The 15 Best Free LinkedIn Training Resources on The Internet

The past few years have been a period of non-stop growth for social media and we have put a lot of effort into providing free LinkedIn training as much as possible with our blog posts.

It’s tough to get the full picture in bite-sized pieces so we’ve collected resources from across our site and a few other places to bring some of the most relevant content for businesses wanting to leverage the power of LinkedIn.

Before we get to the list, it’s important to remember that your success on LinkedIn depends on a few factors:

  • Optimizing your profile so it can be found in search results by your ideal prospects
  • Understanding the dynamic of the network and how it differs from other social networks
  • Positioning yourself as an authority within your niche and/or industry
  • Create an efficient lead generation system on LinkedIn

This list compiles some of the most content-rich articles, infographics and tutorials focused on LinkedIn training that you will find.

LinkedIn Training: Positioning Yourself For Success

1. 21 Steps To Creating A Kick Ass LinkedIn Profile [INFOGRAPHIC]

Before you do anything on LinkedIn, you must ensure you have a great profile that looks professional and is optimized so you can be found in the search results when potential prospects are searching for your services. Yes, this can be done!

Those who follow every one of the steps outlined in this LinkedIn training have found themselves showing up as #1 for their chosen terms and getting substantially more leads through the network as a result.

Click the image below or the link to learn how to create a great LinkedIn profile now.

social media for business
Click image to see full infographic

2. How To Write A Catchy LinkedIn Headline

Although the 21 Steps To A Kick Ass LinkedIn Profile talks briefly about creating a great headline, this article goes deeper into finding out exactly what that looks like. This article will describe what you need your LinkedIn headline to have in it to make people want to click and learn more about you.

Click on the image or link to learn how to create a great LinkedIn headline now!

linkedin headline creation
Click the image to see the full infographic

3. Leverage The Power of LinkedIn [Free Webinar Training]

If you really want to get results from LinkedIn then you won’t want to miss this free 75-minute webinar. This webinar will show you exactly what you need to do to lay the foundation for your success with LinkedIn. I consistently get over 70% of my  business from LinkedIn because I set up my profile the way I will teach you to in this webinar. These results have been duplicated again and again with my students of my LinkedIn Profit Formula course and my private clients whom I create custom LinkedIn campaigns for.

Sign up now.

4. The Ultimate LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

The next natural step in your LinkedIn training after you’ve created a great profile is to get familiar with the general concept of a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy. Odds are high that it is much different than you think and this handy infographic lays it out in 4 simple steps for you to understand.

Click the image or link to learn the ultimate LinkedIn marketing strategy now!

linkedin marketing strategy
Click the image to see full infographic

5. LinkedIn Etiquette Guide: 20 Do’s & Don’ts [INFOGRAPHIC]

This handy guide details everything you need to know about LinkedIn etiquette to ensure you aren’t turning anyone off and leaving a lasting impression. Not every turn off is obvious so this is not something you should miss if you want to get the most from LinkedIn and avoid wasting time, or worse!

Click the image or link to learn what LinkedIn etiquette is all about!

eti facebook 600px
Click image to see full infographic

Social Selling: Generating Leads & Building Relationships

6. Five Ways To Succeed With Social Selling on LinkedIn [TUTORIAL]

Many people talk about using LinkedIn for business but few talk about actually using LinkedIn for sales in specific terms. This article focuses on the nuts and bolts of social selling and moving someone from a LinkedIn connection to a new client.

Click the image or link to learn more about using LinkedIn for social selling now!

Start social selling on LinkedIn with these 5 simple steps.
Click image to learn more about social selling on LinkedIn

7. 3 Tricks For Generating Referrals Using LinkedIn

Getting sales from brand new prospects is well and good but there is a huge opportunity for those wondering how to use LinkedIn to generate more referrals. The best new clients always come through a referral and once you connect with your existing customers on LinkedIn, the door is wide open for them to start pouring in!

8. How To Use LinkedIn Sponsored Updates [TUTORIAL]

Supercharge your exposure with key decision makers with LinkedIn sponsored updates. This new form of LinkedIn advertising has proven to be a robust way to gain traction on your LinkedIn Company Page.  You’ll want to review this tutorial to make the most of LinkedIn sponsored updates. It can get very expensive if you don’t do it right!

Click the image below or the link to learn how to use LinkedIn Sponsored Updates now!

linkedin sponsored updates
Click image to learn how to use LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

9. How To Use The New LinkedIn Contacts Feature [TUTORIAL]

In case you missed it, LinkedIn officially took one giant leap closer to becoming a full-fledged CRM tool. Now you can set follow up reminders, add tags to help sort through different types of contacts, the ability to add private notes about your connections and several other incredible features to help you stay on top of building your network.

Just an FYI, I honestly believe LinkedIn Contacts is the single most important update to ever hit the network since it started. If you don’t know about it yet, you owe it to yourself to read this tutorial.

Click here to learn how to use LinkedIn Contacts now or click the image below!

9 steps to getting started with linkedin contacts
Click the image to learn how to use LinkedIn Contacts

LinkedIn Tips & Tricks

10. LinkedIn Marketing In Only 15 Minutes A Day

Want to get results with your LinkedIn marketing efforts on days when you don’t have a lot of time? This is the quintessential guide for the busy person that can’t afford to drop the ball with their social media strategy.

Although it’s not a full-on LinkedIn strategy, it will suffice for those days where work seems to be endlessly piling up!

Click here to learn the 15-minute LinkedIn strategy!

11. 4 Rules To Getting More LinkedIn Recommendations

This is a great guide to show you how to get recommendations on LinkedIn by following a few simple rules. Anyone I have personally worked with that has incorporated these methods has seen at least a 200% increase in LinkedIn recommendations.

Click here to learn the 4 rules for getting more LinkedIn recommendations!

12. How To Get Out of LinkedIn Jail (And Stay Out)

If you haven’t had the chance to check out the resources in this article prior to getting your LinkedIn marketing strategy going, you may have ended up in LinkedIn jail.

Yes, you can get thrown into LinkedIn jail and have basic features stripped away from you, such as connecting with new people on the network. If you’ve found yourself in LinkedIn jail, you will want to thoroughly read Stacy Zapar’s article below to educate yourself on what you can do about it.

Click here to read Stacy Zapar’s guide to getting out of LinkedIn jail!

Taking Your LinkedIn Marketing To The Next Level

13. 10 Steps To Setting Up Your Own LinkedIn Group [INFOGRAPHIC]

Want to position yourself as an authority? Your own LinkedIn Group is a great way to do it! If you’ve ever wondered how to setup a LinkedIn group for business, this is the perfect tutorial to get you started. Over time your LinkedIn group can grow into a hotbed for attracting highly targeted prospects in your specific niche. As the group owner, you are immediately positioned as an authority and will command a certain level of influence that cannot be easily achieved elsewhere.

Click here to learn the 10 steps to setting up your own LinkedIn group now!

linkedin groups
Click here to learn how to setup your own LinkedIn group

14. 6 Ways To Grow A LinkedIn Group From The Pros

Once you create your own LinkedIn group, you must promote it. This article comes from Social Media Examiner a resource that consistently posts high quality content on the internet about social media marketing. This article gathers some amazing tips from six of the world’s top LinkedIn experts on how to grow your LinkedIn group to its full potential.

Click here to learn 6 tips from experts on growing your LinkedIn group!

Click here to read the full article
Click here to read the full article

15. Three Business Reasons To Upgrade To LinkedIn Premium

Should you upgrade to LinkedIn premium? It’s not for everyone but for those that are serious about using LinkedIn for lead generation LinkedIn’s premium service may be worth looking at.

Whether or not you end up going with LinkedIn Premium does not matter, as long as it’s an informed decision based on the facts. That said, it can be a great way to supercharge your LinkedIn marketing efforts!

Click here to learn the advantages of LinkedIn Premium for business!

Click here to read the full article
Click here to read the full article

Did We Miss Anything?

As part of our commitment to excellence in the social media marketing industry, we want to know what you want to see more of. Please take a moment to comment below and tell us which of the LinkedIn training articles you found most useful. If we missed something you want to see or learn more about, be sure to let us know about that as well.


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