Social Media Sharing - When Is It Too Much Or Too Little?

Social Media Sharing – When Is It Too Much Or Too Little?

Social Media Sharing

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Blab Episode: Social Media Sharing – When Is It Too Little Or Too Much

1. How many times a day should you post on your personal and business Facebook page?

  • One to three times a day, depending on the engagement you are getting.
  • You can post several times a day if you are getting good engagement.
  • The quality of your content is key (you must provide great value).
  • Quantity is not as important as quality.
  • It is different for each person or business so you need to test what works for you.

2. How do you decide decide when to share personal information?

  • You must find a balance between sharing personal and business content.
  • Be authentic – share the good and the bad, but avoid sharing the nitty-gritty, intimate details of what is happening in your life.
  • Figure out what is your objective behind your sharing personal information.
  • Don’t look for sympathy or attention, share in a way that will connect or up-lift other people while still being honest and authentic about what is going on in your life.

  • It’s good to share a certain amount of information about yourself because social media is about connecting and building relationships with your community, this is how they get to know you better.
  • Sharing information helps people to know, like and trust you.
  • People engage with authentic things that are happy, positive and up lifting.
  • It can be okay to share a problem occasionally, looking for insight from your community, but don’t look for attention.

  • You need to be who you are, but you need to demonstrate judgement on how you want to be perceived by others.
  • Do you want to be perceived as negative or always complaining about things?
  • Or do you want to been seen as someone uplifting, someone who inspires, shares lessons and adds value to their community.
  • What and how much personal information you share will also depend on the network.
  • On LinkedIn, people don’t want to see a lot of personal information where as on Facebook personal profiles, people don’t want to see a lot of business related info.

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3. Heidi Garland’s big takeaway from Social Boom – Agora Pulse for Mobile!

  • It provides a unique publishing component.
  • Allows you to easily see all engagement and respond back.

4. What should you choose: automation vs. posting in real time?

  • People don’t want to being inundated by anyone person.
  • How often you post depends on the platform and on your individual situation.
  • It can be ideal to mix automated posts with to real life engagement.
  • One benefit to posting on a platform rather than using an automation tool is that you are to be able to control how it looks (in terms of the image, link, etc).

5. Can you have too many Hashtags and which platforms should you use them on?

  • Don’t use hashtags on Pinterest.
  • You can add numerous hashtags to an Instagram post.
  • Hashtags on LinkedIn and Facebook are not used so limit your use of them on these platforms.
  • One to three hashtags can be useful on Twitter.

6. Should you add personal information to your social media bios?

  • It depends on the platform, for example LinkedIn is all business so good to keep it mostly professional, where as on a platform like Periscope some personal information is good.
  • There is benefit to being personal and letting people know who you are. If you keep it strictly business, you might be missing out on the one thing that will cause people to want to connect and do business with you.
  • People connect with people. So when you have a logo for a profile picture, you will have a lot less people engaging with you.

7. What kinds of personal information do you want to add to LinkedIn?

  • You might want to add information such as charities that you work with.
  • Make sure people understand your “why”. Why do you do what you do.

8. Should you publish content on LinkedIn Publisher, your website or both?

  • You need to test what works best for you – publishing first to your website or to LinkedIn Publisher.
  • You can hit different audiences on each platform.
  • Your website and email list are the only assets you actually own – you don’t any of your social media profiles – so for SEO purposes, it can be best to post first to your blog and then post a week or more later to LinkedIn Publisher.

9. Have A Social Media Strategy

  • You must have a strategy for your business.
  • You need to have goals and measure your results regularly to track your success.
  • Your personal brand is incredibly important today and it is directly impacted by how you show up on social media and how you are sharing content, whether it is too little or too much.

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