Why You Can’t Rely On Your Franchisor For Local Marketing

Why You Can’t Rely On Your Franchisor For Local Marketing

Marketing Resources For Franchises

If you have invested in a franchise with a great track record of success, you’ve put your best foot forward in building the rapport that will get you in the door with new customers. Quite often, franchisees make the mistake of assuming that their fees and costs to head office will get them far with national marketing.

Where Do Your Franchise Fees Go?

The reality is that your fees and initial costs pay for the rights to attach the franchise name, products and reputation and with your location. And even though you may be investing into a “national marketing” program you will still need to tackle your local marketing for best results.

I’ve had great experiences owning several successful franchises but my profit started to go up as I took matters into my own hands.

With many franchises, you must pay an ongoing royalty on sales. There is no harm in paying a fair royalty but the important thing to remember is that the royalty is generally coming from your revenue, not profit.

Does Your Franchisor Want To Drive Your Revenue or Profit?

When I owned my franchises, the type of national marketing provided by head office was all aimed at great deals that drove revenue and reduced my profits. I quite often wouldn’t offer the same deals head office would advertise (especially in the USA) because they just didn’t make business sense for me.

I understand what it’s like the to be reluctant to invest in marketing when you feel head office should be sharing the load but you need to be concerned about your profits and that will require action.

Marketing Resources For Franchises

There are many means of marketing in your local community but the most important thing is finding the one that’s right for you. It won’t be just one form of marketing but you’ll likely find your main channel for communicating with your customers and prospects and use your other marketing channels to “funnel” your interest traffic.

Modern marketing flow chart

Here is a flow chart of suggested marketing tactics for franchisees and small businesses.

Click the graphic above to enlarge it. This shows chart represents a modern marketing “flow” for a small business. You can see that this strategy relies heavily on regular content to keep potential clients coming back to your website.  If your franchisor doesn’t allow you to have your own website, perhaps you can have a blog that you can drive traffic to and post interesting content that will engage your potential customers to learn more about your business.

Analyzing The Consumer Behavior

The above graphic gives you a rough idea of a successful marketing strategy in 2012 but it may have brought up more questions than answers for some of you.

To understand this, you have to understand how your customer behaves and acts in 2012 and how it differs to the way they digested information even just a few short years ago.

Here are a few things that you need to realize before you can strategically position yourself in the marketplace:

  • * Pushing your marketing message on people worked in the days when they only accessed information that was exposed to them.
  • * Internet users are exposed primarily to the information that they seek and pay little attention to anything else.
  • * By creating valuable content that solves your target market’s most common problems will attract them to you online!
  • * Traditional marketing (radio, print, TV, etc.) is still effective when using a firm call-to-action. It can also benefit your business by keeping people engaged with you driving them to your social media sites so you can remain top of mind with them long after your ad has been run.
    • * Not everyone who sees/reads/hears your ad will run down to your store immediately to purchase
    • * Leveraging tools like social media give you a chance to stay connected with your prospects after they’ve been exposed to your advertisements.

What marketing strategies do you find most effective when promoting your business or franchise? Leave a message in the comments below.


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