Can Photo Sharing on Instagram Help Your Business?

Can Photo Sharing on Instagram Help Your Business?

If you are familiar with the photo-based social media site called Pinterest then you may want to have a look at photo sharing on Instagram.

Is it possible you could be loading photos on this site to boost your sales, Facebook friends and Google+ results? No matter what type of social media marketing you are doing, it is a good idea to stay on top of the latest methods for branding your company. Great ideas for promoting products or services are more accessible than ever and Instagram, like Pinterest, uses the power of the pixel to get your ideas across.

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Over 50 million people use photo sharing on Instagram (and growing by millions very rapidly), including users of the recently revealed iPhone app used for sharing photos. Though many iPhone users are still learning about this app, it is steadily growing in popularity. Since our society is moving more and more towards a visual social context, businesses can easily use Instagram to post great pictures and get ‘followers’ just like on Facebook or Twitter. If you have a visually engaging profession or business, you’ll quickly see the obvious rewards from posting pictures to Instagram. People in catering, interior design like wallpaper design and art can show off their best work in quick, yet surprisingly artistic way.

Downloading Instagram on Your iPhone

The Instagram application can be downloaded to your iPhone through the app store making photo sharing on Instagram as easy as a click of a button. It is free and you can integrate your photos with Facebook, Twitter and Flickr with the touch of a button. Including a new visual perspective into your social media strategy is now quick and easy.

Instagram can be a great social media marketing tool but businesses that lack a visual component may struggle to find a valuable use. A paper company, for example, is going to struggle considerably more than a car dealership or even a coffee shop.

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Using a little creativity and some great pictures, one shipping company took photos of their shipping containers on route to different places all over the world – on barges, pulling into cargo bays at exotic locations, or out at sea with the sun shining on crystal clear blue waters.

The photos were so effective that they gained over 140,000 Facebook fans in a matter of days and boosted business considerably. This company is a great example of how thinking outside the box and promoting your company visually using photo sharing on Instagram and Pinterest can make blogging and tweeting seem like salad without the dressing.

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