Most Viewed LinkedIn Profiles For 2012: Did You Make The Cut?

5 Things The Most Viewed LinkedIn Profiles For 2012 Did (That You Didn’t)

I just received an email notifying me that I had one of the most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012. And I wasn’t alone, I have been flooded with emails over the last few days from people thanking me because they too received an email similar to this after implementing the many optimization strategies I teach. Here is what the email looked like:

After LinkedIn reached the 200 million member milestone, it seems that things have continued to get better and better for the professional network. There has been a truckload of recent updates ranging from LinkedIn endorsements, the ability to follow major thought leaders and even a complete profile makeover.most viewed linkedin profiles

Most Viewed LinkedIn Profiles: How To Make It In 2013

Hopefully you have been following our posts for the past year and have implemented strategies taught in our webinars and articles – as many of you have and sent me a message to let me know that you were one of the most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012.

Even if you didn’t make it to LinkedIn’s top 10%, 5% or 1% for 2012, you will have a fighting chance for 2013 if you implement a couple critical strategies that get you noticed.

  1. Complete your entire profile. I guarantee you anyone who wasn’t one of the most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012 did not do this. This is non-negotiable! Go here to find out why.
  2. Optimize your profile for specific keywords that your target market uses when seeking out your services. Read this blog if you need help mastering this part.
  3. Engage in groups. Another way to get people interested enough to check out your profile is to engage in LinkedIn groups. Provide as much value and thoughtful discussion as possible in relevant groups that contain your target market.
  4. Personalize! Personalize all messages when interacting with anyone on LinkedIn (or anywhere online for that matter). Never resort to LinkedIn’s default messages!
  5. Don’t make any of these mistakes.
  6. Attend our LinkedIn webinar. Excuse the shameless plug but we have packed our latest LinkedIn webinar full of the most content-heavy material that could possibly fit into an hour. I feel absolutely confident saying it is my best and most comprehensive webinar yet – and it’s free so go sign up here if you are serious about using LinkedIn to generate leads for your business in 2013.

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile is all well and great but are people actually taking action when they arrive to your profile? What exactly are they doing next?

These are the questions and issues we are addressing in the upcoming LinkedIn webinar so you will not want to miss it!  This free webinar could be all you need to start getting leads online using LinkedIn. Register now for the webinar here.

Did you have one of the most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012? Let us know your secret in the comments below.



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