cycle. This helps you keep track of where prospects are at and ensure no lead is forgotten.

I detailed this process more in depth at Breaking Down The LinkedIn Social Selling Funnel but I will give a brief overview of it now.

You can further organize or sort your tags by adding a name that helps you identify what stage a person is at in the sales process.


  1. Clients
  2. Hot Prospects
  3. Thank You Message
  4. Relationship Building Message 1
  5. Relationship Building Message 2
  6. Move Offline Message
  7. Influencers
  8. Partners

How Are You Using LinkedIn Tags?

The only limitation within LinkedIn tags is your imagination and ability to come up with different ways to make use of them. I want to know how you are using LinkedIn tags. Leave a message in the comments below or tell me on Twitter.

Want to learn more about how to use tags as part of your lead generation strategy? Check out our online course: Cracking the LinkedIn Code 2.0.


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