Why Tomorrow Is Too Late When It Comes To Social Media Training

Why Tomorrow Is Too Late When It Comes To Social Media Training

Brands and companies are moving full speed ahead into the digital age as they finally come to grips with the fact that social media is here to stay. The fear of missing the boat is now overshadowed by the realization that proper social media training and a strategy are absolutely necessary to succeed.

The Heavy Cost of Late Adoption

There are several struggles companies are currently facing as they finally jump on the social media bandwagon:

  • Catching up to the competition – The fact is that the competitors that have been using social media for years undeniably have a clear advantage over those who chose to ignore the what they thought was just hype.
  • The conversations are happening without you – Your customers are online and they are discussing topics that are important to your industry, brand and success but there’s one thing missing: YOU.
  • More time, more work and more money – Remember when the Internet first came out and entrepreneurs everywhere debated the value of a website? By today’s standards, you aren’t even considered a legit company if you don’t have a professional looking website.

Social media training will get your foot in the door but if you don’t have a professional presence by tomorrow, you could end up like the companies who dismissed the dot com bubble as another passing fad.

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Social Media TrainingCommon Issues Holding Great Companies Back

It’s a strange situation with social media because you see so many great companies that are run by successful and remarkably intelligent people but you witness them make tragic mistakes because they hold on to their old paradigms.

Einstein once said that you can’t use the same thinking that created the problems when you try to solve them. The point I’m eluding to is that you aren’t contributing to the growth of your company by trying to use old-school marketing concepts in a world that has far evolved beyond its effectiveness.

The Time Factor

Social media training is powerful but when most people finish it they feel the daunting task of implementation, petrified at the idea of “one more thing to do”.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Trust me.

Aside from the initial startup, you won’t have to dedicate much time to maintain your presence and the returns are huge as time progresses as momentum builds more and more over time.

Time is a precious thing, especially when you run a business. A few things that you can do that take very little time:

  • Posting relevant, valuable content daily on your social profiles – You don’t even have to create it yourself. A quick Google search should quickly yield results of some great content that others created that you can share.
  • Reach out and connect with new people. Use Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook to reach out to a few new people each day. If you only have 10 minutes, then just spend 10 minutes!
  • Use tools for automation. Use tools like Buffer and Hootsuite for automating your social media posts so you can spread them out over time without having to do it manually.

One More Thing: The Ultimate Autopilot Tool

If you’re really stubborn and are resistant to social media or adopting it as a regular practice, the best thing you can do that will get you leads on autopilot is a fully optimized LinkedIn profile.

You can actually optimize your LinkedIn profile to show up more in the search results on LinkedIn search as well as Google. This has been the single most effective tool I’ve witnessed for myself as well as countless professional clients I’ve worked with.  Click this link to check out a blog with a few great LinkedIn tips you can implement right away.

What areas do you feel that you could use social media training with? Post them in the comments below and we will be sure to address them in a future blog post. 

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