Jason Godfrey

Regional Sales Manager, Draeger, Texas

With Melonie’s guidance, our team is now more relevant and focused on this platform. The insight she provided really opened up our eyes to the full potential of LinkedIn. I would fully recommend her course for any group looking to make an impact on social selling.

Anna Kayfitz

Founder, Strategic DB, Canada

Working with Melonie was the best decision I have made in my business in the past year.

She is highly strategic and has exceptional writing abilities. In looking for a strategy to use LinkedIn for my business I found that most “experts” were approaching it too aggressively and it didn’t feel right to me.

Melonie devised a strategy and was able to create messaging that truly resonated with my personal style. After working with her I knew exactly what to do and how to do it. If you get the chance to work with her, don’t pass it up!

Jim Moorhead

Partner, BraveStand, Washington DC

Over the past decade, Melonie has been instrumental in shaping my LinkedIn strategy through various business evolutions.

Her books on LinkedIn are also fantastic resources — I highly recommend them.

If you are looking for a true digital marketing and LinkedIn expert, Melonie isn’t high on the list, she is the list! So no need to look further.

Terry Rayner

General Manager, Roberts, Florida

Melonie masterfully developed a social selling system and digital marketing strategy for our company, significantly enhancing our engagement strategies.

She skillfully aligned our marketing efforts with sales objectives, creating a unified approach.

Our teams are now adept in social selling, content marketing, and AI utilization, driving substantial results in our campaigns. Melonie’s approach to streamlining our marketing for industry specific content, email campaigns, case studies and social media posts has been particularly effective, allowing us to target different sectors more efficiently and with greater impact.

I strongly recommend Melonie for her expertise, meticulous attention to detail, and her ability to deliver transformative and integrative solutions in sales and marketing.

Steve Whiteside

TEC Canada/Vistage Chair, Vancouver, BC

“I gave Melonie a 5/5 in every category when she spoke to our group. She has a great way to make LinkedIn understandable and Melonie, is a pleasure to listen to. My only complaint is we needed more time with her.”

David MacLean

TEC Canada/Vistage Chair, Kelowna, BC

“I invited Melonie to speak at the quarterly meeting of our TEC Chairs in British Columbia. I was confident that Melonie had the expertise to envision, encourage and equip our chairs to take their LinkedIn game to another level. Melonie did not disappoint. She did a fabulous job and we left the room far smarter than when we entered.”

Rob Hunt

TEC Canada/Vistage Chair, West Vancouver, BC

“Melonie gave an excellent presentation to our members, and there were significant takeaways for everyone there. The information she presented was up-to-date and easy to understand. She’s a highly accomplished, professional speaker, and we certainly wish we could have had more time with her.”

Robert (Bob) Sinclair

TEC Canada/Vistage Chair, West Vancouver, BC

“Melonie’s presentation to our Chair Group was a 5/5 in every category. As a seasoned Chair, I’ve seen a lot of presentations, this was not only excellent, it was completely actionable.

I was so impressed with Melonie’s knowledge of LinkedIn that I invited her to present to my CEO group and hired her to re-write my LinkedIn profile. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Melonie to any TEC Canada or Vistage Chair to speak to your group.”

Patrick Marshall

TEC Canada/Vistage Chair, Victoria, BC

She had them at “hello”! Melonie provided an exceptional LinkedIn training, in fact it was so valuable I believe it should be a standard for all TEC Canada and Vistage Employees and Chairs.

TEC Canada and Vistage Global would benefit from having Melonie present not only to the Peer Advisory Boards, CEO and small business entrepreneurship, but also to all Chair candidates at the Vistage Academy and all seasoned Chairs at the Annual Chair World.

No one else has optimized LinkedIn the way Dodaro has done and continues to do in her cracking of the LinkedIn Code.

Shaune Eldred

TEC Canada/Vistage Chair, Okanagan Valley, BC

“Melonie Dodaro was recently brought in to speak to my group about the power of LinkedIn. I really wasn’t expecting to learn anything new, as I had just finished an intensive five-and-a-half-hour series of webinars on strengthening your LinkedIn profile, searching for qualified prospects, etc.

I had also worked closely with a marketing director that has strength in the LinkedIn arena and had updated my profile accordingly based on all of that input. What a shock! I learned more from Melonie in a one hour presentation than in all the previous webinars, and it became apparent that my profile really wasn’t the strong marketing piece that I had been led to believe. Needless to say, I asked Melonie to re-work my profile to better target my ideal audience.”

Tom Salonek

CEO, Intertech Saint Paul, Minnesota

“As a company, we rely heavily on paid advertising to generate new leads. We realized it was time to empower our sales team to be proactive in using social selling to create a new lead pool, that we were not reaching with paid ads.

We hired Melonie at Top Dog Social Media to train our sales team to connect with decision-makers on LinkedIn and convert those relationships into deals.

The social selling training program Melonie designed for Intertech was completely customized to our business and our specific target market. She even helped us determine the best content marketing approach to support the social selling initiative.

Our sales team is now fully prepared to implement social selling into their daily practice confidently, and we expect the ROI on this investment to exceed all other marketing channels.

I’d highly recommend Melonie if you want to launch the most customized and effective social selling program for your organization.

I am so pleased with the results I would be happy to speak with anyone personally that would like to know firsthand how outstanding this training was for our organization. Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn!”

Lydia Morrison

Marketing Manager, New England Biolabs, Ipswich, Massachusetts

“We were looking for a LinkedIn expert to provide on-site training to our sales team, but we got much more than that. Melonie provided up-front consultation on our company profile, and how best to express and reflect our corporate values in our posts.

Our followers increased 20% month over month following training with Melonie.

Equally important was Melonie’s approach to training our sales team–she invited questions of all levels and really empowered our sales team members to explore how LinkedIn would work best for their professional style.”

Callie Hildreth

PPG Industries, Houston, Texas

“The social selling training you provided was executed beautifully. We had great engagement from the participants and I’ve seen increased activity and adoption from the majority of them.

Our sales team has been engaging more and during the training period we grew our company page by 600 followers and it continues to grow on a daily basis.

One of our salespeople wrote this about the training: Thanks to the coaching sessions, I have been able to use this tool to find names and locations of potentially very key purchasers and key influencers. This training provided benefits that I did not expect!”

Gary Weingarten

Sales Executive, Precor, New York, NY

“After one initial conversation with Melonie, I knew that I had the right person to hire. After just finishing my training sessions with her, I can tell you that she is an expert in social media, is extremely passionate about her work and does a great job teaching and preparing you to use social media as a business tool.

I believe that social media is important for business and Melonie truly knows all the tactical ways to use it efficiently, professionally with great results. She is also extremely personable, which was also a factor in working with her. I’m happy to refer her to anybody looking for this type of service.”

Ken Davison

Managing Partner, BDO Canada

“Melonie Dodaro from Top Dog Social Media is truly a brilliant social media marketing expert. Melonie has helped me grow a large presence on Twitter and LinkedIn and has helped me get #1 positioning on Google with my blog. I’m also #1 on LinkedIn searches for my desired keywords and people are consistently telling me how impressed they are with my social media presence. But as an accountant it comes down to the bottom line, and yes, these efforts are bringing me more clients, increased credibility and even speaking engagements.

I couldn’t have done any of this without Melonie’s help. I highly recommend her services for those of you who are looking to take your social media presence to the next level.”

Rich Owens

VRM Mortgage Services, Dallas, Texas

“We recently conducted a one-day social selling training session with Melonie where she customized a program that worked for us. Her knowledge and insight on social selling was top notch. Our sales team was able to quickly take the tools and guidance Melonie provided and put them into practice.

We are already seeing improved engagement and the connectivity of the approach, especially by leveraging our executive team and their industry contacts. This is yielding better results than the incredibly high expectations we set for the program. I highly recommend Melonie and Top Dog Social Media for anyone that is ready to eliminate smiling and dialing from their sales approach.”

Erin Peikoff

National Leasing, Winnipeg, Manitoba

“The training Melonie provided our team will open a whole new avenue to prospect and generate new business, connect with existing clients, and other professionals in our industry. I would highly recommend her services to other business professionals.”

Snezana Zivcevska-Stalpers

Manager of Technology & Innovation at IBM, Netherlands

“I attended a session where Melonie shared valuable information with the audience on how to more effectively use LinkedIn.

She was full of tips and tricks to increase visibility, engagement and build relationships. What she teaches is highly relevant to both small businesses and large corporations.”

Karen Taylor

Consultant, Bloomington, Illinois

“I am so thankful that I ran across Melonie’s LinkedIn online course. It provides you the roadmap needed to focus on the most critical activities for social selling on LinkedIn.

I also made a great decision to work with Melonie 1:1. What we accomplished in one week would have taken me months to navigate on my own.

Melonie really knows what works and jumps right in to help set you up for success. I highly recommend working with Melonie if you get the chance!”

Chris Baldwin Ph.D.

TedX Speaker, CEO of 10X Digital, Amsterdam, Netherlands

“I just came out of training with Melonie, and now I understand exactly how to nurture LinkedIn connections into relationships where the real business happens. Melonie provides a roadmap on how to drive sales consistently and predictably using LinkedIn.

I would recommend Melonie’s training for three reasons:

1. Melonie understands that it’s not about the technology, it’s just a tool to build better relationships.

2. She comes with a wealth of expertise and information that allows you to be more strategic with how you implement LinkedIn for your business.

3. Melonie understands how to generate leads and sales for your business using LinkedIn.”

Dr. Kahkshan Ali

Dentist and High Ticket Closer, Saudi Arabia

“Wow, when I booked a Deep Dive Strategic Planning session with Melonie I had no idea that she would completely transform my business in 90-minutes.

I now have clarity and a direct path to follow for my business and my LinkedIn strategy. I would have paid ten times for what I received.”

Monika Birkner

Business Coach, Frankfurt, Germany

“I can highly recommend Melonie Dodaro for LinkedIn strategy. One deep dive conversation with her helped me to recognize an important mental barrier and has provided me with very specific strategies how to use LinkedIn for my business.

I especially appreciate her philosophy on how to use LinkedIn in way that builds and honours relationships.”

Katarzyna Sitarska

Social Selling Program Manager, Warsaw, Poland

“Right from the start of the book, I was certain this is the best knowledge source for anyone who wants to master LinkedIn prospecting and social selling. Thank you Melonie, every page of your book was relevant and valuable. I couldn’t put the book down and read the entire thing in one day.”

Patrick Hong

Sales Professional for Influencers, Australia

“I just got started on LinkedIn, and thankfully I was immediately introduced to Melonie’s LinkedIn training, it transformed my business.

In the first two weeks, I connected with 50 people through LinkedIn messages and had taken 12 of those connections offline to a phone call. I would never have been able to do this if it weren’t for Melonie’s expertise in growing and nurturing your network without ever coming across as spammy.”

Julie Schmedding

Bookkeeper, Pennsylvania, USA

“I love and will listen to anything, and everything Melonie Dodaro has to say. I’m just getting started with LinkedIn, and I already have one client, a couple of consultations and numerous prospects because of her training. Hail to the Queen of LinkedIn.”

Giles Fabris

Business Coach, San Diego, California

“Within two days of working Melonie’s strategy, I was able to connect with people on LinkedIn and generate sales.”

Rory Canavan

Software Consultant, United Kingdom

“Melonie’s LinkedIn course has been instrumental in guiding my efforts to drive business through LinkedIn and positively impact my bottom line.

I now have a LinkedIn sales funnel thanks to her expert guidance. I’m not only attracting new clients and opportunities from it; I’m even getting new clients in the USA as a result of it.”

Ben Robinson

Bookkeeper Business Academy, Atlanta, Georgia

“I teach people to start a new business as a bookkeeper, and I have Melonie provide the LinkedIn training for them to attract new clients.

Every student that implements Melonie’s process has found LinkedIn to be their most effective tool in acquiring new clients and building their business.”

Helen Maffini

Director of MindBe Education, Portugal

“I highly recommend Melonie! I attended a full day LinkedIn training, and it was terrific! She showed us so many tips, and tricks that I would never have imagined existed and showed us how to build relationships on LinkedIn!

Melonie was so helpful working with each of us individually. She over-delivered, if you have a chance to work with her, do it!”

Dagmar Jungwirth-Alui

Certified High-Performance Coach, Geneva, Switzerland

“I just came out of Melonie’s workshop on LinkedIn which I found to be super valuable. She was very approachable and attentive in helping us fine-tune our approach to LinkedIn.

She provided very detailed feedback and a strategic and structured way on how to use LinkedIn to find new clients. If you have the opportunity to attend a workshop by Melonie, don’t miss it!”

Elisabeth Kollman-Jeckel

Mompreneur Expert DACH Region, Austria

“I had never even used LinkedIn, and I realized I needed to change that so I attended Melonie’s LinkedIn workshop. Within a few hours, I had a profile set up, I understood what I needed to do, and I had strategies to find and connect with my ideal clients. Melonie is a pro, and I highly recommend her LinkedIn training and workshops!”

Katja Graumann

Business & Mindset Coach, Germany

“The hands-on LinkedIn workshop I attended with Melonie was so helpful for me to understand how I can use it for my business. What I loved most was how Melonie provided a strategy to connect with ideal clients in a gentle, non-salesy kind of way. I can recommend Melonie and her workshop completely!”

Martina Fuchs

Digital Brand Strategist, Munich, Germany

“I just attended a wonderful LinkedIn workshop with Melonie. Even though I had a profile, I didn’t know how to get the most out of LinkedIn. Thanks to Melonie I now understand how to fully leverage LinkedIn and make the most out of it for my business. I highly recommend Melonie’s workshop.”

Tineke Rensen

Speaker & Trainer, Rotterdam, Netherlands

“As a result of the training, I had with Melonie I see LinkedIn very different now. I always knew there was something more to it and although I have got business from LinkedIn, I had no system. I see now exactly where I’ve been lacking and I know the exact steps I need to take to get more leads using LinkedIn, thanks to Melonie.”

Nienke Van Bezooijen

Professional Speaker’s Mentor, Netherlands

“I was so impressed by Melonie’s in-depth knowledge of LinkedIn. I thought I was an advanced user until I met her, but the information she shared was full of golden nuggets.

I’ve never met someone who knows and understands LinkedIn so well. If you want to generate more leads in your business, Melonie is the person you need to go to.”

Marcel Van Oers

Sales Trainer & Speaker, Leewarden, Netherlands

“Melonie gave a fantastic workshop about using LinkedIn for lead generation. I have taught sales teams for over 20 years, and the most significant challenge most salespeople have is generating new leads.

Melonie blew mind on all the ways that it’s possible to generate leads on LinkedIn, she is the master at it.”

Andrei Jablokow

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Melonie’s LinkedIn Domination is the best program for using LinkedIn for business results, period.”

Dave Haggblad

Kelowna, British Columbia

“LinkedIn Domination delivered exactly what I was promised. I had a ‘rock star’ LinkedIn profile that was focused on my target market. I also had an action plan for connecting to my target market within LinkedIn.”

Debbie White

Sales Trainer & Speaker, Scottsdale, Arizona

“Melonie is the ONLY social media expert I know that FOCUSES on how to use social media as a part of a profitable sales strategy. She understands how to create the perfect balance between VALUE and then how to convert those relationships created through social media into paying customers for her clients.”

Annette Bjornstad-Woods

Bookkeeper, Jacksonville, Florida

“Starting a new business after being employed for 35 years was new to me. I had no idea how to market myself to my ideal client – dentists. I turned to Melonie for help. She wrote for me a professional LinkedIn profile that spoke to my target market and more importantly, she created a strategic plan on how to attract new clients using LinkedIn.

I wouldn’t have known how to do this on my own, Melonie’s expertise was invaluable to me.”

Larry Watson

CPA, Houston, Texas

“I hired Melonie to write a LinkedIn profile for me, as I have a hard time writing about myself. My profile turned out so much better than I could have ever imagined or certainly accomplished on my own. What she came up with was excellent. There’s no question; I made the right decision in hiring her.

The value I received was far greater than the investment in this service. I highly recommend her LinkedIn profile development service for anyone wanting to have an exceptional LinkedIn presence. ”

Adam Jones-Kelley

President, Conway & Site Selection Magazine

“We used Melonie to assist with producing top executive LinkedIn profiles for our leadership team and promotion. We were thrilled with the results – she was wonderful to work with, delivered ahead of schedule and we love the results. We give her our highest recommendation.”

Omar Todd

Social Media Consultant, Melbourne, Australia

“As experienced in social media as I am, I loathed the idea of self-promoting myself without expert perspective from an outside point of view. Obviously, anything I wrote would be maybe too biased. So, I hired Melonie from Top Dog Social Media to help put together an excellent LinkedIn profile that really stands out.

I would happily recommend Melonie and Top Dog Social Media for anyone that needs expert and value for money advice on their social media presence.”

Stephanie Nivinskus

Sizzle Force, San Diego, California

“The LinkedIn process Melonie taught me changed EVERYTHING for me.

I followed the steps, and very shortly after, I was sought out by an event planner to speak at a MAJOR conference that attracted more than 8,000 attendees.

This was a direct result of the changes I made to my LinkedIn profile from Melonie’s teaching. Thanks so much, Melonie! Your process WORKS!”

Samantha Milligan

Kelowna, British Columbia

“I attended Melonie’s LinkedIn seminar, and I could not believe the results! It was a hands-on workshop, and I was optimizing my profile as we went along. Before I even left the seminar, I was already coming up as the first search result out of 130,000 other people!

Not only that but by lunchtime I had been emailed by someone who found me in a search for my industry with keywords I had just added! Amazing value, information, and results! If you are a B2B professional, you MUST attend!”

Rory Connolly

Dublin, Ireland

“It is a joy to highly recommend Melonie Dodaro as the #1 LinkedIn and social media expert I have ever met. Melonie has unbelievable understanding, expertise and deep experience of modern business social media solutions.

Melonie is an insightful expert and the leader in LinkedIn branding and business solutions. My LinkedIn’s SEO results speak for themselves! Since using her approach, I am now receiving over 25 searches a day!”

Srinivas Rao

Digital Content Strategist & Podcaster, Los Angeles, California

“I have been very fortunate to have Melonie as a guest on my podcast, and I recently picked up her new LinkedIn training course. Within days of implementing her recommendations I’ve had people reach out to me about the work I do, and even managed to get the attention of recruiters for potential dream jobs.

Her LinkedIn training course is one of the smartest investments I’ve made and I’d recommend it to anybody who wants to get more out of LinkedIn.”

Les Brown

Professional Speaker & Author, Los Angeles, California

“Melonie and her team at Top Dog Social Media understand the in’s and out’s and the why’s and how’s of social media, to the degree that I haven’t seen in any other social media experts.

The best thing about Melonie is that she has a deep understanding of the psychology of marketing, in addition to social media, which makes her truly unique. She worked with my staff to develop my social media profiles, and I was truly impressed with her attention to detail, her professional service, and integrity. I highly recommend Melonie and her social media marketing services.”

Micha Dearen

Action Executive Search, Houston, Texas, Recruiter

“Melonie is simply awesome! She was able to pull information out of me and use that information to create the single best LinkedIn profile I have ever seen. I am certain with the way that she has created my LinkedIn profile that I will get an immediate increase of new clients.

In addition, Melonie has a fantastic series of training sessions that cover LinkedIn usage and how to maximize your number of connections. Thank you so much, Melonie, for making my profile so professional and for the follow up with me to make certain that I was happy with all that you had created for me! You are awesome to work with, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone and everyone that is looking to increase their business.”

Michelle Manire

Event Planner, Long Beach, California

“Melonie is the real deal! I heard her speak as the LinkedIn expert at a CEO Success event last year. In working with Melonie, within 90-minutes, we were able to develop a LinkedIn strategy. I’m excited to put it in to play. Melonie is without a doubt a thought leader and influencer!”

Kevin Huhn

Business Consultant, Toronto, Ontario

“There are so-called experts on this platform… and then there is Melonie. For over a year I have followed her teachings, and each week I am learning more and more.

She has a heart of gold and expertise, to help use LinkedIn, to match. She has her finger on the pulse and knows what to do and what not to do to be in order to be successful.

I consider her to be one of my go-to people for my marketing efforts. She is the LinkedIn Queen in my opinion!”

Lori Carr

West Palm Beach, Florida

“The LinkedIn Domination system Melonie created for me allowed me to fill my pipeline from zero to $1.45 million in only seven months.

I did everything she outlined. When she said to send out ten customized invitations a day, I sent out ten invitations a day. She said when they accept your invitation, send the next LinkedIn message the following day, etc. The system works!”

Dr. Sandi Eveleth

Marketing Consultant, Tampa, Florida

“I highly recommend either hiring Melonie for 1-on-1 consulting or taking any of her online courses.

At the very least, please buy her book. Bottom line, if you want to learn how to REALLY use LinkedIn to build genuine business relationships that lead to long-term revenue growth, work with Melonie.”

Stacey Wareing

Aapex Wealth Management, Switzerland & UK

“Cracking the LinkedIn Code and a 1:1 deep-dive session with you was the best investment I made in my business all year. You helped me to do in one morning what I spent two years struggling to figure out on my own.

I was already getting 80% of my business from LinkedIn, doing so many things wrong. Now I have is a professional presence that conveys my passion for helping people, along with a strategy for prospecting that feels authentic and non-salesy!

I believe my business now has the potential for exponential growth and I will be happy to give you an update in a few months on my progress.

Thank you so much, Melonie, I could not have done this without you!”

Immy Tariq

CEO, Orlando, Florida

“Melonie, helped me so much with my profile to turn it into a lead generating machine, she has been a Rockstar and really understands how to craft copy that converts and makes you work through the exercise in the language of your ideal customer.”

Adam Nassor

Senior Consultant, Vienna, Austria

“Melonie’s training is by far the best source of information if you want to use LinkedIn professionally.

Within a few days only, my profile views skyrocketed by 140% and I understood how to utilize it best. Her knowledge is timeless and her coaching is insightful.

Even more impressive is her fairness and dedication toward her clients. She always thinks of how to provide value first and she always over-delivers. She lives and breathes her message, you will seldom find a trainer this authentic and skilled.

I had the amazing opportunity to have a 1:1 deep dive session with her in which completely transformed my Linkedin presence.”

Terry Ferguson

FDI Specialist, Scottish Development International

“Melonie gave a fascinating and insightful overview of LinkedIn at a recent FDI course ran by Conway. I thought I knew how to use LinkedIn until Melonie opened my eyes to its powerful capability. Would strongly recommend her as an expert.”

Kathy-Ann Donawa

Senior Marketing Officer, InvesTT Trinidad and Tobago

“Melonie gave me a great insight on the value of LinkedIn, when I participated in a workshop on social media for Caribbean investment promotion agencies.

Thanks to Melonie, I am equipped with all the necessary tools to transform my LinkedIn profile so that I can attract the right clients.

Melonie, thanks for giving me a new appreciation about the usefulness of LinkedIn.”

Slavisa Milanovic

Foreign Direct Investment Manager, Austria

“The workshop you provided for attracting FDI using LinkedIn was very valuable and insightful. I’m going to starting using the method you provided, thank you for a great training.”

Jessica Cooper

NFIB, Washington DC

“If you want to learn how to leverage LinkedIn, Melonie Dodaro provides a refreshing and informative day session chocked full of useful tips. She makes the conversation engaging and provides useful and practical advice. Those of us in attendance are already putting our new knowledge to work!”

Richelle Matas

Alumni Engagement Officer, The University of British Columbia

“I hired Melonie to teach students at UBC Okanagan LinkedIn basics to help get them started with creating their professional profile. I find LinkedIn a hard sell for students because they are not focused on looking for a job yet.

When Melonie spoke, she was compelling, engaging, clear in her instruction and also provided the right amount of information and, especially encouragement, to the students. Students walked away that evening inspired and motivated.

Because Melonie was so amazing, I hired her again to share her LinkedIn tips and tricks with staff who work directly with students. The insights we learned were definitely not something we could’ve found just by watching YouTube. I’m so thankful for Melonie. Her knowledge on LinkedIn, her passion and commitment to providing excellent service truly shines.”

Temeka Thompson

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Washington DC

“In working with Melonie Dodaro, she guided our agency to share our story in a more meaningful way. Through her training and consulting:

— Our organic impressions on posts have increased 700%

— Gained 275 more followers in the first two weeks

— Improved our social profiles so followers know exactly what they’re receiving to mirror our branding and marketing initiatives

— Helped us with a communication strategy and more effective content curation

I would definitely recommend that other organizations, government agencies and the like, seeking to improve content marketing and their LinkedIn & Twitter platforms, connect with Melonie and Top Dog Social Media.”

Joseph Kurian

Province of Ontario Economic Development/Innovation, Toronto, Ontario

“Melonie delivered an excellent full-day workshop on LinkedIn strategies for lead generation, our division at the Ontario Investment Centre. The session was engaging, interesting and entertaining in enabling quick learning.”

Shurla Henry-Gibson

Investment Promotion Specialist, InvesTT Trinidad and Tobago

“I recently participated in two of Melonie’s LinkedIn sessions at a social media workshop for investment promotion professionals in the Caribbean. I came away feeling more excited about LinkedIn and I’ve been transforming my profile based on her recommendations. What we learned is going to help take our lead generation tactics to a higher level.”

Gail Kingsbury

Event Promoter, Co-author of Speak and Grow Rich, Oregon, USA

“I’ve promoted speakers around the world for 20+ years. I had the pleasure of learning from Melonie, and it was the most relevant training that I’ve seen. I can’t wait to start booking her to speak and train on LinkedIn all over the world.”

Ernesto Verdugo

Event Promoter, Houston, Texas

“Melonie is truly the master of all things LinkedIn and social selling. I have learned so much from her, and I even had her speak at one of my events in Amsterdam. The audience was blown away by the strategies she shared that they can use immediately to grow their speaking business using LinkedIn.”

Alena Hielema

Business Coach, The Hague, Netherlands

“I had the pleasure to watch Melonie speak at a leadership event in The Hague. The knowledge she shared can be applied right away to my business to increase my visibility, engagement and gain clients from LinkedIn.”

Fred Sarkari

Organizer of Power in Partners

“Our attendees loved your social media presentation. Your high energy and practical strategies made our event a complete success.”

Tom Nguyen

WinCorp Solutions, Irvine, California

“I saw Melonie present and there is little doubt that she is an expert and highly gifted relationship builder. She happens to do it with a laser like focus in technology and digital platforms like LinkedIn.”

Jens Nielsen

Whitehorse, Yukon

“Melonie’s presentation at Social Media Camp, on the proper use of LinkedIn, was “over the top” fantastic! I’m super happy with the results I’ve achieved just by following her advice.”

Judy Kucharuk

Prince George, British Columbia

“Melonie ignited our crowd with her LinkedIn presentation at the Spark Women’s Leadership Conference. Engaging, knowledgeable and personable – Melonie was a standout presenter at our premiere event.”

Lance Joe

San Francisco, California

“Melonie delivers! I’m glad I asked Melonie to speak at The Big Social Summit in Las Vegas. As one of our keynote speakers, Melonie’s presentation gave the audience practical and crystal clear insights into using LinkedIn. The entire audience was inspired and fully engaged. I highly recommend Melonie for any company looking to have a top-notch social media speaker at their event!”

Claudia Milicevic

Toronto, Ontario

“Melonie recently conducted a presentation at our annual conference. I found her presentation to be perfect for our audience; it was intuitive and we all were able to walk away with simple, actionable items that could be implemented immediately to get noticed and get results on LinkedIn. Right after her presentation, there were attendees inquiring if she would speak at other engagements.”

Paul Holmes

Organizer of Social Media Camp

“I am an organizer of Social Media Camp, Canada’s largest annual social media conference.

Melonie’s LinkedIn presentation at Social Media Camp was one of the best rated at the event, from over 40 speakers from across North America. We have invited Melonie back next year as a featured speaker,

Melonie is truly one of the foremost authorities on social media marketing, and easily a top 10 speaker in the world on LinkedIn.”

Mari Smith

Social Media Speaker, San Diego, California

“Melonie Dodaro is a knowledgeable and gifted social media trainer. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her present and train in various environments and am blown away by her ability to break down even the most complex of topics, and teach in bite size nuggets in a manner that has light bulbs popping from the entire audience!

It’s one thing for audience members to get insights from the presenter; it’s a whole other thing for the audience to get practical how-to’s that they can immediately apply – that’s exactly what Melonie provides, especially around LinkedIn. I have no hesitation in recommending her for speaking and training opportunities.”

Mark Phillips

Vice President, HelmsBriscoe

“Melonie provided her insight during a breakout session at our company’s annual business conference, where she spoke specifically about the social media platform, LinkedIn. Our group was comprised of people of various ages and levels of familiarity with social media.

Melonie did an excellent job of tailoring her message to our crowd, offering valuable information that our attendees could apply to their own social media practices to grow their businesses and increase effectiveness. Melonie is extremely professional and knowledgeable in her areas of expertise, and she was a pleasure to work with!”

Shirar O’Connor-Mugler

Conway, Atlanta, Georgia

“My firm recently hired Melonie to run a Masterclass on LinkedIn for a training seminar we were running. She did an outstanding job. Melonie was able to balance her presentation for the novices in our audience, without making it too basic for the more experienced LinkedIn users – she made the content relevant and relatable for everyone.

Melonie was so fantastic, we are engaging her again for another training.”