Social Media Reputation Management: Dealing With Negativity Online

Social Media Reputation Management: Dealing With Negativity Online

Every business owner has feared social media at some point at the thought of becoming another victim of negativity online. Social media reputation management is about dealing with rude, disrespectful or derogatory posts and Internet “trolls” (as we call them).  This can be a daunting task but can be dealt with quickly and effectively to avoid any potential backlash.

If you are stuck dealing with an internet troll, you should follow these social media reputation management rules:

Always Comment On Negative Comments Instead Of Erasing Them

When you comment on someone’s negative comments, you have a chance to set the record straight and show people you respond to criticism with class. People will respond favorably when they see a company dealing with problems rather than ignoring them. Take these opportunities to show people that there are real people behind your business that actually care.

You can often easily win someone over who wasn’t already a client or customer by gracefully correcting a negative comment or using a sense of humor to show that you can take yourself less seriously than the competition. Turn those lemons into lemonade.

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Delete & Report Inappropriate Posts Immediately 

I’m talking about the kind of posts you don’t want your grandma to see. If you become a victim of this kind of lewd, but fortunately uncommon act, then you must block, report and delete all trace of the activity. If it’s anything that clearly violates that site’s terms of service, then it’s important to report it immediately and not expose people to something they didn’t sign up for.

Be Calm & Cool

The key to your social media reputation management plan is to remain calm. You can’t fight fire with fire online because you always end up looking like a bad guy. You don’t have tone of voice in a social media comment or blog so make sure you always take the high road and be cool. People are entitled to their opinion and that person might just be upset about something unrelated or very passionate about that topic.

It’s never exciting when your business or brand is exposed to negativity online but you can use these situations to show your integrity simply by how you deal with it.

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We’ve all been attracted to businesses that deal with negativity in a positive, timely manner because the simple fact is accidents happen. People just want to know when they do; you’ll be there to help clean up the mess!

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  • I guess keeping cool and calm in the face of negativity can be a difficult situation to handle. But I do definitely agree with you that fighting fire with fire will only make you look bad. People will have a thousand different opinions while looking at the same scenario, but having a firm grasp about what you believe in will make you at ease no matter what.

  • Great post!
    Your readers may also like a post on this called ‘Beware of the Troll’ on the Salesforce Social Success site:

  • I used to get really upset with my husbands former spouse because of her behavior. She doesn’t have any hold over me now that I remember she’s the one who is whacked out not me. So I think if you remember this when you are dealing with negative comments it can help you compose yourself before you respond.

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