LinkedIn Today Gets More Social With New Update

LinkedIn Today Gets More Social With New Update

LinkedIn just unveiled it’s brand new version of LinkedIn Today, now giving users the ability to like and comment on status updates and Top Stories buzzing around the social network. For anyone that has ignored or missed the “LinkedIn Today” section, it’s the first heading under your News tab when you login and it aggregates news stories shared throughout LinkedIn and previously lacked any significant social features.

LinkedIn TodayYou can comment and like stories featured on LinkedIn Today and also see which stories are trending in your network through a menu on the right side of the page.

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This provides more opportunities for users of LinkedIn to interact with each other outside of Groups and personal messaging. I see this as an incredibly positive shift for the LinkedIn experience and long overdue, to say the least!

The new LinkedIn Today has a nice, sleek look to it that actually functions great and is also a pretty reliable news source. Since it’s aggregating content shared in your network as well as what is trending online, you get a lot of great business oriented content, making it effective for content curation.

It would be wise to spend a few extra minutes each day interacting with your network through commenting on stories featured in LinkedIn Today. Also make sure that you are sharing content everyday so that other users become more likely to interact with you through the comments.

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Check out the new LinkedIn Today changes here and let us know what you think in the comments! What else would you like to see changed on LinkedIn?


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