Social Media Automation Tools That Will Work For Your Business

Choosing Social Media Automation Tools That Works For Your Business

It is important to maintain a constant social media presence in order to keep your potential customers engaged and active with your organization. While automating 100% of your social presence is a bad idea, there are certain social media automation tools that can help you maintain a daily schedule and keep content relevant and timely to your audience.


Yes, you have likely already heard about Hootsuite but you may not realize how much it has improved over the years. For those of you who don’t know, Hootsuite is a set of social media automation tools that allow you to schedule posts across multiple platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

It is one of the few automation platforms that has Google Plus support, making it ideal if you want to a “one stop shop” to manage your social media. The program also includes a robust set of tools that are great when it comes to social media for business, such as tracking brand mentions and analyzing social media traffic for each post.

Recent Feature Update: Auto-post scheduling (a wonderful timesaver)  social media automation tools


Buffer provides simple social media automation tools that allow you to handle multiple accounts even on the same platform and actually pioneered auto-scheduling in the socialsphere. All you need to do is set a schedule for each social profile you manage and you are ready to go.

Buffer is ideal for scheduling great content you find as you surf across the internet on a day to day basis. The platform provides support to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. It also has a good array of analytics and insights tools that allow you to track who is seeing your posts and how many likes or shares you are getting.

Don’t Forget: The Firefox & Google Chrome browser pluginssocial media automation tools

Facebook Scheduler

The Facebook Scheduler is that little scheduling option that shows up when you want to post on your Facebook page directly. It allows you to schedule when your posts go live but without the penalization that Facebook tends to give to third party apps in the News Feed. Oh, in case you didn’t know, it’s been known in the past that other third party social media automation tools will lower your Facebook impressions but this has recently come into debate. No matter what you decide to do, make sure you’ve done a bit of research first. social media automation tools


Triberr is a social media platform focused on catering to groups. The people posting are broken into groups known as tribes, which are all focused around topics such as food, fitness, sports, and more. Triberr also has a number of different apps, including social media automation tools that can help you schedule your posts and coordinate them with other mainstream social media platforms. Personally, I’ve used Triberr to more easily share blogs and content from people I trust. Simple, convenient and helpful!social media automation tools


Twitter Tools

Whether you use Twitter as your main social media source or to supplement your other efforts, there are a variety of different social media automation tools that you should consider integrating into your toolbox.

  • Tweet Old Post – retweets older blog entries automatically to reuse relevant content
  • Tweet Beep & Twilert – email alerts for important tweets
  • Monitter – real time monitoring and analytics for your posts

The social media automation tools listed above are among the best and most reliable in the industry. Don’t feel pressured to get all of them at once…aim to keep things simplified even as you expand your social media marketing efforts. After all, social media automation tools are supposed to keep things more simple for you!


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