Social Media Training: Top 10 Social Media Marketing Articles 2012

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Articles For 2012

Hopefully it’s not too late to slip in one more Top 10 blog for 2012 but I figure this one is worth your while if you want some good, reliable social media training at a glance. We went through our stats, pulled up all the relevant metrics and determined which blogs were the most popular last year on the Top Dog Social Media blog.

*drum roll*

Without further adieu….the winners are:

1. 19 Steps To Creating The Perfect LinkedIn Profile

By a landslide, this blog was the most popular of 2012 and it is going strong for 2013 so far as well. If you hate fluff and just want pure, undiluted content that will produce nearly instant results (FREE), this is the blog to check out.

 social media training

2. 9 Things That Make You Look Bad On Twitter

We all make mistakes but which ones are really making us look bad? You might be unpleasantly surprised to find out you are guilty for one (or more) of these points.

social media training 

3. 3 Easy LinkedIn Profile Tips That Get You Found

If you don’t have time for the behemoth that is the 19 Steps To The Perfect LinkedIn Profile, here are three key tips to focus on that will draw your audience to you. social media training

4. How & Why To Use #FollowFriday On Twitter

Everyone loves a good shout out on Twitter and the mark of the #FF is one that many long for every Friday. This article focuses on leaving an impression that sticks with every person you give a #FF out to – guaranteed. social media training

5. 9 LinkedIn Mistakes That Are Making You Look Bad

Similar to it’s Twitter-counterpart, this article dives into the faux-pas many commit on a regular basis on the professional social network. social media training

6. Why Tomorrow Is Too Late For Social Media Training

A compelling argument for why businesses can’t delay social media training any more. After all, this isn’t 2007 anymore!

social media training 

7. Social Proof: Your Magic Bullet For Success Online

If you don’t know what social proof is then there is probably no more important article for you to be reading in this list. Understand some of the psychology behind social media marketing and how it applies to your business. social media training

8. 10 Essential Tips For Corporate Social Media Training

If you don’t have a social media strategy in place for 2013, your corporation is on a train to Twinkieland.

social media training

9. 8 Ways To Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy

Facebook guru Mari Smith and many other online marketing experts believe 2013 is going to be a big year for video. Are you prepared?

social media training

10. Social Media Reputation Management: Dealing With Negativity Online

Nobody likes a troll and most don’t know what to do with them when they come lurking. Here’s a great crash course in diffusing online negativity online for businesses!social media training

Did you read (or write) a great social media training article recently? Was there a Top Dog blog from 2012 that really helped you out? Let us know in the comment section below!


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