The Top 10 Social Media Articles of 2014

The Top 10 Social Media Articles of 2014

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There’s something about the New Year that really gets me rejuvenated. The idea of fresh beginnings and a clean slate gives me the energy to tackle even bigger projects and beat the records I set the year before.

Part of that process for me includes looking at the most popular articles of the year from my blog so I can continue to provide more of the content my audience loves and less of anything else.

I noticed a couple interesting trends as well:

  • Readers LOVE hearing what “the experts” have to say
  • All articles contained information that was immediately useful and actionable in some way

I used a combination of web site traffic and social shares to determine the most popular articles. As you can see below, social shares were the largest ranking factor in the final decision but web traffic co-related pretty closely.

*All social share stats are based on calculations done on December 29, 2014

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1. 7 Experts Tell You How To Generate Leads With Social Media

Published October 15, 2014

8396 Social Shares

I talked to seven experts on social media, social selling and lead generation to find out the answer to one question: where are businesses owners struggling the most when trying to generate leads with social media and how can they fix it?

Big thanks to Andrea Vahl, Andy Crestodina, Koka Sexton, Rebekah Radice, Donna Moritz, Paul Shapiro and Don Power for contributing their thoughts.

Click here to read 7 Experts Tell You How To Generate Leads With Social Media.

Social Shares

  • Twitter: 3155
  • Buffer: 2908
  • Facebook: 1000
  • Google+: 309
  • LinkedIn: 924
  • Pinterest: 100


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2. 10 Experts Share How To Improve Facebook Organic Reach

Published August 6, 2014

5701 Social Shares

Have you noticed a drop in Facebook organic reach for your page posts? We spoke to 10 experts to determine practical tips and strategies for page owners that want to combat declining Facebook organic reach.

We also covered this topic recently in our article, Is Facebook Organic Reach Going To Die In 2015, featuring comments from heavy hitters like Mari Smith, Jon Loomer and Mike Stelzner from Social Media Examiner.

Click here to read 10 Experts Share How To Improve Facebook Organic Reach.

Social Shares

  • Twitter: 1578
  • Buffer: 1135
  • Facebook: 1600
  • Google+: 306
  • LinkedIn: 484
  • Pinterest: 598


Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 6.21.52 PM3. 10 Data Driven Steps To Dominating LinkedIn Publishing

Published October 2, 2014

3793 Social Shares

OkDork and Search Wilderness analyzed 3,000 of the most successful LinkedIn Publishing posts that provided extremely powerful data that can help you dramatically increase the results of your next post on LinkedIn.

I was so blown away by the data presented in their original post that I had to create an infographic with it. Thankfully they agreed and that gives me the great pleasure of providing you with this top-notch, actionable information.

Click here to read 10 Data-Driven Steps To Dominating LinkedIn Publishing.

Social Shares

  • Twitter: 1389
  • Buffer: 1198
  • Facebook: 155
  • Google+: 188
  • LinkedIn: 463
  • Pinterest: 400


Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 6.02.29 PM

4. The Guide To Social Media Time Management

Published June 11, 2014

3436 Social Shares

Are you spending more time than necessary and not getting the results you want on social media?

Most people tend to waste a lot of time because the process they have to complete those tasks takes much longer than necessary. Even worse, I find they spend a lot of time on tasks that create little long-term value while missing out on the most important high leveraging tasks.

This article will show you some simple guidelines that will help you make the right decisions to become highly productive on social media.

Click here to read The Guide To Social Media Time Management.

Social Shares

  • Twitter: 1384
  • Buffer: 1151
  • Facebook: 265
  • Google+: 148
  • LinkedIn: 433
  • Pinterest: 55


Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 6.03.23 PM

5. The Ultimate 5 Step Content Marketing Checklist

Published July 9, 2014

3237 Social Shares

Do you have a content marketing plan for your business that encourages action?

I created a special checklist that distills the process into five overarching steps with a ton of micro-tasks within each one to help take your content marketing to the next level.

  1. Planning & Research
  2. Writing
  3. Optimization
  4. Making It “Shareable”
  5. Promotion

Click here to read The Ultimate 5 Step Content Marketing Checklist.

Social Shares

  • Twitter: 571
  • Buffer: 151
  • Facebook: 1000
  • Google+: 153
  • LinkedIn: 362
  • Pinterest: 1000+


Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 6.04.18 PM

6. Breaking Down The LinkedIn Social Selling Funnel

Published October 23, 2014

2738 Social Shares

Are you still struggling to get results with social selling and LinkedIn?

Here is a 7-step system that will help you focus on what is most important in the social selling process and get you from finding prospects on LinkedIn to taking the relationship offline.

Click here to read Breaking Down The LinkedIn Social Selling Funnel.

Social Shares

  • Twitter: 1086
  • Buffer: 1029
  • Facebook: 63
  • Google+: 109
  • LinkedIn: 253
  • Pinterest: 198


Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 6.04.50 PM

7. 19 Advanced LinkedIn Marketing Tricks You Didn’t Know About

Published October 30, 2014

1833 Social Shares

Have you ever wondered if you’re missing some of the functions on LinkedIn that may help you with your business?

This articles shares some of the best kept secrets (old and new) that include a special backdoor for adding new connections, how to send messages instead of paid InMails, extreme advanced search ninja tricks and much more. You cannot skip this article if you use LinkedIn!

Click here to read 19 Advanced LinkedIn Marketing Tricks You Didn’t Know.

Social Shares

  • Twitter: 513
  • Buffer: 145
  • Facebook: 186
  • Google+: 127
  • LinkedIn: 762
  • Pinterest: 100


Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 6.07.07 PM

8. Build Your Personal Brand Online In 10 Easy Steps

Published February 6, 2014

1324 Social Shares

Do you ever Google someone when you want to learn more about them?

When it comes to building your personal brand online, you have to constantly examine whether or not you are being presented in the right light. The reality is that you will lose control of how you appear online if you are not the one in charge of managing your presence.

This article shares ten of the most important factors when it comes to building your personal brand online so that you can impress any potential prospects that look you up.

Click here to read Build Your Personal Brand Online In 10 Easy Steps.

Social Shares

  • Twitter: 698
  • Buffer: 147
  • Facebook: 159
  • Google+: 125
  • LinkedIn: 130
  • Pinterest: 65


Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 6.07.43 PM

9. 27 LinkedIn Marketing Tips To Grow Your Brand Online

Published January 9, 2014

1229 Social Shares

With each passing New Year comes that overpowering feeling that we must kick everything in our business up a notch in a renewed effort to make this year the best ever.

If you use LinkedIn for business, there are 27 tasks I’ve compiled that you can use to grow your personal brand on the network in 2015. Most tasks can be done in less than 10 minutes and all of them will help keep you on your prospects’ radar this year.

Click here to read 27 LinkedIn Marketing Tips To Grow Your Brand Online.

Social Shares

  • Twitter: 611
  • Buffer: 149
  • Facebook: 139
  • Google+: 52
  • LinkedIn: 226
  • Pinterest: 52


Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 6.08.10 PM

10. Why Twitter Is LinkedIn’s Secret Weapon For Prospecting

Published March 27, 2014

1641 Social Shares

If you are using Twitter for business and you’re already on LinkedIn, there is no reason you shouldn’t be using them to serve the goals you want to achieve on either network. Finding prospects on social media is a lot easier when you already know which people are the most socially active online.

In this article, I go through a few secret tricks I’ve used to get closer to prospects I want to connect with on LinkedIn by using Twitter first. This is VERY helpful if your prospect is socially active but outside of your 2nd degree network.

Click here to find out Why Twitter Is LinkedIn’s Secret Weapon For Prospecting.

Social Shares

  • Twitter: 895
  • Buffer: 140
  • Facebook: 98
  • Google+: 78
  • LinkedIn: 392
  • Pinterest: 38


It’s Your Turn Now

So what would you like to learn more about in 2015 (i.e. content marketing, social selling, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc)? Leave a comment below and we will be sure to consider it for our 2015 content marketing calendar.

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