Social Media Statistics: Reveal An Unstoppable Force In 2013

Shocking Social Media Statistics For 2013

social media stats blog coverComparing social media statistics for 2013 to last year is nothing short of amazing. It completely solidifies the monstrous position social media has in our society and the potential it offers to businesses that are leveraging it appropriately.

Social media growth has been non-stop for the past few years and is almost at the point where it is impossible to imagine the Internet without it. To help prove this point, I crawled the web to find the latest and most impressive social media statistics for 2013 and compiled them into one easy to read graphic and article for you here.

Feel free to share the infographic below and be sure to scroll beneath it for ready-to-tweet stats you can use.

Social Media Statistics 2013: The Sky Is The Limit

social media statistics for 2013

Correction on August 26, 2013: The original version of this graphic had an incorrect stat that claimed, “144,ooo hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every month.” The correct stat is actually closer to 4.5 million and the article and graphic now reflect that. Oops!

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Facebook Statistics 2013

  • Over 1 in 7 people in the world has a Facebook account Tweet This Stat
  • 75% of them use their mobile phones to access the social network Tweet This Stat
  • Over 15% of users are mobile ONLY Tweet This Stat
  • 300 million pictures are uploaded to Facebook every day via Instagram (Source: Media Bistro) Tweet This Stat
  • 1 in 4 customers who complain about products on Facebook or Twitter expect a response within 1 hour (Source: American Express) Tweet This Stat

Twitter Statistics 2013

  • Twitter has over half a billion users and its fastest growing demographic is the 55-64 age group (Source: Twitter) Tweet This Stat
  • Tweets with one or two hashtags receive 21% higher engagement than those with three or more. (Source: BuddyMedia) Tweet This Stat
  • 21% of the world’s internet population uses Twitter every month (Source: Global Web Index) Tweet This Stat

YouTube Statistics 2013

Every month on YouTube:

  • Nearly 4.5 million hours of video is uploaded Tweet This Stat
  • Users watch about 6 billion hours of video Tweet This Stat
  • Content reaches more US adults between 18-34 than any cable network (Source: YouTube & Nielson) Tweet This Stat

LinkedIn Statistics 2013

Social Media Statistics 2013

  • Women are more likely than men to regularly check out a brand’s social page (48% vs. 43%). (Source: Ipsos) Tweet This Stat
  • One-third of married couples in U.S. meet online. (Source: National Academy of Sciences) Tweet This Stat
  • Canadians spend more time online than anybody else in the world – an average of 45.3 hrs/month (followed by the United States at 38.6 hrs and the U.K at 35.4 hrs) Tweet This Stat
  • Approximately 46% of online users count on social media when making a purchase decision. (Source: Nielsen) Tweet This Stat

The social media strategy you implement for your business must reflect your goals, your industry and who your target customers are. This allows you to determine the best places online to reach your target audience. It’s also important to know what social media trends are happening so you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

So which of these social media statistics surprise you most? Share in the comments below.


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