Top 18 Social Media Management Tools

Top 18 Social Media Management Tools

Social Media Management Tools

Do you get lost when trying to find the right social media management tools for your business?

It seems like a new app or social media tool is popping up every day and many of them handle a lot of the same tasks. I’ve spent more time than I’m willing to admit tracking down the best tools to keep my team and I truly efficient.

I spent some time to compile a list of my absolute favorite social media tools that help my business to run more efficiently and cost effectively. It’s a mix of both free and paid tools but I’ve personally used everyone of them at some point in my career so I feel comfortable recommending them.

1. Ontraport: What My Entire Business Depends On

This has been the central hub of my entire website for years now and is responsible for capturing leads, sending out mass emails to my list and many more highly intricate tasks targeted at content and information marketers.

It’s something that needs to be seen to grasp the concept but if you’re familiar with Infusionsoft, it’s similar to that but with many more features that will have info marketers salivating at the mouth.

Go here to try Ontraport now.

2. FollowUpThen: Never Miss a Follow Up Again

You’re using social media to generate leads but are you making sure you’re staying on top of them once you start communicating via email? FollowUpThen does the heavy lifting and allows you to CC or BCC a special email address and then sends you a reminder on a date of your choosing via email to follow up.

Go here to try FollowUpThen now.

3. MeetEdgar: Store Social Media Posts For Repeat Shares

I get a lot of action on my original content by sharing it multiple times on Twitter but having to enter it into my Buffer each time starts to feel a little redundant. There have been many times where I wished I could save my best posts in a bank for easy re-sharing later on.

This is exactly what MeetEdgar does.

Go here to try MeetEdgar now.


4. Newsle: Stay “In The Know” With Influencers In Your Network

Newsle shows you news articles and press that feature your LinkedIn connections to bring you closer to the influencers in your network. This really helps me cut through the noise and gives me a good reason to reach out to the most credible people I’m connected to.


5. ManageFlitter: Great Twitter Automation Tool

This is the quintessential tool for building an audience on Twitter. Features include a tool for finding targeted followers (when used correctly), unfollowing people after they haven’t followed back over a specific period of time, advanced search tools and analytics.

Go here to try ManageFlitter now.



6. Canva: Simple & Beautiful Graphic Design Anyone Can Handle

Who can ever say enough good things about Canva? Once you’ve used it, you can’t go back. I am severely graphically challenged and even I can manage to make eye-catching graphics in no time.

Dimension pre-sets for the most common types of graphic sizes (including Facebook ads, header photos and more) are a very nice touch.

Go here to try Canva now.


7. Buffer: My Favourite Social Media Scheduler

I like to have a different posting schedule for weekdays than weekends and always post at the same times. When I first starting using social media I used Hootsuite for scheduling but became annoyed with having to constantly put in the date and time for every tweet. Buffer does this for me quickly & easily with almost no effort.

It also has other great features such as analytics, content suggestions and the ability to add your favorite RSS feeds to easily add curated content to your Buffer.

Go here to try Buffer now.


8. Hootsuite: All In One Social Media Management Tool

It’s hard not to mention this classic tool and I have a soft spot for Canadian companies. Though I don’t use it myself anymore (haven’t for years), there are many people that depend on it daily as the hub for all their social media management activities.

Go here to try Hootsuite now.


9. Crowdfire: A Simple Twitter & Instagram Tool

This tool is very similar to ManageFlitter except it has support for Instagram too. The plans are reasonably priced and there is a great mobile app that will let you manage your following on-the-go.

Go here to try Crowdfire now.


10. WordSwag: Amazing Instagram-Ready Photos In 1 Minute

If you think Canva is simple for creating graphics, WordSwag is 10 times easier but it does come with more limitations. Despite this, it’s become a tool I use daily for myself and for my clients whenever it’s a fit for the job.

Download WordSwag from the App Store now.

pic10 11. Aweber: An Affordable Email Marketing Solution

A social media strategy is not complete without a plan for capturing emails. My traffic skyrockets every Thursday when I send out my new article to my database and this is something totally within my control.

I now use Ontraport for all my email marketing needs but before that I used Aweber. If you don’t require all the tools that Ontraport provides, Aweber is always the solution I offer.

Go here to try Aweber now.

12. Sprout Social: An Excellent Social Media Management Tool

I’ve been using Sprout Social for years now and my favorite features are the Smart Inbox to streamline engagement and the beautiful analytics reports it provides. This is also my top recommendation to businesses that have multiple team members involved in their social media strategy as its collaboration features are top notch.

Go here to try Sprout Social now.

13. Deskaway: Project Management Tool

DeskAway is a smart web-based project collaboration software that provides teams a central place to organize, manage & track work.

This is one of the best project management tools I’ve ever used to keep my team on track. It’s incredibly rich with features such as recurring task lists, time tracking for tasks and many other tools to help you run a tight ship.

My main complaint is it tends to be overly complex but once you get past the learning curve, you’ll be saving tons of time.

Go here to try Deskaway now.


14. Nimble: Socially Charged CRM

If you struggle with keeping track of your prospects and where they are at in the sales cycle, Nimble could be the solution you’re looking for. It incorporates a contact management system along with social listening features to give you unparalleled insight when building relationships with your most valued contacts.

Go here to try Nimble now.

15. Social Analytics Google Chrome Extension

This simple plugin will let you see how many times any web page has been shared on each social network. It’s a powerful tool for competitive analysis when there isn’t a share counter already on the site.

16. Process Street: Checklists That Increase Engagement & Generate Leads

Everyone loves a great checklist to keep them on track and my new favorite tool to handle this is Process Street. You can create interactive checklists that embed into your blog and even premium versions that drive more email subscribers to your list.

Go here to try Process Street now.


17. Sendoutcards: How To Blow Your Prospects Away

Imagine automatically sending out a birthday card to your clients without having to lift a finger. Sendoutcards helps you automate this process, creating a permanent spot in your clients and prospects good books.

Go here to check out Sendoutcards now.

18. Drive Traffic When Sharing Other People’s Content

Content curation is a huge part of most social media strategies and I whole-heartedly endorse it. The problem is you never get any traffic back to your website. solves that by adding a non-intrusive call-to-action at the bottom of posts you share.

Go here to try now.

What’s Your Favourite Social Media Tool?

We want to know which tools you’re using to stay on top of your digital marketing. Leave a comment below and tell us which tool you can’t live without.

All the tools available are no replacement for a great social media strategy. Don’t have a social media strategy for your business? Check out our Social Media Strategy services.


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