Adobe Post: How To Make Stunning Social Media Graphics

How To Use Adobe Spark To Make Stunning Social Media Graphics

Today, there can be no denying that every business should be including graphics and images as part of their social media strategy. Images are not only better able to grab the attention of your community but they get more shares and engagement as well.

But what if you lack the skills of a graphic designer or the budget to hire one?

There has been a recent surge in new software tools and apps to help businesses overcome this challenge. In this article I am going to show you how anyone (regardless of design ability) can create professional looking graphics using the mobile app Adobe Spark.

A free & paid app, Adobe Spark does require you to create an account or login with your Facebook or Adobe ID.

The Adobe Post opening screen

I am going to show you how to remix existing sample graphics from Adobe Spark for your own needs as well as create your own social media graphics using this app that are perfectly sized for whatever social media platform you are posting on.

Creating Social Media Graphics With Adobe Spark

Remixing An Existing Adobe Spark Graphic

Choosing to remix one of Adobe Spark’s existing graphics is a great place to start if you are either a beginner or need to whip up a graphic in a hurry.

To begin, open the app on your mobile device. It will open automatically to the remix area. You will see a variety of pre-made graphics to choose from, separated into different categories including:

  • Seasonal
  • Craft
  • Business
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Lifestyle
  • Exclusive (available if you tweet about Adobe Spark)

Choose the graphic you will remix in Adobe Post from one of the categories listed.

Tap the graphic you wish to remix. Then hit the green Remix button at the bottom to continue or “X” to go back.

Hit the green Remix button to continue.

This will open up the image editor. The first thing you want to do is choose the appropriate size for your graphic, depending where you want to use it (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blog, etc.)

Tap the image resize icon at the top of the screen (two overlapping rectangles).

Open up the image resizing option first.

Adobe Spark makes resizing your graphics extremely easy. You don’t have to remember the actual pixel size of graphics for each platform. The app does this for you. Simply scroll through the sizes, till you find the right one.  Tap the size you want and hit the checkmark at the bottom of the screen.

Tap and drag on the image to re-center it as appropriate for your new size.

Chose the image size based on what platform you wish to use it on.

Next you will want to edit the text. Double tap on the text. This will open a new text options menu.

Start by changing the existing text to the text you wish to add. To do this, tap the paper and pencil option located at the bottom of the screen. This will open the text editor.

Tap the paper and pencil option to modify the text.

Now type in the text you wish to use. When you are finished, tap Done.
Add the text you wish to add.

Now you will want to modify the location and the size of the text. Do this by dragging the text to where you want it, with your finger. You can resize it by tapping and dragging one of the green corner dots until you get the desired effect.

I will go into detail on how to use the additional editing options further below.

Relocate and resize the text as appropriate.

Once you are done making changes and have finished the graphic, hit the share button in the top right corner.

Finish adding or editing any text on the page as desired.

This will open different sharing options on your mobile device. You can save the image to your device or share it directly on the social media platform you created it for.

Chose where to save or share your social media graphic.

The finished product.

Commitment is an act, not a word. Jean-Paul Sartre

Creating A New Adobe Spark Graphic

Once you are familiar with the basic functions of Adobe Post, you will want to create your own social media graphics.

On the load screen, hit the “+” in the green box at the bottom of the screen. A new popup screen will appear. In this popup screen you can choose from where you want to select the image you will use for the graphic. You can grab images from:

  • Your Photo Library
  • Take a picture with your Camera
  • Search Free Photos
  • Lightroom (an Adobe program)
  • Creative Could (an Adobe subscription)

Simply tap the option you wish to choose and then select or take the image.

Choose where you will select your image from.

Once you have chosen your image, the first thing you will want to do is select the correct graphic size. Tap the size and then click continue.

Choose your image sixe and click continue.

Next you will add text to the graphic. Double tap the text to open up the text editing options.

Double tap the text area to open up the text editor.

Click the paper and pencil at the bottom of the screen and type your text in. When you have finished, click Done in the top right corner.

Add your text and click done.

Now that you have added your text, resize and move that text around the screen until you have achieved the approximate size and location you want it in. You can further edit the text by using the other text editing features that include:

  • Color
  • Font
  • Shape
  • Align
  • Opacity
  • Spacing

Use the text editing features to create the look you want in your Adobe Post.

Select the correct font for your image by tapping the Font option. Here you can select from many different font types which are organized by themes such as:

  • Bold
  • Decorative
  • Elegant
  • Exclusive
  • Modern
  • Script

If you decide the font does not suit the graphic, you can always come back later and change it.

Select the best font for the feeling you are trying to capture with your image.

Adobe Spark makes it easy for you to choose what colors would best compliment your image by offering suggestions from colors selected right from within the image.

Touch Color and choose from a single main color or a complementary color pair.

Keep in mind that you may want to modify the image colors several times as you continue through this process.

Choose the color(s) of your image text.

This is done with the Shapes feature. In this area you can add a colored block (or other shape) behind the text, add a 3D element to the text or add other decorations to make it stand out.

Embellish your text with the Shape feature.

Further tweak the text with the Opacity feature to really make the text pop.

Use the Opacity feature to really make the text pop.

Tap the Spacing option to see the different types of spacing you can use. If you keep tapping it, it will take you back to your original spacing choice.

Tap the Spacing option to change the spacing of your text.

You can do the same thing with the Align option. Tap Align until you find the alignment you prefer. If you keep tapping it will take you back to your original choice.

Tap the Align option to change the alignment of your text.

If you wish to add more text to the graphic, hit the A+ located at the top of the screen. This will open a new editor to add text. Enter your text and click Done.

Now you will want to modify the look and size of this new text using the same text editing options you did for the first, until you achieve the desired look.

Tweak the text until it looks the way you want it to.

To remove the #AdobePost watermark from an image, just tap the watermark. This will bring up a screen that says you must share Adobe Post to remove the watermark. Tap the Share to Remove at the bottom of the screen.

Share to remove the watermark.

Share Adobe Spark with friends, family and coworkers that you think might be interested and hit send.

Share Adobe Post with friends, family and coworkers to remove the watermark.

Once you have sent the message, the watermark will be removed from your image.

The social media graphic with the watermark removed.

Continue to tweak the social media graphic until you are satisfied. Finally save or share the image you have created.

“A Goal is a dream with a deadline.” Napoleon Hill

Advanced Adobe Spark Editing Options

Adobe Post also provides three other design features to help you quickly and easily create the social media graphic you need.


The first additional tool is the Design feature. With a single tap, this feature can add a new look to the image or graphic of your choice by changing the photo filter, layout and text options to give it a completely new look.

If you want a completely different look and feel of a graphic, tap the Design feature.

Once in the design feature, scroll through the various design examples until you find one with the look and feel you want. Tap the design and it will add that filter, layout and text options to your graphic.

Completely change the look and feel of your social media graphic with just a tap in the Design feature.


A quick and easy way to experiment with different color palettes for the text in your social media graphics is to visit the Palette feature in Adobe Post.

Choose the Palette tool to quickly change the color and feel of your graphic in Adobe Post.

When you find a color pallet you want to try, simply give it a tap.

Tap the palette that you want to see.

Here you can not only change the entire palette with a tap, but you can also change how that palette is being used within the graphic. Keep tapping the same palette until you find the arrangement of the colors that you prefer.

Keep tapping that same palette option to see different variations of that color palette.


The final tool is the Photo feature. With this tool you are able to add or remove photo filters, which is a great way to change the feel of an image.

Tap the Photo feature to add a filter to your graphic.

Tap the filter you wish to see or hit None to remove all filters from the image.

Choose the filter you wish to add to your graphic.

My Posts

The My Posts section of Adobe Spark is where you will find all of the graphics you have created thus far.

To get to this area, tap on My Posts located in the bottom right corner of the screen. (Alternately you can get there while in the middle of modifying a graphic by tapping < My Posts found in the top left corner.)

Scroll though the list of graphics and tap on the one you wish to select.

Chose a graphic you have designed by tapping on it.

This will open a up screen where you can choose to:

  • Delete
  • Edit
  • Duplicate
  • Share

Tap the action you would like to take on the graphic.

Delete, edit, duplicate or share your posts.

It is important to note that if you delete a graphic, it can not be undone or restored.

When you delete a post, it can not be undone.

Wrapping Up

If you are regularly posting on social media for your business and not adding images, you are losing out on a huge opportunity to get more engagement and shares from your community.  Using Adobe Spark is a quick and easy way for you to create social media graphics for your posts, even if you lack any design skills or the budget for a professional graphic designer.

Not sure what kind of social media graphics you should be creating for your business or who to generate the most engagement from them? Sign up for a free, no-obligation social media strategy session with us.


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