Turbo Charge Your Video Marketing Strategy With Pinterest

Turbo Charge Your Video Marketing Strategy With Pinterest

It looks like Pinterest could be one of the best things that has happened to your YouTube channel and your video marketing strategy.

If you still haven’t heard of Pinterest, it has become the latest top performing social media website, using pictures pinned on an interest board in lieu of traditional text or blog entries. You can check out my Pinterest site at http://pinterest.com/meloniedodaro to see how I’ve been using it.

The Power of Photo’s on Pinterest

The power of a good visual is proving to be incredibly useful when driving traffic to websites and its time to get your hands in the pot!

As part of any video marketing strategy, you want to be sure that you are posting your videos to sites that will get you the most views by your target market, whether it be on your own Facebook page, YouTube channel, etc.

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Currently, the most active demographic on Pinterest is women aged 22-47. Businesses who regularly post on Pinterest are finding that views of their video are increasing by a whopping 300% – sometimes within days of posting a picture that simply leads to a YouTube video.

If your videos are designed to capture a sale and you only experience a 3% return on views, then you are looking at some great numbers for generating leads and sales. Pinning photo’s on Pinterest has lead to sales and great web traffic for many companies who have products to promote.

A popular wedding company recently received orders for over 300 wedding cakes within hours of posting a picture of a gorgeous cake on Pinterest utilizing a link to a video of a wedding they had planned from start to finish, highlighting the cake and reception. No matter what your business model is, you can expect to get a significant boost of traffic from videos if you incorporate your video marketing strategy to include Pinterest as it’s growing to be one of the top ten sites online.

Video marketing strategyIf you are trying to cultivate an active audience, Pinterest delivers. It is now among the top five sites for generating referrals. When companies like Lionsgate start using Pinterest to generate referals to their site, you better start paying attention.

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The users of Pinterest seek the source of an image and click through with very eager interest. You can capitalize on that established behavior to make sure you are getting all the views you deserve for your video marketing strategy.

Never Forget This One Thing

Always strive to put out premium quality content out on the web that will greatly serve your target market. Please do not use Pinterest or any other social media site to belligerently place ads for your business everywhere to capitalize on the traffic. I can guarantee you this: it won’t work!

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