Mari Smith's Top 10 Facebook Tips

Mari Smith’s Top 10 Facebook Tips

I just listened in on a Facebook webinar by my mentor Mari Smith, the Queen of Facebook.  She provided 10 ESSENTIAL Facebook Tips and I’ve recapped them here in this blog post for you.

If you want to  make more money using Facebook, it’s essential you use it the right way. Follow these tips and you will have much more success with Facebook.

Missed Mari’s Facebook webinar? Click here to watch the replay now

Here are Mari Smith’s Top 10 Facebook Tips that she shared in her webinar:

Facebook Tip #1: Understand Facebook edgerank
This is the formula that determines who see’s what in the news feed. Only 16% of your content is being seen by your fans (some report it’s even less). Mari suggests checking how your Facebook content is doing by checking it out

Facebook Tip #2: Include photo’s
Photo’s and videos get the highest edge rank which means they are the posts most likely to show up in your fans newsfeed. Keep your posts to under 160 characters. Maximize visibility to your site and increase engagement.

Facebook Tip #3: Don’t post links via 3rd party apps
Facebook doesn’t include the share button on your posts that come from some 3rd party apps. When you post with 3rd party apps Facebook doesn’t provide the share button where others can share your content and get you more eye’s on your page.

Facebook Tip #4: Change your cover image regularly
Mari suggests that you change your cover photo regularly to keep it fresh and engage your audience more.

Facebook Tip #5: Use pin to top feature
Use the pin to top feature to pin one of your posts to the top of your Facebook page. It will stay there for 7 days. The beauty of that feature is you can rotate older content. This is very helpful to use during a promotion, such as when you are offering a free webinar or have a blog post you want featured.

Facebook Tip #6: Optimize your app thumbnails
Go to and you can set it up so that your apps will redirect directly to your website.

Facebook Tip #7: Monitor your insights

You need to measure what is doing well and what isn’t. This provides information for you about how you are doing with engaging your fans on your Facebook page. This will let you how many engaged users you have and what your fans are responding to most.

Facebook Tip #8: Respond to your comments
Respond, comment and engage, this humanizes your brand.

Facebook Tip #9: Check your notifications
You may be missing things that your fans have posted. Be sure to check your notifications as to who has posted and engaged with you. allows you to get alerted whenever someone has posted on your wall or anyone else’s (such as your competitors).

Facebook Tip #10: Interests lists
It’s a great way to get around edge rank. This is a new feature that Mari loves. You can make your own interest lists. Get your fans to add your page to their favorites interest list, it will ensure they see you.

This is just an overall summary of what Mari shared during her Facebook webinar. She also shared examples of how many businesses are doing a great job with Facebook. One of the best ways to master Facebook is to emulate those who are doing it well.




  • Awesome thank you so much Melonie! I all but watched the first 30 minutes so thanks for posting the replay. You guys rock!

  • That was some great tips and I especially liked the trick for the link in the description of the cover picture. Brilliant I never thought of that! Not to mention the redirect app. Great webinar!

  • Thanks for wrapping it up for us Melonie. I wasn’t able to finish the webinar yesterday. I love #5 I do that with my fanpage once in a while. #10 is something that I haven’t tried yet. Guess I have to try it out this week. 🙂

  • Thank you, Melonie, for summarizing the points.

    • I agree Chris. I refer to Facebook as a more passive social network meaning you have to wait for people to come to you. In social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn you can reach out, follow, connect, message, engage etc.

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