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How Much Is Too Much Self Promotion Online? [Real Talk]

Now that most companies are leveraging social media for business, the issue of spam and over-promoting has become bigger than ever. We have become attached to the experience we get on social networks and to see it hampered by pathetic spammers relying on 0.0000001% conversion rates is not cool.

Social media was created for our enjoyment and yet some people who haven’t take the time to learn the netiquette are ruining it for us.

This is the mentality that every social networker carries until they realize they want to use it to promote their business.

Uh oh. Now what?

In a world where you are two clicks away from being permanently muted, how much promotion is too much?

This is a question I set out to find answers to in this week’s edition of Real Talk, a weekly candid conversation around controversial topics in the social media marketing world.

Click the video below to hear my opinion on how much self-promotion is truly too much.

Nobody wants to get blacklisted from their ideal clients when trying to successfully use social media for business so how can we better understand when enough is enough?

When leaving your response in the comments think about:

  • What type of promotion is acceptable and how often?
  • What boundaries do you set for your personal profile vs. company pages?
  • What turns you off as a customer when you see companies using social media for business?

Let’s continue our discussion in the comment section below to debate this topic. If you are interested in more active discussions that pull apart the details of social media marketing, join our Facebook group by clicking here.

I really want to try and establish enough of a consensus on this to potentially write another post that will help others who are unsure what the “standard protocol” might be. After all, we can all gain from a better social experience whether it’s for personal use or social media for business.


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