7 Sneaky Tricks For Measuring Your Twitter Marketing

7 Sneaky Tricks For Measuring Your Twitter Marketing

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Twitter is easily in my top three favorite social networks because it doesn’t restrict who you can and can’t connect with (unless they have a private profile) and you get rewarded for your hard work. Unlike Facebook, organic reach is very much alive on Twitter and I gain over 100 new followers a day without spending a single dollar.

Here’s the thing…it’s not all about followers, it’s about targeted followers. Are you attracting the right people or just random strangers that will never help further your business?

There are a few ways you can check your follower base to see if you’re on the right track using FollowerWonk. Some of these features will require a premium account depending on how many followers you have.

Whether or not you decide to pay for the full version, I think the free trial version is worth trying out at least once to gain some valuable insights that no other tool currently offers.

1. Find The Most Common Cities Among Followers

Are you a locally based business? If so, you’re going to want to make sure the most popular locations for your followers is the city you are based out of.

Go to FollowerWonk.com and select the “Analyze” tab. Type your Twitter ID into the search field and choose “analyze their followers” from the drop down menu.

*You may require a premium account if you have a substantial amount of followers.


One of the first sections of data that will show up is a map showing the most popular locations of your Twitter followers. If your most popular area is the city you’re primarily based out of, you’re on the right track!


A bit further down the page you’ll see something called the “Location word cloud”. This shows you the most popular words used in the location field of your Twitter followers. You’ll notice that it provides a bit more information then the map so it’s good to use both.


2. Discover Which Hours Your Followers Are Most Active

There are always new studies coming out saying which times are the best to tweet or post to various social networks but I take them with a grain of salt. Why? The only thing that matters is when YOUR followers are most active.

FollowerWonk’s “Analyze” tool will show you exactly which hours are most popular among your followers and can even automatically adjust your Buffer schedule times to match them!


3. Find The Most Common Words In Your Followers’ Bios

Want to know if you’re attracting the right people? FollowerWonk’s Analyze tool has a section that shows the most common words in your followers’ bios.

Here’s an example of Hubspot’s followers. You can see they are obviously on the right track because the most popular words in their followers’ bios are “marketing” and “social media” – definitely on track with their target market.


4. How Popular Are Your Followers?

Want to see how many influencers you’re attracting? Check out the breakdown of social authority scores in your following.

FollowerWonk’s social authority score is based on three factors:

  • The retweet rate of a few hundred of the measured user’s last non-@mention tweets
  • A time decay to favor recent activity versus ancient history
  • Other data for each user (such as follower count, friend count, and so on) that are optimized via a regression model trained to retweet rate


You can click on any of the categories in the breakdown section to see the exact people who are following you within a particular social authority score range. This is huge for engaging the biggest influencers in your following!


5. How Many Followers Do Your Followers Have?

You can also see the breakdown of how many followers your followers have, using FollowerWonk’s Analyze tool. This is another handy way to track down influencers without using the social authority score.



6. Export Searches To Excel File

Anytime you pull up a list of Twitter profiles meeting specific criteria, you’ll see a little icon in the top right corner that allows you to download the list to a CSV file.


This is one of the greatest features of FollowerWonk and most people miss it. Unfortunately, you do need the premium version for this but it’s worthwhile if you plan to make use of it.

Here are some examples of search results you can download to CSV file with the click of a button:

  • Followers with a certain social authority score
  • Followers with a specific amount of followers
  • Sorting followers based on gender
  • Any searches done in the “Search bios” section
  • Any searches done in the “Sort followers” section

7. Compare Yourself Against The Competition

FollowerWonk isn’t the first to create a competitive analysis tool for Twitter accounts but it definitely does it the best. Quickly see how well you’re doing compared to competitors by typing in a few Twitter usernames (including yours) and hitting the “Do it” button under the “Compare Users” tab.


You’ll see detailed breakdowns comparing several stats including:

  • Engagement rate
  • Average amount of followers per day
  • Average amount of tweets per week
  • How many followers you share in common with each competitor
  • And much more


Comparing yourself to competitors is a good way to know where you have to pick up the slack.

Which Twitter Marketing Metrics Matter Most To You?

The metrics you rely on at any given point will depend on your strategy, goals and the people you are trying to reach. Twitter marketing can be a valuable asset to your business but it can also be a colossal waste of time if it’s not done right and measured regularly.

What metrics matter most to you when analyzing your Twitter marketing efforts? Let us know in the comments below.


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