Social Media Strategy: 5 Warning Signs Your Blog Posts Are Ineffective

5 Warning Signs That Your Blog Posts Are Ineffective

Somewhere between writing content and getting a flood of new leads is a dark area where most people get lost when creating a social media strategy that sticks. If your blog posts aren’t giving you the results you are looking for it could be for a variety of reasons – many of which have nothing to do with the quality of your writing.

Understanding the different components of a successful social media strategy that incorporates blogging is paramount to actually getting noticed online. Much like the spokes in a wheel, each different aspect of blog writing, optimization and the promotion process are equally crucial.

1. Time Spent On Page

Check in your website analytics to see how long people are spending on each blog post. Most people these days prefer to quickly scan through posts so don’t be discouraged if it is lower than you expected.

social media strategySee which blog posts have to highest time spent on page to get a rough idea on which posts are most effective. Analyze those posts to get a better idea why they had people on the page longer. It could be a video that you embedded, a certain type of media or simply the content itself! Pay attention and you will get answers as to what works and what doesn’t.

2. Social Sharing

Sharing on social networks is a great benchmark for determining which blog posts are most effective. When creating your social media strategy, be sure to remember that shares are potentially the most desirable type of follower interaction you could hope for (beside a sale).

social media strategyMake sharing easy for people by using plugins like Digg Digg to encourage a higher volume of shares. With Digg Digg, other readers can see how many people have shared your post on various networks, increasing social proof and interest when first landing on the blog.

3. Search Engine Optimization

social media strategy

If you aren’t ranking on popular search engines, you’re losing out on a whole lot of free organic traffic. If SEO confuses you then you should be taking advantage of handy WordPress plugins such as Yoast to assist you with foundational rules.

If your website doesn’t have the ability to install plugins easily (such as WordPress) then it would be wise to look into the basics of SEO for blogging. SEO is a complex topic that is an art in itself but the basics are easy to implement so be sure to check out these 10 basic tricks to start getting more organic exposure for your blogs.

4. Blog Layout/Formatting

The way your blog actually looks on the page plays a big part in how much a reader will read before they exit the page. As I mentioned before, people prefer to quickly scan text rather than sit and read and entire post, word-for-word.

Try and break up your text as much as possible with lots of white space, avoiding too many sentences bunching up together. Using multiple headings that summarize the content is ideal along with effective use of bold and italics and lists and bullets.

5. General Web Traffic

Is your blog getting a decent amount of traffic? If not, review where you have been promoting your posts and consider shifting gears in your social media strategy. If the content and title is good then the problem is likely to be either an SEO issue, formatting issue (see #4) or an issue with expectations.

Low web traffic is relative so keep in mind that lower amounts of high quality traffic can still be good traffic. For example, if you are only posting in a few LinkedIn groups with a combined total of 200 members that contain your ideal target market, getting 10-20 highly targeted hits on a blog post may be good by your standards.


social media strategyKeep The Ball Rolling

Consistency is potentially the most important component to online success so keep the ball rolling with fresh content constantly. You might not understand all the deeper metrics, KPIs and special tricks just yet, but as long as you keep the content coming in, the rest you can learn along the way.

What is most important to you when determining the effectiveness of the content in your social media strategy? Leave your answer in the comment section below.


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